20 Best Content Marketing Tools You Must Try This Year

Content marketing is the process of planning, creating, and sharing content with your audience. It can be through social media, emails, blog posts, or videos by using the best content marketing tools to launch, track and measure the efforts.

1500 marketers across various industries were surveyed by the State of Content Marketing 2022 (SEMRUSH) to collect statistics on content marketing in 2022.

  • 45% of marketers cited that their key content goal is to increase brand awareness.
  • 35% of marketers want to attract traffic and generate leads.
  • 27% use content marketing to increase sales and revenue.

Successful campaigns use tools to stand out from emerging trends and techniques every year.

Content marketers’ top challenges are creating content that generates leads, finding content ideas, and delivering content that brings a high level of engagement. In this article, we will break down all the best content marketing tools that will just help you do that.

Need for Automated Content Marketing

One of the biggest content marketing mistakes you cannot afford is not being strategic in advance. But most of us don’t have the time to do it all by ourselves. Generating content ideas, drafting them, working on the visuals, posting consistently, tracking the progress and the list goes on and on.
That’s why there are many content marketing tools to save you a lot of time and manual effort on social media posting and content publishing. These tools can help you sort out a whole range of your content marketing needs, from content ideas to email marketing, analytics, content management, and many more.

Reasons to Automate Content Marketing

  • Makes the workflow easier: With the use of some of the best content marketing tools available, you can easily distribute tasks among your team and make the whole process of creation, publishing, engagement, and promotion easier.
  • Maintains Consistency: Technology never misses a deadline. For any content strategy to succeed, frequent publishing and engagement are crucial. With these content marketing tools, it becomes easier to track deadlines.
  • Promotion made easier: With some of the best content marketing tools, you can create and promote your content to get leads effortlessly.
  • Grow on multiple channels: Figuring out your audience on each platform, trying to understand the algorithm, and then creating a solid strategy are very time-consuming and, when done manually, can be vast and troublesome. With these content tools, you can schedule content on various platforms. This makes the process more profitable as so much work can be done quickly.
  • Tracking content marketing efforts and lead generation: Let’s say that you posted something on LinkedIn that aligns with your business. A potential customer liked the post and clicked on it to reach your website. Then, the customer checked out your services and filled out the form to connect with you. Now, if you posted on social media manually, you’ll never know the source of the lead. Tools like Hubspot offer automated social media scheduling and also track clicks on posts. Hubspot also tracks the source of your leads in case they come through social media, organic mediums, referrals, etc.

If your business is targeting more results, leveraging the best content marketing tools listed in this article to get things done which were done manually earlier is the smartest move.

Best Content Marketing Tools


Hubspot hosts many content marketing tools, and most of them, like popups, live chats, and form builders, are free. If you are serious about your company’s growth, Hubspot is the most efficient marketing automation software, which will help you organize every step of your growth within your CRM. Being specialized in inbound marketing, Hubspot can help small to midsize businesses build a strong content strategy, create resonating content, optimize and help it reach the right audience.

And not just optimization and edits websites, it also helps increase conversions by offering tools for split testing, communication, customer management, and sales team and their analytics to track growth and progress. Hubspot allows integrations with many software giants like Microsoft, Google Workspace, WordPress, and Salesforce. Mind that Hubspot doesn’t serve any individual purposes but overall, as a content marketing suite, it is the best.


  • All-in-one marketing suite for inbound marketing and sales
  • Analyzes your site and provide the best marketing strategy
  • Tools available to create, publish, organize and promote your content
  • A/B testing, analytics software, and social media advertising

Price – Hubspot is available for free with limited features. If you want to use their CMS, you can opt for either three-tier plan. The starter plan is billed annually for $45 per month. The Professional and Enterprise plans are billed annually for $800 and $3200 per month, respectively.

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Almost every business has a website. And WordPress is one of the widely used CMS that hosts about 43% of all the sites on the internet. This open-source CMS allows any website to fit your needs through its template and plugin system. The best feature of WordPress is its templates are very easy to use and can help you create a website in a few minutes.

You can also integrate your website with any other third-party tools. If you wish to add a membership access forum, live chats, email signups, or anything other than what WordPress offers, you can do it by installing third-party provided tools and software through plugins.

But there is a relatively high learning curve with WordPress. You might need to learn coding to customize your website design, like the position of the header, image, or theme. You might be very overwhelmed with all the features, third-party integrations, and not to mention its open-source software. It means no one owns it, and you will not have customer support back all your queries. You will have to rely on the community of other WordPress users to find help.


