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invisaWear: Smart and Discreet Safety Wearables


invisaWear Overview

invisaWear is a guardian in disguise, seamlessly integrating safety and style. Their discreet yet innovative jewelry collection hides smart technology that connects to a smartphone, instantly alerting designated contacts in emergencies. A blend of fashion and security, invisaWear champions personal safety without compromising elegance, empowering individuals to navigate the world fearlessly while staying chic and protected.

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About invisaWear

InvisaWear is a brand that merges innovative technology with personal safety, offering discreet and stylish accessories designed to provide peace of mind in emergencies. What distinguishes InvisaWear is its commitment to creating discreet safety solutions. The brand specializes in wearable accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and scrunchies that incorporate hidden panic buttons. These accessories are designed to discreetly connect to a user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing them to quickly send an SOS alert to designated contacts or emergency services in case of an emergency, such as feeling threatened or unsafe.

The brand’s focus on style and versatility is another notable aspect. InvisaWear’s accessories are designed to seamlessly blend with everyday fashion, ensuring that users can incorporate safety measures into their attire without sacrificing personal style. This approach allows individuals to feel empowered and protected while maintaining a sense of autonomy and fashion expression.

InvisaWear places a significant emphasis on user-friendliness and ease of use. The accessories are paired with a smartphone app that enables users to set up emergency contacts and customize their alert preferences. In an emergency, pressing the discreet panic button on the accessory triggers a silent alarm, sending GPS location information and an SOS message to the designated contacts or emergency services.

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