35% OFF TGuard Coupon Codes 2024 (4 Active Codes)

Is it getting difficult to break your child’s habit of thumb sucking? TGuard AeroThumb is the perfect solution with a success rate of more than 95%. Get TGuard AeroThumb at cheap rates using TGuard Coupon Codes given below.

Verified TGuard Coupon Codes

$10.90 ONLY
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How To Apply TGuard Coupon Codes?

TGuard coupon codes and deals help you save money on your purchase. To avail of these exciting discounts, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the official website of TGuard.
  2. Take a look at all the coupons and offers available on our website. Carefully read the details of each coupon to know where it is applicable. 
  3. Once you know which coupon is suitable for your purchase, click on the ‘Get Code’ button next to the coupon. 
  4. You need to press this button to be able to reveal the code. You will be asked to allow pop-ups to see the coupon code. 
  5. As soon as you allow the pop-up, a window will appear with the coupon code mentioned in alphanumeric form. This code will automatically be copied to your computer or smartphone’s clipboard. 
  6. If it is not copied, you can manually copy the code. 
  7. Go back to the website for TGuard. Complete your purchase by adding the product to the cart. 
  8. Depending on the procedure of the merchant’s store, you may be asked to register before you can proceed. 
  9. When you review your cart on TGuard’s page, you will see a field labeled Coupon Code. Paste the code in this field if it is not already added. 
  10. Click on ‘Apply Coupon’.

You would have successfully availed a discount on your purchase. 

T&Cs For TGuard Coupon Codes

  • The coupons shared on our website are valid only for purchase from the official website of TGuard AeroThumb.
  • You can use TGuard Coupon Codes for only a single purchase and cannot use the same coupon twice. 
  • You cannot combine any of the TGuard Coupon Codes with another promotional offer or deal. 
  • Coupons are valid on the purchase of specific products from TGuard and do not apply sitewide. 
  • Each coupon mentions the percentage or monetary savings you will receive. 
  • Coupons have validity.
  • The use of coupons is subject to change in policies of the merchant store. 
  • We have verified and tested the coupons mentioned on our website. If a coupon does not work, please leave a message and our team will be happy to respond with an appropriate solution. 


1. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. TGuard offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if you don’t like the product or it is not helping your child, you can return the product for a refund.

2. Can I use the coupons for all purchases?

Coupons are valid for different product purchases. For instance, you can use a particular coupon to save on the purchase of TGuard AeroFinger while you can use another coupon to save on AeroThumb. The discount depends on which product you are trying to buy.

3. Can I use the same coupon to buy two products?

No. You can use a coupon only once. You cannot use it for a second purchase even if it matches the product you are trying to buy.

4. What is the maximum discount that I can save on a purchase?

There is no minimum or maximum discount on a purchase. You can save as per what is mentioned in the details of the coupon.

5. Can I combine a percentage and a monetary discount?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. You can take either a percentage discount or a monetary discount. You cannot club the two.

6. For how long is the coupon valid?

Every coupon has a different validity. You can check the validity of the coupon in its details. If the coupon shows as invalid or expired, please leave a message and our team will be happy to offer a resolution.

7. I cannot see the coupon code. What do I have to do?

The coupon code is hidden behind the ‘Get Code’ button. Please click on ‘Get Code’ to reveal the digits of the code.

What is TGuard (AeroThumb)?

AeroThumb is a highly successful thumb sucking treatment kit. It works on the same principle as the TGuard Classic.

AeroThumb comes with an improved design offering an ergonomic and comfortable fit worn on your child’s hand like a glove. Using AeroThumb, your child can break the habit in less than 4 weeks.

TGuard AeroThumb uses using soft and flexible, FDA-listed, medical-grade plastic. It has holes that ensure the flow of cool air so that your hand does not sweat and you are not worried about skin infections and discomfort. A lot of parents have seen results within the first week of using AeroThumb.

So, if you are trying to get your child to stop sucking the thumb, you must use AeroThumb. Find out more details about TGuard here.

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