  • Unlimited themes to customize your website
  • Effortless website builder
  • Plugins for every widget
  • Naturally aligned to SEO

Price – WordPress is almost free to use, but your WordPress website’s cost depends entirely on the hosting, plugins, themes, integrations, and many more. However, WordPress also offers a premium plan that costs $4 per month with increased storage, unlimited plugins, and removed ads. You also get a 14-day money-back guarantee. Check out WordPress coupon codes for amazing discounts.


Buzzsumo is the most trusted content marketing tool for analyzing marketing trends and content insights from social media sources. It has been wildly used for influencer marketing. Any content that has been published on social media is tracked by Buzzsumo. For every query asked, Buzzsumo lists all results according to the engagement rate on the post.

You can find trending topics to discuss, find influencers from your niche, and level up your growth by marketing your content on social media. Enter a keyword and Buzzsumo will show you the content that mentions the keyword. You can also set content alerts to be notified every time an influencer of your choice or your competitor posts, so you’ll never miss anything.

Their analytics software will let you compare top-performing keywords and backlinks from your competitor’s content with yours. You can also go further and check which content type has been shared amongst all the social networks the most so you will never miss out on the trend.

Buzzsumo has an excellent customizable editorial planner that will help you organize and schedule blog or social media posts in advance. Their higher plans will even let you analyze content across YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  • Content alerts for your targeted keywords
  • Reports and analysis of top-performing content
  • Picks up social media trends and finds relevant influencers
  • Competitor analysis and comparison with your performance

Price – The free plan offers very limited monthly searches and only one custom feed. There are three paid tiers. The $99 per month Pro Plan offers unlimited searches and 10 custom feeds. The Plus and Pro Plan offer more alerts, custom feeds, and exports for $179 and $229 per month. Know more about Buzzsumo pricing here.


Trello is the most user-friendly everyday task management tool and the best way to kickstart your remote lifestyle. Content marketing has never been a one-man show, and Trello is the best tool to manage teams with their board lists and tasks. Trello helps bring the most out of you, increasing your productivity and efficiency and making communication between team members easier.

You can have all your activities in one place. Planning, creating, scheduling, and engaging all can be shared in the same place. The layout and design of the interface are very easy and fun, and using it is one of the best ways to remain focused and get the work done faster. You can also create multiple boards for different teams or clients so your multiple businesses stay under one dashboard.


  • Start new projects, track your progress
  • Collaborate with clients and teams
  • Schedule your work in advance
  • Get notified before the deadline

Price – You can use Trello for free with unlimited cards and up to 10 boards. The Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans cost $5, $10, and $17 per month, respectively with advanced checklists, dashboard, timeline, and map views with security and customer support. Know more about Trello pricing here.


Ahrefs is a complete keyword research tool that helps you keep an eye on your competitor’s strategies and outrank them. Apart from using it for basic SEO, you can also check performance reports of top-performing content and analyze the content gap, which will tell you what keywords you are not ranking that your competitors are. It is the best content marketing tool for SEO consultants, freelancers, and Marketers.

Ahrefs is very handy for finding low-density, high-performing keywords, checking backlinks, and tracking your blog’s growth. It also has a side audit tool, which will tell you exactly what’s good and what’s not on your website. Their world-class accurate data makes them one of the leading software on the internet for all SEO needs.


  • Keeps track of your’s and your competitor’s progress
  • Best keyword research and content gap analysis tool
  • Unlimited SERP reports

Price- Ahrefs has four pricing plans. You will get two months of free access if you pay annually. The Lite Plan is $99 per month. The Standard plan is $199 per month. Advanced and Enterprise plans for $399 and $999 per month. Know more about Ahrefs pricing here


SEMrush is a goldmine for digital marketers. They have 50+ tools for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing from just one platform to grow your online business.

You can get insights from all areas of marketing. From spying on your competitor’s backlinks, keywords, and ads to tracking your page’s progress, SEMrush does it all. If you want to rank organically, find what keywords your competitors are performing for, and uncover metrics, reports, and Adwords you never thought existed, use SEMRush.

Simply enter a keyword or URL and find tons of resources you might not know existed. You can find what keywords you are ranking for and what can be done to push it to the first page. The best part is you can look into all the amazing features for free within their trial period.


  • Uncover potential keywords
  • Find what your competitors are ranking for
  • Check backlinks for any URL

Price – 7-day trial with access to all their features. Paid plans come in three tiers. The Pro Plan for $119 per month. The Guru Plan for $229 per month and Business for $449 per month. Know more about SEMrush pricing here.


Email marketing has always been a top priority of any content marketing. Mailchimp can serve as an all-in-one marketing bundle for small business owners.

