Traveling Mailbox Coupon Codes For Awesome Mail Services

Are you always on the go? Want your mail also to travel with you? We have one word for you: Traveling Mailbox. It can help you receive your mail to your email boxes so that you never miss any important message anymore. Use our exciting and verified Traveling Mailbox coupon codes for a sweet deal on their services. 

All Working Traveling Mailbox Coupon Codes

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How To Apply Traveling Mailbox Coupon Codes?

  1. Coupon Code: Select a coupon code that suits your product. 
  2. Copy Code: Click on the Traveling Mailbox Coupon codes and copy it. 
  3. Traveling Mailbox Website: Move on to the Traveling Mailbox website to choose your plan. 
  4. Plans: Choose a plan from their pricing page and move to the checkout page.
  5. Code: Click on “Click here to enter a coupon code” link and paste the selected code. 
  6. Apply code: Click on Apply coupon to receive the discount. 
traveling mailbox coupon codes
Apply Traveling Mailbox coupon codes in the red box region

Congratulations, Traveling Mailbox is yours now. Travel without any worry of missing important posts.

T&C For Traveling Mailbox Coupon Code

  1. Traveling Mailbox subscriptions are renewed automatically unless you have sent them a cancellation notice in the current cycle. 
  2. You can avail mail forwarding service for not more than 60 days upon termination. If you do not make alternate arrangements, the company will send the posts back to the sender or refuse delivery. 
  3. Traveling Mailbox holds the right to terminate any account as per their terms and conditions. 
  4. The company has the sole right to modify the fees at any time and you are liable to pay those for continued service.
  5. Traveling Mailbox has the right to refuse the delivery of packages that arrive without a name or a notarized USPS1583 form. 


1. What is a Traveling Mailbox premium address?

Traveling Mailbox has several addresses listed on their website where you can forward your mail while you are away. Some of these addresses are in prime locations such as big cities and cost a little extra to use. These are known as premium addresses. 

2. What does Traveling Mailbox do with junk email? 

The company realizes that you would not want your junk email to be scanned and stored so they sort through the email and do not clutter your inbox with junk email. 

3. What is the Traveling Mailbox cancellation policy?

Traveling Mailbox subscriptions are usually for a month or a year based on the plan. In case you wish to cancel in the middle of a cycle, you must notify the team and you will receive a refund for the rest of the billing cycle. If you do not wish to renew an existing plan, kindly notify the team to stop the auto-renew feature. 

4. What other services does the company provide except for mail scanning?

Not just email scanning, you can use the traveling mailbox for mail forwarding, mail storage, cheque deposit, cloud integration, and parcel forwarding as well. Feature availability is based on the plan you subscribe to. 

5. When will I get my mail to my inbox?

The company scans your envelopes every day and if you want the mail contents scanned too, you can get it in a few hours.  

What Is Traveling Mailbox?

A one-stop-shop to solve all your mail-related issues, Traveling Mailbox is a true friend for anyone with a hectic schedule. Though they may seem like just a post scanning company, their services stretch way beyond. To bring you important information wherever you are, they operate a tight ship and send the documents straight to your inbox.

Right from storage to forwarding, and to even posting your mails for you, the company does it all. In this age where most people don’t stay put in one place, Traveling Mailbox is a necessary tool to keep life hassle-free.

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