Ecomi Secure Wallet Promo Codes for The Best Cryptocurrency Storage

With growing risks and concerns, it is now even more vital to keep your cryptocurrencies safe. Ecomi Secure Wallet is the smart, secure choice for crypto management. It combines world-leading security with ultra-portability. Get our ecomi secure wallet promo codes to make your purchase more pocket-friendly.

Working Ecomi Secure Wallet Promo Codes

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How to Use Ecomi Secure Wallet Promo Codes?

Here’s what you need to do to use Ecomi Secure Wallet Promo Codes:

  1. Take a look at the different promo options available on this page.
  2. Select an offer and click on Show Code. Allow pop-ups from this page to view the code in a new window. The code automatically copies to your computer’s clipboard.
  3. Visit Ecomi Secure Wallet’s official website.
  4. Click on Buy Now to proceed with the checkout.
  5. Paste the promo code in the provided field and press Apply.

T&Cs to Apply Ecomi Secure Wallet Promo Codes

  • All ecomi secure wallet promo codes have validity.
  • You cannot use the promo codes with ongoing promotions and discount deals. If your code does not apply, get in touch with the brand’s customer support team.
  • You can apply only one promo code for every order. To use more promo codes, make more orders.
  • The promo codes are for use only on the official website.
  • Ecomi Secure Wallet reserves the right to withdraw or modify the promo codes at any time.


1. Is there a warranty on the Secure Wallet?

Yes. Ecomi offers a 24-month hardware warranty on the Secure Wallet.

2. What currencies does the Secure Wallet support?

At present, you can use the Secure Wallet to store large-cap coins, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, BCH, XRP, and Litecoin. You can also use it for over 600 ERC 20 tokens, BNB tokens, GoChain, OMI token, and USDT on the OMNI layer.

3. Is there a minimum requirement for using the Secure Wallet?

You need an Android or Apple smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities to use the Secure Wallet.

4. Is the Secure Wallet rechargeable?

Yes. You will receive a USB cable and charger to charge your Secure Wallet. On a single full charge, you can use the wallet to complete 20 to 30 send transactions.

5. Do I need to register the Secure Wallet?

The Secure Wallet is a hardware card. Using the ECOMI app, you need to connect the card to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

6. What happens if I lose my Secure Wallet?

If you lose your Secure Wallet, you can purchase another device and use the recovery code to restore your private keys and balances.

7. What payment methods can I use for my order?

You can pay on Secure Wallet using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. Our ecomi secured wallet promo codes are applicable on all acceptable payment methods.

8. How long does it take to ship my order, and are orders available outside Singapore?

Yes. Secure Wallet offers worldwide express shipping, and it takes 3 to 5 days for order delivery after fulfillment of your order.

About Ecomi

The Ecomi Secure Wallet is advanced and secure to store cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. It allows you to protect your private keys against online threats and attacks. It is ultra-portable and easily slides into your pocket. Using the Ecomi app, you can wirelessly connect the Secure Wallet to your smartphone and safely complete all transactions.

The wallet supports over 1000 currencies and digital assets. It uses CC EAL 5+ government-level security to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are safe inside the internal secure element. Moreover, it has a beautiful interface.

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