They have multiple tracking options for conversions and click-through rates through Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and MailChimp’s analytics tool. All the templates are responsive for mobile and due to their partnership with Square, you can sell your products directly and don’t even have to set up an eCommerce store.

This tool offers a few features for free. MailChimp can be accessed from both desktop and mobile. This email marketing tool helps you maintain a list of engaging subscribers and keeps track of your progress. You can also automate trigger email responses that will send emails when the trigger goes off.


  • Monitors average open and click rates.
  • Tracks the number of subscribers and unsubscribes
  • Monitors metrics such as engagement, click-through rates, profile clicks, and so on.

Price – MailChimp has two plans. The Premium package for $385 per month allows you to create 5 landing pages (charged extra for more), and the Enterprise need-based plan that will enable you to create unlimited landing pages. Learn more about MailChimp pricing.


ClickFunnels is a website and sales funnel builder best for entrepreneurs to sell courses, workshops, and webinars who don’t have coding skills. This marketing tool easily guides your visitors through each step of your funnel which makes conversion less daunting. It allows you to sell any product online
ClickFunnels helps you build high-converting marketing or sales funnels, webinars, membership programs, etc. in a few minutes. Their high-tier plans allow you to create your own affiliate business by targeting traffic from Facebook Ads and PPC to your landing pages and capturing leads.

Their template has a very decent design flow, ensuring your audience has a smooth experience through the purchase process. And all their templates have proven to work for many businesses like yours. You can also automate regular follow-ups with your visitors to boost the chances of conversion.


  • Guides visitors step-by-step through each process of the sales funnel
  • Regular email, social media posts, and follow-ups automation
  • Targeted traffic from Facebook Ads and PPC
  • Builds even complicated sales funnel in minutes
  • All tools are organized in a single dashboard and can be integrated with 10+ content marketing tools

Price – ClickFunnels offers two pricing packages. The starting pack is $97 per month, whereas the Pro plan comes at $297 per month. You also get a 14-day free trial. Know more about ClickFunnels pricing here.


HotJar shows you the heat maps of a user’s interaction with your website. You’ll know exactly where the user spent more time and where they clicked. With HotJar, track user experience, gather feedback, and upgrade your product fast. HotJar is used by product managers, designers, and researchers to monitor users’ activities on the website or at any stage of the sales funnel.

If you want accurate data on how visitors experience every website or to uncover the roadmap of visitors’ activities, you should use HotJar. In addition, they also have tools like heat maps, A/B testing, on-site polls, surveys, and feedback forms. These give you a good vision of where your visitors click and scroll.


  • Product tours
  • Session recordings
  • Feedbacks and surveys

Price – Use HotJar for free with up to 35 daily sessions. There are three paid tiers. HotJar Plus for $35 per month. The HotJar business for $79 per month. The enterprise plan is need-based. Know more about HotJar pricing here.


Design beautiful images and videos from Canva. The best part is that you don’t have to have any design skills. Canva is the best content marketing tool to supplement your content with infographics, templates, ebooks, guides, presentations, and so on. You can select layouts that are pre-built for every social media platform. (for every banner, post, story, etc.)

Anyone can create something visually appealing and convincing. The wonderful drag-and-drop editor allows you to add elements, GIFs, images, and animations. If you have Canva Pro, you’ll never have to return to Photoshop software.

It will also allow you to schedule posts on social media. You can remove backgrounds, adjust contrast, make 3D effects, and much more. In a world where visuals are equally important as the content, Canva has beautifully bridged the gap for people with no design skills.


  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Thousands of free templates
  • Supports all platforms
  • Categories and themes available for all needs
  • High-level editing software

Price – Canva is available for free with almost all the templates and layouts. The Canva Pro is for $59/year with scheduling software, advanced editing features, and access to all their templates. The enterprise plan is $28 per month. Know more about Canva pricing here.


UberFlip connects some of your best content with relevant audiences and helps you convert visitors into customers. They believe that relevant content keeps your customers engaged and ensures a smooth journey through the sales funnel.

UberFlip ensures every visitor visiting your website has a very good content experience throughout their buyer journey. You can also keep an eye on your competitors and collect feedback on how their customers feel. You can centralize all your blogs, videos, and any other social resources in a single space to maintain a streamlined workflow.


  • Identify target audience or ideal customers
  • Attract customers through relevant channels
  • Keeps them engaged throughout the customer journey

Price – You will only access their pricing plans after you request a demo. You can chat with an Uberflip expert to book a demo and see Uberflip in action. Book your Uberflip demo here.


Yoast is an all-around SEO tool that helps you do on-page optimization of your blogs and web pages. It has a checklist of all the best on-page practices, such as keyword density, interlinking, outbound links, title tags, and meta descriptions.

