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Basepaws: Uncover Your Cat’s Genetic Secrets


Basepaws Overview

Embark on a feline adventure with Basepaws! This pioneering platform opens a door to unravelling the genetic mysteries of your beloved cat. Basepaws offers DNA testing kits designed to unveil insights into your cat’s ancestry, traits, and health markers. Dive into a world where science meets curiosity, allowing cat parents to gain a deeper understanding of their furry companions’ genetic makeup. Discover more about your cat’s unique heritage and well-being with Basepaws.

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About Basepaws

Basepaws is a pioneering company in the field of pet genetics, specializing in DNA testing for cats. The brand offers at-home DNA testing kits that enable cat owners to gain insights into their feline companions’ genetic makeup, ancestry, and potential health predispositions.

The primary focus of Basepaws is to provide cat owners with a deeper understanding of their pets’ genetic information. By using a simple saliva collection kit, customers can gather DNA samples from their cats and send them back to Basepaws for analysis. The company then processes these samples and provides customers with comprehensive reports outlining various aspects of their cats’ genetic traits.

One of the key services offered by Basepaws is the assessment of a cat’s breed composition and ancestry. Through genetic analysis, customers can uncover details about their cat’s breed mix and heritage, helping them understand their pet’s lineage, even if the cat is a mixed breed.

In addition to information about breed composition, Basepaws provides insights into potential genetic health markers and traits in cats. While it doesn’t diagnose diseases, the company’s reports may include information about genetic variants associated with certain health conditions or predispositions, empowering owners to take proactive steps in their cat’s healthcare and consult with veterinarians for further evaluation.

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