OceanWP Promo Codes For Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

WordPress is the most used platform to build custom websites. We see many new WordPress themes almost every day. OceanWP is a free theme to create user-friendly and beautiful websites for all uses. They work best for light websites and are extremely easy to change as per your needs. Start using them today and improve your websites. We have some exclusive oceanwp promo codes just for you. 

Working OceanWP Promo Codes

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How To Apply OceanWP Promo Codes?

  1. Promo Code: We have many promo codes for you and you can choose the one that suits you best. 
  2. Copy Code: Copy the code by clicking on it. 
  3. OceanWP Website: Go to the OceanWP website to continue the purchase. 
  4. Choose the product: Move to the pricing page of OceanWP and choose the plan you desire.
  5. Coupon Code: Add the plan to the cart and move to the checkout page. You will find a coupon code box to enter the coupon code. 
  6. Apply Code: Check all details and click on the apply button. 
WPOcean promo code
Apply WPOcean promo code at the placeholder in red box

You have now got a great deal on one of the best WordPress themes. 

T&C For OceanWP Promo Codes

  1. OceanWP holds the right to modify, change, and update the pricing of their products without any prior notice. 
  2. The company aims to provide the product in an “as is” condition and does not make any promises regarding the warranty of the product. 
  3. OceanWP owns all the content, information, and data published on its website. 
  4. All license reactivations are done on actuals at the time of renewal and not based on the purchase price of the last sale. 


1. Do we get Free trials with OceanWP?

OceanWP does not provide any free trials for their products. However, you can test their plugin and premium extensions for 14-day and if they do not work you can opt for a refund. They cover this under their 14-days money-back guarantee. 

2. What is OceanWP’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your OceanWP subscription any time and you will receive updates until the original license expires only.

3. What is OceanWP’s refund policy?

OceanWP offers refunds for customers within 14 days of purchase in the event of any damage or fault in the product. You can also opt for a refund if the plugin does not meet your requirements but within the first 14 days only. OceanWP team assess all reported issues in the product and process the refund accordingly.

4. What is the OceanWP renewal discount?

OceanWP offers attractive discounts to customers renewing their licenses before the expiry date. You will get a 30% discount on the original purchase price. So, you will only pay 70% of the original purchase price even if the price has changed now. 

5. Will the OceanWP plugin work post expiry of license?

The OceanWP is a free plugin for customizing and designing your website. The subscription provides updates and technical assistance from the company. After the license expiry, the plugin will function but the technical assistance and updates will not be available. 

What Is OceanWP?

One of the most popular WordPress themes with over 4,00,000 installations to date, the company’s founder started it out of a personal need. His quest for easy to make website themes led him to the creation of this light, multi-purpose, and entirely customizable WordPress themes. OceanWP is compatible with all WordPress themes across industries.

You get some templates like E-commerce, food websites, blogs, designer websites, and photography websites in the demo cover itself. The free version itself is hailed by many as ground-breaking and they have over 60 Pro products to satisfy the creative in you.

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