15% OFF Wifivox Coupon Codes 2024 (6 Active Codes)

Wifivox will offer you seamless internet connectivity for your next trip to Spain. Stay connected with loved ones, explore every corner of the country, and instantly upload your stories. Wifivox rents pocket WiFi routers that allow you to connect up to 10 devices. Use our wifivox coupon codes to get their plans at affordable prices. 

Verified Wifivox Coupon Codes

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How to Apply Wifivox Coupon Codes?

  1. Select promo code: Explore and choose from our Wifivox coupon codes collection above. 
  2. Copy code: Click on the code to copy it. The code appears in a pop-up window and automatically gets copied. You can copy it manually too.
  3. Visit Wifivox website: Go to Wifivox’s pricing page and enter the details. You have to enter the pickup point, drop point, and other details. 
  4. Find coupon box: Click on the “I have a promotional code” link to paste the code in the box. 
  5. Apply code: Click on the “Apply” button to apply the discount.
Wifivox check out page
All wifivox promo codes will be applicable only on the check out page

You now have an awesome internet plan without roaming charges. Enjoy!  

T&Cs for Wifivox Coupon Codes

  1. The deal between the customer and Wifivox is governed by a rental agreement for the period of the rental. 
  2. The rental fee schedule is posted on the Wifivox website and the company has the right to change it from time to time. Rental charges are calculated on a full day basis only.
  3. You must pay the rental charges in advance before renting the requirement. Wifivox calculates the rental as per the rental period you specified during purchase.
  4. You must pay an interest-free deposit before renting the equipment. Wifivox will return the deposit after you return the equipment to one of their stores.
  5. You must bear the charges for any loss of equipment, damage to equipment, or late return as charged by Wifivox. 
  6. Wifivox owns the equipment and you must stipulate that you understand you are renting it for temporary use only.
  7. All wifivox coupon codes have validity and are subjected to expire. In any case, if you don’t find the code working, contact our team at reviewsguides@gmail.com.


1. What is Wifivox’s refund policy?

Wifivox allows you to avail of a refund in case you notify them of any issues immediately in the rental period itself. Also, if you are canceling the rental, you must notify them 7 days before the rental period. The company processes refunds at their discretion. 

2. What is the data limit? 

The data limit varies as per the country. In Spain, Wifivox gives you a data limit of 100 GB. The connection will stop working past this limit. In other countries, the data limit depends on the prevailing regulations. You can also do top-up to increase your data limit. 

3. What are the delivery and return options available? 

Wifivox has many delivery and return options. When you select the product, you will see many options like a pickup from the hotel, pick up from stores and airport pickup. You can choose one of these. Likewise, you can also choose one of these as the drop-off or return points. These options vary from country to country, so do check while choosing the rental plan. 

4. How much does Wifivox rental cost? 

Wifivox rental charges start from 6.99€ per day with additional charges as per the add-ons and pickup/drop-off options. The company will charge any extension of the rental period or fines once you return the device.

About Wifivox

Spain is a dream destination for many wanderlusts. It’s important to have seamless connectivity in a different country. However, the logistics can get quite complicated to plan such as carrying modems or routers. Plus you would be on the run all the time.

With international roaming charges skyrocketing, Wifivox aims to provide affordable internet hotspot devices to keep you connected all through your trip.

With their snug Wifi devices, you can connect up to 10 external devices on the go. The data limit may vary as per the location but you can always top-up. Try out. Read more about Wifivox here.

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