Scent Split Discount Codes for Niche Perfume Samples and Decants

Purchase a sample or decant of your favorite fragrance from Scent Split. They are affordable, authentic, and carefully shipped to you. Our curated scent split discount codes will get you a good price on their products too. 

Working Scent Split Discount Codes

5% OFF
10% OFF
$10 ONLY
15% OFF
10% OFF

How to Apply Scent Split Discount Code?

  1. Select code: Select a code from the scent split discount codes collection above. 
  2. Copy code: Click on the code to copy it. Disable the pop-up blocker to avoid missing out on the code window. 
  3. Website: Move to the brand’s website and choose your favorite product. Add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. 
  4. Checkout: Paste the discount code in the “discount code or gift card” box on the checkout page. 
  5. Apply: Click on “Apply” to apply the discount code. 
scent split check out page

You can now try some of the best perfumes at great discounts. 

T&Cs for Applying Scent Split Discount Codes

  1. Customers must be of legal age to use the Scent Split’s website and services. 
  2. Scent Split holds the right to change the product prices any time on their discretion.
  3. The company intends to display product information such as size and color as accurately as possible. These details may vary as per the computer monitor’s resolution.
  4. The firm has the right to limit quantities of particular orders or terminate them in case of any billing or account discrepancy.
  5. All scent split discount codes are subject to availability. Contact us for any queries regarding discount codes. 


1. What is Scent Split’s refund policy?

Scent Split is meant to be a way for you to sample and experience different fragrances. Once you open a bottle and use it, the company can not accept any returns or refund requests. In case you find the product damaged in shipping, contact the team within 5 days for a replacement. 

2. What is scent split’s shipping policy?

Scent Split ships their products all over the world except for a few select countries such as Afghanistan, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Iran, Italy, Iraq, France, Ecuador, Faroe Islands, Tunisia, Ukraine, Paraguay, Sudan, Yemen, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Once you have placed your order, the company will ship the products within 2-5 business days. Delivery time will vary as per the destination. 

3. What are decants?

Decanting is a process of carefully transmitting a liquid from one container to another. In perfume decants, you will get a bottle containing a portion of the original liquid carefully packed without loss of smell or volume. 

4. How do I pay for my Scent Split bottle?

Scent Split accepts all major payment methods such as Amazon, Amex, Apple pay, Google pay, Shop Pay, Mastercard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club. 

About Scent Split

Perfumes and niche fragrances are a pet peeve for many. The fragrances are a great way to make first impressions about your personality. Such subtle grooming exercises go a long way to spruce up your social and professional life.

Scent Split gives you an ideal and inexpensive way to discover your favorite scent without breaking the bank. Scent split follows highly clean and scientific methods of decanting to ensure you can sample various signature and branded perfumes to find the one that works for you.

Available as a 1ml sample, 5ml and 9ml glass spray, Scent Split is one of the most preferred decanting brands all over the world.

Use our scent split discount codes and discover your favorite signature scent now. 

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