With Yoast, you can also check the readability score of your content and revise it for better consumption. Additionally, Yoast offers automated social media posting of your content right after you publish it.

Yoast is the go-to solution for all your SEO needs. Even XML sitemaps can be updated with Yoast. Yoast offers the best SEO assistance around WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce. You integrate with 7 other software to boost your search engine rankings.


  • Tutorials and guides are available to get started with Yoast
  • Plugins for WordPress SEO, Video, News, WooCommerce, and local search results
  • Easy to optimize every aspect of your website

Price– Freemium, $99 one-time payment for premium access. Know more about Yoast pricing here.


HootSuite is the best social media marketing tool to satisfy all your social needs. From scheduling your posts and increasing your following to tracking your progress, HootSuite works with around 50 social media platforms.

Finding content ideas and actively sharing them on social media can take a lot of time if you are doing it all by yourself. Hootsuite is used by millions of others to plan and schedule social media posts well in advance. It also comes in handy to experiment with your audience’s peak active hours.

You can handle multiple accounts, which helps marketers manage all their client’s accounts from a single dashboard. They also have built-in editing software to spot grammar or spammy errors on all your scheduled posts. The content calendar will let you view and plan the feed from your dashboard.


  • Best for collaboration with teams
  • Content scheduling software
  • Tracks social media trends and viral content and gives the most relevant suggestions
  • Boosts your reach by targeting relevant audiences

Price – The Professional plan is $19 per month with up to 10 social accounts with only one user. The team plan is for $97 per month with up to 3 users and 20 accounts. The Business plan is for $500 per month with up to 5 users and 3 social accounts. All plans come with a free 30-day trial. Know more about Hootsuite pricing here.


No matter how long we debate on this, it’s undeniable that your users judge your service or product based on your content. And when your content has grammatical and spelling errors, they aren’t going to trust you. Grammarly is the best tool to double-check your work before you publish it.
It spots spell errors, redundancy, tone usage, passive voice, plagiarism, squint modifiers, and many more. You can use it for free by just downloading the chrome extension. It is compatible with all the software, so you can check your writing then and there.


  • Supports various platforms
  • Suitable for writings from any genre
  • Spots modifiers, punctuations, word usage, spacing, spelling, and grammatical errors

Price– You can use Grammarly for free to check grammar and spelling errors. The business plan comes with $15 per member per month. The personal plan is $12 per month. Know more about Grammarly pricing here.


Master email marketing with GetResponse. It is a diversified tool with email marketing and webinar hosting features. If you opt for their high-tier packages, you can launch your affiliate program. The tool integrates with thousands of marketing software like WordPress, Shopify, and PayPal.

You can even target traffic to the page using Facebook Ads or PPC to build your email list five times faster. You can create landing pages from GetResponse in two ways.

One is by their functional AI wizard that will generate mobile responsive landing pages by asking a few questions about your business. The second is you create it yourself with over 5,000 high-resolution stock images and templates. They also have ready-to-use pop-up builders which are more likely to increase your conversion rate by 10%.

This content marketing tool remains the first choice for many email marketers to retain customers and increase ROI. More than just being an email tool, GetResponse has made automation easier by providing CRM features so you can track your relationship with your email list.


  • Automates events and emails
  • Capable of CRM functionality
  • Integrates with WordPress, Paypal, and Shopify
  • Targeted traffic through Facebook and PPC Ads

Price – The basic pricing plan starts at $15 per month and ranges up to $1,199 per month for the Enterprise plan. Marketing automation plan for $48 per month, eCommerce marketing package for $98 per month. GetResponse also offers a 30-day free trial. Know more about GetResponse pricing here.


Make scroll-stopping videos with just a few clicks using Viddyoze. Well, Viddyoze is not a content marketing tool to be exact, but a content creation tool. With hundreds of pre-made templates, Viddyoze is the best video-making tool for users of various levels. Their analytics and personalization features help businesses understand how their video is performing, and also demonstrate and add suggestions to it to boost engagement.

Their A/B testing feature will let you find videos with what time lengths are performing well. You can create any type of marketing, or promotional video even without having any editing skills. Their drag-and-drop editor is very easy to add elements from the side menu. You can import pictures or video clips from your desktop or anywhere on the internet.


  • Compatible with all video editors and platforms
  • Unlimited usage
  • Constantly upgraded to introduce new features
  • Dedicated Customer support

Price – There are two pricing plans. Viddyoze personal and Viddyoze commercial for $97 and $127 for lifetime access.Know more about Viddyoze pricing here.


