30% OFF JapanWifiBuddy Coupon Codes 2024 (4 Active Codes)

Are you looking for affordable pocket WiFi routers? JapanWiFiBuddy Pocket Wifi routers will keep you connected to the fastest networks in Japan for the lowest prices. Get cost-saving benefits on JapanWifiBuddy with the JapanWiFiBuddy coupon codes on our website. Grab them before they expire. Check more details about JapanWifiBuddy here.

Working JapanWifiBuddy Coupon Codes

10% OFF
30% OFF
$10 ONLY
$20 ONLY

Why Choose JapanWifiBuddy Pocket Routers?

JapanWifiBuddy allows you to buy or rent pocket Wifi routers. It provides high-speed routers at budget-friendly prices. Using powerful wifi routers, you can connect to the internet from anywhere in Japan.

When you visit the website, you can choose from a range of Pocket Wifi Buddies. Each of these devices are designed to meet different data usage needs and budgets.

Get an appropriate Wifi Buddy for the simple use of Email and Maps on the go. You can also use the pocket router for higher usage such as social media, uploading photos, and online streaming. The pocket router allows you to connect all your smartphones, laptops, and tablets just like you would connect to any Wifi network at home. 

How To Apply JapanWifiBuddy Coupon Codes?

If you choose JapanWifiBuddy coupon codes, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a coupon on our website. Make sure coupon terms match the details of the order you are trying to place
  2. Click on ‘Show Code’ to see the coupon code. 
  3. A pop-up will appear with the coupon code. Ad-blockers can disable pop-ups. Please ensure that any pop-up blocker is disabled. 
  4. The coupon code copies to your computer’s clipboard. If this does not happen, click on ‘Copy’ in the pop-up and the code will be copied. 
  5. Go back to the website for JapanWifiBuddy. Complete your purchase by providing all the required information. 
  6. On the page for billing information, you will see a link at the bottom titled ‘Have a Discount Code?’
  7. Click on the same to see the Discount Code placeholder. 
  8. Paste the code here and click on ‘Apply’. 
JapanWifiBuddy Discount Codes on the checkout page of JapanWifiBuddy website
Apply JapanWifiBuddy Discount Codes on the checkout page

T&Cs For JapanWifiBuddy Coupon Codes

  • The coupon code is valid for a limited time. JapanWifiBuddy reserves the right to alter or cancel it at any time. 
  • Each coupon is valid for use on a single order. 
  • Each coupon code applies to selected items. 
  • The coupon is subject to the conditions mentioned in the offer. 
  • The use of the coupon is subject to the policies of the merchant store. 
  • You can apply JapanWifiBuddy coupon codes for purchase on the official website of JapanWifiBuddy. 
  • The JapanWifiBuddy coupon codes are not transferable and you cannot redeem it for cash. 
  • In the case of product return, the merchant store will subtract the value of the coupon code before processing your refund. 
  • You cannot combine the promotional code with offers from another website. 

Not being able to use the code? Double-check to ensure that you are entering it correctly. 

Are you still facing trouble? Drop-in a message and we will be happy to offer a resolution.


1. Do I need to place my order in advance?

Yes, you must place the order to rent a Wifi Buddy from JapanWifiBuddy before you arrive. You cannot get a Wifi Buddy on the spot. Please share your date of arrival, your flight number and other details in the order form to successfully have and use a pocket router as you arrive in Japan.

2. Where will the device be shipped?

You can choose the Shipping instructions as per your preference. There’s an option to choose to pick the device from the airport, get it delivered to your Hotel, or get it delivered to your Airbnb accommodation. You can also request delivery to any other private address.

Please note, pick up from the airport is only possible during certain specific hours. If you are arriving at the airport at a time beyond the working hours, you will have to get the device delivered to your place of accommodation.

3. I cannot see any field for japanwifibuddy coupon code. Where should I apply the coupon code?

JapanWifiBuddy’s checkout page does not have a field for Coupon Code. At the bottom left, there is a link titled ‘Have a Discount Code?’. Click on the link and you will see a placeholder to Enter Discount Code. Paste the coupon code here and click on ‘Apply’. pasted image 0

4. Can I use the japanwifibuddy coupon code along with a promo offered by the company?

It depends on the policies of the merchant store. In certain cases, you can club the discount coupon with an ongoing merchant offer. However, this is not always possible. Moreover, you certainly cannot club two coupons from our website to enjoy more savings.

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