50% OFF KDSPY Coupon Codes April 2024 (5 Active Codes)

If you are working on a book, you must be looking for affordable ways to understand the marketing end of it. KDSPY tool is for authors to analyze keywords and niche in the book and writing space. Use our kdspy coupon codes to get access to the best marketing tool for writers at great discounts. 

Verified KDSPY Coupon Codes

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How to Apply KDSPY Coupon Codes?

  1. Pick a code: Select from the list of our latest kdspy coupon codes that fits your purchase requirement. 
  2. Copy code: Click on the selected coupon code to proceed. The coupon code will open in a separate popup window. In case you can’t see it, disable your popup blocker and try again. 
  3. Product purchase: Go to the KDSPY website if not redirected already and add the product to the cart. Move to the checkout page. 
  4. Paste code: On the checkout page, you will see the new price based on the discount. 
  5. Complete purchase: Enter payment and shipping details to complete the purchase. 

Yay! Now you can research your audience without emptying your pockets. 

T&Cs for KDSPY Coupon Codes 

  1. You must be 13 years of age or older to use KDSPY’s services. 
  2. All kdspy coupon codes are applicable only on the official website.
  3. The company does not guarantee results in terms of sales or monetary gains to anyone. It is only a tool to understand the market. 
  4. KDSPY has the right to set and modify the price of its products from time to time. 
  5. The firm has a copyright over all the materials on the website. Customers must not reproduce any of it for commercial purposes. 
  6. All KDSPY Coupon codes and deals are subject to validity and verification. Please contact reviewsguides@gmail.com for any queries. 


1. What is KDSPY’s refund policy?

KDSPY has a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee. You can raise a ticket on its forum within 60 days from the date of purchase and avail of a refund. The payment will be refunded back via PayPal and will take time as per their policies. 

2. What are the different payment methods accepted by KDSPY?

KDSPY has a secure and privacy-protected gateway. You can use PayPal, VISA, Master Card, American Express and Discover to pay for your product. 

3. Where can I use KDSPY?

KDSPY works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and the Brave browser. It works on both PC and MAC. It is a browser extension that takes less than 4 seconds to install. 

4. Do I have to pay anything extra in the future for updates?

Customers have to make just a one-time payment for all KDSPY products. If the company decides to roll any updates for its products, all clients will get it automatically without any additional charge. 

5. Can I use KDSPY on more than one device? 

Each KDSPY browser extension license comes with a dual license. That means you can use it on two devices, like a computer and laptop, at the same time without purchasing a license separately for each. 

What is KDSPY?

KDSPY or Kindle Spy is a powerful software tool tailored to assist authors and publishers in the competitive world of self-publishing, with a primary focus on the Amazon Kindle platform. It serves as an invaluable resource for those seeking to make data-driven decisions in their publishing endeavors. While my knowledge is based on information available up to September 2021, KDSPY typically offers a range of features to facilitate effective market research and niche selection.

One of its core functions is niche analysis, enabling users to evaluate the competition and market demand within specific book niches on Amazon. By examining keywords, users can enhance their book’s discoverability and visibility on the platform. KDSPY often includes category analysis, providing insights into the popularity and competitiveness of various book categories. Moreover, it empowers authors and publishers with competitor analysis tools, showcasing vital data on top-selling books, including estimated monthly sales and revenue figures.

KDSPY simplifies the often complex process of researching book niches, empowering users to make informed choices about their publishing direction. It may also display essential details about books, such as their Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and pricing. It was initially launched to help the founder sell his ebook on Amazon by using niche marketing tools. You can browse current topics, popular keywords, and trending issues on the Amazon store and model your product accordingly. Use our kdspy coupon codes to get your discount!

Learn more about KDSPY and how it helps your business.

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