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ServerPress Discount Codes for The Best WordPress Installation Tool

Are you looking for an excellent tool to make web development and WordPress installation easier? With ServerPress premium membership, you can design websites faster. It also enables you to create and manage multiple WordPress sites, get Dreamweaver live view support, and much more. Enjoy the best discounts on web development with our serverpress discount codes.

All Working ServerPress Discount Codes

20% OFF
20% OFF
20% OFF
15% OFF
10% OFF
$10 OFF

How to Apply ServerPress Discount Codes?

It is easy to apply serverpress discount codes with the following stepwise instructions.

  • Choose one of the above discount codes and click on the “Show Discount Code” button.
  • The code will get revealed in a pop-up window. Deactivate the pop-up blocker on your browser if the code does not show up.
  • Write down or copy the code manually. However, it gets copied to the clipboard automatically.
  • Visit the checkout page of the ServerPress website and enter the discount code in the respective box. Press the “Apply” button, and you will see the reduced price.
  • Enter your personal and payment details. Click on the “Purchase” button to complete the order.
checkout page to apply ServerPress Discount Codes

T&Cs to Apply ServerPress Discount Codes

  • You can apply the discount codes only on the brand’s official website.
  • The discount codes are valid for single order. Place two orders to use two discount codes.
  • All the discount codes come with validity. If the code expires, contact customer support to see if they can reactivate it.
  • You can’t use the serverpress discount codes with any other promotional offers.
  • The company can terminate the discounts anytime without any prior intimation.


1. Can I use DesktopServer if I am currently using another webserver?

No, you can’t use DesktopServer if you are already using another webserver or MySQL database engine. You need to uninstall it before installing the software.

2. Will my premium subscription work after the one-year license expires?

Yes, the DesktopServer premium will continue to work even after the license expires. But, you can’t get the updates, download new software or get support once the license expires.

3. Are the discount codes valid?

Yes, the serverpress discount codes are valid. We get them from the merchant directly and verify them before posting them on our website.

4. Can I use DesktopServer Premium on multiple computers?

Yes, you can install DesktopServer Premium on more than one computer. However, you will get support on one computer only. It must belong to the single license holder.

5. What are the requirements to install DesktopServer? Do I need to know PHP?

DesktopServer is designed to help Web Developers with efficient services. You don’t need knowledge of PHP, but CSS and HTML are essential for using the software.

6. What if I don’t like DesktopServer premium services? Can I get a refund?

The company offers a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. The best way to get the refund faster is by contacting the customer support of the brand. You can call them at (619) 800-8478 or submit an online form.

More About ServerPress

ServerPress develops tools and services to make website designing and development easier. Their tools are specifically designed to meet the needs of professional website designers and developers. The brand also develops desktop server software that helps you in the installation of WordPress in simple steps.

The company’s virtual assistant solutions help business houses in providing outsource and after-hours support. The founder of the company, Steve, is vocal about open source technologies. He is a defender of user rights in the digital world.

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