Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes For Amazing Japanese Treats

Do you love Japanese culture and cuisine? Did you always want to try their best and authentic treats and candies? Japan Candy Box brings the taste of Japan to your doorstep in attractive packages. Check out japan candy box coupon codes to get upto 50% discounts on Japanese snacks at great prices. 

Working Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes

50% OFF
10% OFF

How To Apply Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes?

  1. Coupon code: Choose a coupon code from the list above. 
  2. Copy Code: Click on the code and copy it. 
  3. Japan Candy Box Website: Visit the website and choose your subscription package. Click on the Proceed to checkout button. 
  4. Code: Click on the coupon code link and paste the code. 
  5. Apply code: Click on the “Apply Coupon” button to apply the deal. 
Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes
All Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes will be applicable on the official website

There you go! Japan’s favorite treats are on their way to your doorstep now. 

T&CS For Japan Candy Box Coupon Codes

  1. Japan Candy box works on a subscription model and will deduct the payment as per details uploaded periodically. 
  2. You must use the content on the website for personal use only. You can use it for any commercial purposes without written permission. 
  3. Customers must keep all their payment and billing details updated on the website. 
  4. The subscription of the boxes works in auto-renewal mode. 


1. What is Japan Candy Box’s refund policy?

Japan Candy Box works on a subscription model. You can’t ask for a refund or cancellation if the box is on its way. If any items are missing or damaged, you should contact the company immediately with pictures for replacement. 

2. How can I buy one Japan Candy Box alone?

In case you want to buy only one box from the Japan Candy box store, you can opt for the 1-month subscription plan. You can proceed with cancellation to stop the auto-renewal after the first box is out. This way you will get just one box of candies from them. 

3. How much do Japan Candy Box products cost?

Japan Candy Box is fairly affordable in comparison to other companies. The subscription charges start from $19.9 per month for a 12-month subscription pack and go up to $24.90 for a 1-month subscription box. You will remit a monthly sum to them.

4. What is the frequency of shipping for Japan Candy Box?

The Japan Candy Box products are shipped once in a month. When you subscribe to Jan, you will get your product from Feb. You will receive a tracking code once the box is in transit and you can track it from there. Japan Candy Box ships to all countries without any charge.

5. How can I get a Free Japan Candy Box?

You have a chance of winning a free Japan Candy Box by their referral program. You get $5 for each friend’s subscription and if four of your friends subscribe you get a free Japan Candy Box.

About Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box is a company that wants to spread the love of Japanese snacks all over the world. Their quirky combinations and unusual flavor combinations have made them immensely popular. But they are not easily available everywhere. 

Japan Candy Box curates Japanese treats such as snacks and candies that are rarely found outside of Japan. Delivering straight from Tokyo, they are one of the most sought after candy merchants all over the world. 

If you are new to Japanese cuisine and do not have much knowledge of their snacks and treats, you can trust Japan Candy Box to deliver an awesome and tasty box to your doorstep. With monthly treats on their way to you, you will be hooked on these candies for sure. 

Use our Japan Candy Box coupon codes for great deals on their tasty treats. 

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