15% OFF Polysleep Coupon Codes 2024 (7 Active Codes)

Find the perfect mattress for the best sleeping experience possible. Polysleep offers a range of premium mattresses that are suitable for any sleep type. With our polysleep coupon codes, you can get the mattresses at discounted prices.

Working Polysleep Coupon Codes

5% OFF

Get a 5% discount on your entire cart.

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30% OFF

Get a 30% discount on your entire cart.

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20% OFF

Get a 20% discount on your entire cart.

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10% OFF
15% OFF
$10 OFF
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$15 OFF
$10 OFF

How to Apply Polysleep Coupon Codes?

The steps to apply polysleep coupon codes are easy as pie. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Choose an appropriate code from the options shared on this page and click on Show Code.
  2. View the complete code in a new window. This window will appear as long as you allow pop-ups from our webpage.
  3. Highlight the code and copy. The code also copies to your computer’s clipboard.
  4. Return to Polysleep’s official website. Select the products you intend to purchase and click on Add to Cart.
  5. Once you are done adding products, proceed to checkout.
  6. On the checkout page, paste the copied discount code in the field provided on the right-hand side and press Apply.
  7. Enter your billing and payment details to complete the purchase.
checkout page to apply polysleep discount codes

T&Cs for Applying Polysleep Coupon Codes

  • All polysleep coupon codes have validity.
  • Only one discount code applies per order.
  • The discount codes apply only on the official Polysleep website.
  • Polysleep reserves the right to modify or cancel the discount codes at any time.
  • You cannot use the discount code with Polysleep’s offers and promotions. If your code isn’t working, feel free to contact the brand’s customer service.


1. How firm is the Polysleep mattress?

The mattresses are medium-firm to suit different body types and shapes. The hybrid foam provides superior comfort and support.

2. Does the Polysleep mattress regulate temperature?

Yes, the mattress is designed to regulate your temperature. It uses an open-cell foam, which gives more air circulation. Consequently, you remain cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

3. How can I return the mattress?

Polysleep offers a 100-night trial. After the first 45 days of your 100-night trial, the mattress is eligible to return for a full refund. On the Polysleep Mattress and Zephyr Polysleep Mattress, there is a 10-year warranty. On the Origin Polysleep Mattress, there is a 5-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and more.

4. Are polysleep coupon codes valid to use?

Yes. We have exclusive collaboration with Polysleep to get you the latest offers and discounts.

5. Do the mattresses have latex?

No, there is no latex in Polysleep mattresses.

6. What are the available financing options to purchase Polysleep Mattress?

Polysleep offers interest-free financing with PayBright. There are no hidden fees, and after following 3 simple steps, you will know the amount of the monthly installments you need to pay.

7. Are there any care instructions?

Polysleep mattress is liquid-repellant. You can clean the cover using a mild detergent. It is suggested that you avoid machine washing as it may shrink.

8. I can’t find the answer to my question. How can I contact Polysleep?

You can contact Polysleep on their toll-free number 1-844-869-7659. You can also use the live chat feature on the bottom-right of the website, Monday to Friday between 9-5 EST. To send queries via email, use support@polysleep.com.

About Polysleep

Polysleep is a privately owned Canadian company manufacturing comfortable and high-quality mattresses. They have improved the foam that is used inside the products. They develop and manufacture a unique premium hybrid foam locally. This foam gives customers unbelievable comfort and unmatched quality.

The mattress is affordable as it eliminates the retailer. The antimicrobial foam keeps bacteria and dust away, leading to a healthier sleep surface. The integrated support frame provides instant support and comfort that is second to none. Check more details about Polysleep here.

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