Videos are the real savers of your marketing strategy. Creating stunning videos without a good editing tool is impossible. InVideo is the best content marketing tool to easily edit amazing marketing videos.

You don’t need to have any editing skills to use InVideo. From creating YouTube videos, Facebook Ads, Instagram reels, or videos for brand promotion, anyone can use them on mobile or desktop. You can add audio, texts, collage pictures, add transitions, adjust video quality without even downloading and share it on social.


  • The quicker way to edit videos
  • Support for all languages
  • Access to 1M+ texts and images
  • Automated text to speech

Price– You can get started with Invideo for free. No credit card is required. The business plan is $15 per month with no watermarks, premium iStock images, and up to 50 video exports a month. The unlimited plan is $30 per month with unlimited video exports 50+ premium iStock images and much more. Know more about InVideo pricing here.


The best email and SMS marketing tool you’ll ever need for your e-commerce business.

Many eCommerce stores including Shopify use drip and find it elegant, easy, and powerful. Drip is one of our top picks from all the content marketing tools listed because it makes customization so easy that you can build your workflow from scratch in just a few clicks. 30,000+ marketers use drip for multi-channel email campaigns with 99.9% customer satisfaction.

With Drip, you can reach customers and target what they will buy or browse. You can schedule pre-built playbooks like welcome series, abandoned cart email series, and post-purchase emails.


  • Automated campaigns across email, SMS, social, and on-site pop-ups  from a single dashboard
  • Pre-built playbooks
  • Have access to customer data from major e-commerce brands

Price – You can Try Drip for free for 14 days. No credit card is required. They have two paid plans. One with only email marketing is $19 per month. The one with both SMS and email marketing is $58/Month. (Note that all the pricing may vary depending on your email or SMS list). Know more about Drip pricing here.


Airtable is one of the best collaborative tools for content marketing teams that brings all your databases, apps, and software to one place. It’s very convenient to manage your workflow and keep track of your team’s progress. It is a very good alternative to Excel sheets.

You can use Airtable to manage work, such as posting posts on your social accounts. Start by creating a database listing all the content ideas that need to be updated. You design the outline for the project to contain fields for the visuals, captions, hashtags, deadline, assignee, etc. Then, you can invite editors and designers into the database to assign themselves tasks in each database to indicate when they’re done with their tasks.


  • Create unlimited bases or projects
  • Sync integrations to quickie bring outside data
  • Notification of the status  to all team members

Price – You can use  Airtable for free with unlimited bases and up to 5 creators. There are Pro and Plus packages for $10 and $20 per month billed annually. Know more about Airtable pricing here.


SendinBlue is an email marketing software that allows you to launch successful email campaigns and broadcasts, and automate emails, SMS, and social media posts. They promise to guide you in every stage of your customer journey. You can create customized emails with their drag-and-drop editor and easy user interface. With new updates in SendinBlue, you can also automate Facebook Ads directly from your dashboards. SendinBlue is a better alternative to MailChimp as it works six-time cheaper with more personalization and workflow automation.

With the free plan, you can test out all of their basic features like email automation and follow-ups. The main difference between different plans is the sending volume of emails and SMS.SendinBlue is an overall package for email marketing that has default A/B testing, good customer relationships, automated follow-ups, a landing page builder, and so on.


  • Allows to set specific triggers for emails and SMS that will be sent when the trigger is satisfied
  • Landing page builder and  A/B testing for emails 
  • Drag and drop editor to create straightforward and personalized content
  • Email templates and design libraries are sorted into different categories and niches
  • Other tools for contact management, engagement statistics, and analytics

Price –  SendinBlue has two plans. The Premium package for $385 per month allows you to create 5 landing pages (charged extra for more) and the Enterprise need-based plan that will enable you to create unlimited landing pages. Know more about SendinBlue pricing here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best content marketing tools?

The best comes with conditions. You can’t rely on one tool for all your content marketing needs. Each software serves a single or a bunch of purposes. Find your needs and match those with the list above to find your best content marketing tool.

How do I choose content marketing tools?

There are plenty of tools for the same purpose. The best way to select the best one for you is to experiment with a bunch of those. Create an account and utilize the free trial to choose the best one for you.

What is the best content marketing strategy?

Have a clear target audience in mind, choose 2-3 ideal platforms, start creating valuable content consistently, engage with your audience and promote your content.

What are the types of content marketing?

There are multiple ways to market your content. Some of them are through blogs, videos, user-generated content, e-books, case studies, memes, and so on

Which free content marketing tools are the best?

Canva, when it comes to creating visually appealing content. Trello, for effective task management and productivity. Hubspot for idea generation.

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