10% OFF Kyberlight Coupon Codes 2024 (6 ACtive Codes)

Are you a dedicated fan of Star Wars? Kyberlight offers the best combat-ready and customizable lightsabers. The wide range of sabers, blades, and accessories like emitters, sleeves, bundles, and pommels will surely impress you. Grab kyberlight coupon codes to save big on your next purchase.

All Working Kyberlight Coupon Codes

5% OFF

Get a 5% discount on the purchase of parts.

More Less
5% OFF
$5 OFF
10% OFF
$10 OFF
5% OFF
10% OFF

How to Apply Kyberlight Coupon Codes?

The process of using kyberlight coupon codes is easy.

  1. Select an offer from the choices listed on our website.
  2. Press Show Code to view the complete code for the most suitable discount offer. A new window will appear if your browser’s pop-up blocker is disabled.
  3. Return to Kyberlight’s official website. Add the products and accessories you wish to buy to your cart.
  4. Click on View and Edit Cart.
  5. On the left-hand side, click on the link for Apply Discount Code.
  6. The discount code automatically copies to your computer’s clipboard when you click on Show Code. In the text box appearing underneath, paste the copied discount code.
  7. Press Apply Discount.
checkout page to apply kyberlight discount codes

T&Cs to Apply Kyberlight Coupon Codes

  • The discount codes are valid for a limited period.
  • You cannot use kyberlight coupon codes with ongoing promotions unless mentioned by the merchant.
  • The discount codes are redeemable only on the official website.
  • You can paste only one discount code in the provided textbox. Make separate orders if you wish to use more than one discount code.
  • Kyberlight reserves the right to the discount codes and can withdraw/alter the same without prior intimation to the customer.
  • You cannot save a code for use later. If your discount code fails to work, please reach out to Kyberlight’s customer support team.


1. Is Kyberlight a trustworthy brand?

Yes. The brand maintains an HTTPS secure website and keeps your information safe. Moreover, many customers are happy with the quality of the product received.

2. Can I order from outside the USA?

Kyberlight ships products outside the USA. However, customers need to pay the duties and taxes to receive the product.

3. Are Kyberlight chargers different for different countries?

No. Kyberlight sends a charger compatible with the 110 V USA standard. It is the customer’s responsibility to purchase adapters as per their country’s power requirements.

4. Is there a return/refund policy?

Yes. You can report any damage, malfunction on your orders within 14 days of product receipt. Kyberlight refunds the full amount for the product minus shipping.

5. How can I contact the Kyberlight support team?

For any queries regarding your order or the use of kyberlight coupon codes, please use the Contact page. Kyberlight’s team will get in touch with you via email within 48 hours.

6. Do I get a warranty on the saber?

Kyberlight provides a 1-year warranty on electronics. Depending on the damage to the saber, you can claim a replacement or a free repair.

7. Is there a warranty on the accessories as well?

No. Kyberlight does not offer a warranty on the accessories. In case you receive a damaged or defective accessory, please send an email to info@kyberlight.com for a replacement within 14 days of product receipt.

About Kyberlight

Kyberlight offers high-quality custom lightsabers to Star Wars fans of all age groups around the world. These sabers are durable and built to last. The fully customizable hilts offer endless possibilities to make your saber unique to you.

With industry-leading processing times, lifetime blade warranty, and lowest cost-per-feature offering, Kyberlight is the most reliable and affordable saber provider. There are more than 17 built-in blade colours and 3 sound fonts with rich quality and effects.

Check out more details about Kyberlight here.

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