5 Little Monkeys Discount Codes for The Best Deal on Kids’ Bedding Solution

A sound sleep is important to kids, because their growth is hampered when they don’t sleep well. Despite so many mattress manufacturers, you can rarely find a brand that produces sleeping solutions specifically for toddlers. With 5 Little Monkeys Bedding, you can find the perfect mattress for your kids. Now you can enjoy amazing discounts on sleeping solutions with our 5 little monkeys discount codes.

All Working 5 Little Monkeys Discount Codes

$25 OFF
$125 OFF
$100 OFF
$25 OFF
$20 OFF
$100 OFF

How to Apply 5 Little Monkeys Discount Codes?

You can easily apply the discount codes following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Select one of the 5 little monkeys discount codes.
  • Click on the “Show Code” button. The code will open in a pop-up window. Turn off the pop-up blocker if the code does not show up.
  • The code gets copied to the clipboard automatically. You can also memorize it or write on a Wordpad.
  • Visit the 5 little monkeys website’s checkout page and enter the discount code in the respective box.
  • Click on the apply button to see the reduced price.
  • Enter the shipping address and payment details to complete the order.
check out page to apply 5 Little Monkeys Discount Codes

T&Cs to Apply 5 Little Monkeys Discount Codes

  • You can apply the discount codes only on the official website of the brand.
  • Only one discount code is valid per order. To reapply codes, place another order.
  • If the discount code has expired, call the customer support of the brand to see if they can reactivate it.
  • You can’t use 5 little monkeys discount codes with any other promotional offers.
  • The company can remove the discounts at any time without informing the customers. 


1. How do I get the latest 5 little monkeys discount codes?

You can visit our website regularly to get information about the latest discount codes.

2. What type of foundation or support is required?

The brand recommends using their platform foundation which is tailor-made for their mattress. However, you can also use a solid platform made of durable material for these mattresses.

3. What are the different types of foams the brand uses?

The 5 Little Monkeys Mattress is made of three-layered superior quality foam. The top comfort layer is made of temperature-regulating memory foam technology, the middle layer is made of responsive memory foam, while the innermost layer is made of solid foam that provides comfort and durability.

4. What ages are the 5 Little Monkeys Bedding suitable for?

The brand’s mattress is suitable for kids between 3-18 years. However, the mattresses can hold the weight of a completely grown-up person.

5. Does the company offer a free trial?

The brand offers a free trial for one hundred days so that you can be sure about the product. If you are still not satisfied, you can return the product and get your money back.

6. Does 5 Little Monkeys Bedding offer free shipping? Can I track the orders?

Yes, the brand ships the products in the USA free of cost. You can track the order by using the link they send to your email address.

More About 5 little Monkeys

5 little Monkeys Bedding is a leading manufacturer of premium bedding systems for kids. It manufactures top-class mattresses, pillows, Kids Mattress Protector, and the platform. They design sleeping systems keeping in mind the body weight and proportions of growing children. The company uses baby skin-friendly premium fabrics.

The family-run company started as a small bed maker namely “Los Angeles Bed,” in 1925 and since then it has been growing. Jason Harrow, CEO of the company was looking for a bed for his two girl children. But it came as a surprise when he could not find a suitable mattress for his daughters. So, he wanted to grow the company as a kids’ bed-making solution and established “5 Little Monkeys Bedding” in 2016.

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