30% OFF PowerAdSpy Coupon Codes 2024 (7 Active Codes)

Acquire higher engagement and performance on your social media ads with PowerAdSpy. It is the first and largest software to ensure that you drive engagements on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, and other social media ads to earn money. Get our poweradspy coupon codes to make your purchase of the software more economical.

Working PowerAdSpy Coupon Codes

40% OFF

Get a 40% discount on your purchase.

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25% OFF

Get a 25% discount on your purchase.

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60% OFF

Get a 60% discount on your purchase.

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25% OFF
30% OFF
$10 OFF
10% OFF
$20 OFF
$10 OFF

How to Apply PowerAdSpy Coupon Codes?

You can quickly apply poweradspy coupon codes by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Press Show Code next to a coupon offer suitable for your purchase.
  2. View the complete code in a new window. If the new window does not appear, disable the pop-up blocker on your browser.
  3. In a new tab, open PowerAdSpy’s official website. Choose the plan you would like to purchase and proceed to checkout.
  4. Copy the coupon code from the other window and paste it into the provided field.
  5. Fill out the other required fields along with your billing and payment details to complete the purchase.
checkout page to apply PowerASpy Coupon Codes

T&Cs for Applying PowerAdSpy Coupon Codes

  • All PowerAdSpy coupon codes have validity.
  • Multiple codes do not apply at the time of checkout. You can use more codes by placing more orders.
  • You cannot use the poweradspy coupon codes with other offers and promotions.
  • PowerAdSpy can withdraw or alter the coupon codes at any time.
  • The coupon codes are valid for use only on the official website.
  • Some coupon codes apply to specific pricing and membership plans. If a code fails to work, kindly reach out to PowerAdSpy’s customer service team.


1. How can I register?

To register with PowerAdSpy, click on Sign Up on the official website. Fill out the required details followed by payment. You need to enter poweradspy coupon codes in the customer sign up form. After the payment is successful, you can log in to start using PowerAdSpy.

2. Where can I see the ad examples?

Log in to your PowerAdSpy account and use the Ad Search feature to see the ads.

3. How can I see the best and most profitable ads?

PowerAdSpy allows you to find the ads active on social media based on the target audience and the keywords you select. From these results, you can scrape the ad example that is the best and most profitable.

4. I cannot find specific ads. What do I do?

If you are unable to find specific ads, try changing the keywords. If this does not work, log in to your account and click on User Suggestions. Next, ask for the profile you are searching for. You can enter the age, country, or any other detail that you require more specific information about, and PowerAdSpy will add that profile.

5. Is it necessary to sign up?

Yes. To be able to use the features of PowerAdSpy, you need to sign up as a customer. Although you would be able to use our coupon codes without logging into PowerAdSpy.

6. Is there a free trial?

Absolutely. PowerAdSpy offers a free trial for 10 days, which includes 100 searches/1000 ads. After that, you can use our coupon codes to buy PowerAdSpy’s pro version at a discounted price.

7. How many social media platforms can I analyze?

You can spy on eight social media platforms. These include Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, GDN, Quora, Reddit, and Native.

About PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is a powerful database of social media advertisements. The platform offers the finest solutions to advertisers, media buyers, ad agencies, etc., enabling them to spy on the Facebook ads of their competitors. You can search for ad examples based on demography and location. The software can also suggest keyword searching in case of any challenges. As you proceed, you can increase the ROI of your business by running ads.

PowerAdSpy works in three easy steps. You enter your target audience to view active and past campaigns of any advertiser online. The landing pages and results of these campaigns are also available. After you see the details of the campaigns, you can copy and implement the ads that deliver results and avoid wasting money on ads that don’t. Check more about PowerAdSpy here.

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