Paperlike Discount Codes For Best iPad Screen Protector

No more compromise for iPad users. Paperlike is here to take your iPAD experience a notch up. Paperlike is one of a kind thin screen protector that mimics the feel of a paper even when you are using your iPad. We have some exclusive Paperlike discount codes so that you can have the best of both worlds 

Working Paperlike Discount Codes

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How To Apply Paperlike Discount Codes?

  1. Discount code: Choose a discount code from our collection above. 
  2. Copy Code: Click on the Paperlike Discount codes and copy it. 
  3. Paperlike Website: Visit the Paperlike website and click on the buy icon. 
  4. Code: Enter the code in “The discount code or gift card” textbox.
  5. Apply code: Click on the Apply button to apply the discount on the final price. 
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Congratulations, a new digital screen experience awaits you. 

T&Cs For Paperlike Discount Codes

  1. Prices mentioned on the page are final excluding delivery charges unless stated otherwise. 
  2. Customers have to bear the return shipping charges if you cannot accept delivery of the product. 
  3. You can use more than one campaign voucher on a particular order. 
  4. Campaign vouchers will be considered spent even if you cancel or return the order. 
  5. Paperlike does not claim responsibility for the data provided and collected by the third party plugins on their website. 


1. What is Paperlike’s shipping policy?

Paperlike ships products within 2-3 days of order confirmation. They have free shipping on all group orders (3 or more products). If you have ordered a single shipment, you would be charged a shipping fee with tracked courier service. 

2. What is Paperlike’s cancellation policy? 

Paperlike offers cancellation options up to 14 days of product receipt. You must write to the team before the deadline ends stating your wish to cancel the product. The product must be sent back to the company to avail of a refund. Refunds are processed post deduction of shipping costs. 

3. Does Paperlike protect the iPad screen?

Paperlike is intended as a screen protector for the iPad screens as well as a paper-like interface for improved drawing and note-taking experience. 

4. Does Paperlike reduce screen quality?

Due to the coarse texture of Paperlike, the product reduces the screen’s brightness and resolution. This may not be a good option if you are using the iPad primarily for content viewing, or browsing activities. 

5. How to maintain Paperlike?

Paperlike can lose the coarseness or roughness after long-term usage. However, you can get it back by just maintaining it well. Clean the screen with a little bit of soap and wipe it immediately with a damp cloth. Don’t use excess water as it will damage the iPad. 

6. How does the Paperlike money-back guarantee work?

The company has immense confidence in their product and offers a 100% money-back guarantee for a year from the date of product receipt. Just write to them at to avail of this benefit. 

What Is Paperlike?

When the world moved from books and notebooks to ebooks and iPADs, many rejoiced. But some groaned too. There is comfort and familiarity in using paper to read and write on. Paperlike intends to bring that familiar feeling back for all iPad users. This unique screen guard has a texture similar to the paper which makes note-taking, doodling, sketching, and other activities so much more fun. It is the closest you will get to creating digital work on paper. It is easy to maintain and does magic to your whole iPad experience at quite an affordable price.

Use our Paperlike discount code now to improve your digital creation experience.

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