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Looking to improve your lifestyle? Does your Google search reflect your endless quest for diets to become fit and healthy? Maybe it’s time you try Viome’s Gut Intelligence test to understand your health better. Viome’s groundbreaking stool analysis technology analyzes the microbes in your body to understand how you could improve your health? Check out Amazing viome promo codes to empower yourself on a path of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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T&Cs For Viome Promo Codes

  1. Viome can use the various data types provided by the user for testing, analysis, and research purposes. 
  2. Viome will not release the personal information of users unless directed by the court. The medical details may be used for research if opted in during sign up. 
  3. You have to submit the sample before 6 months from the date of kit collection for accurate results. 
  4. Test results and recommendations are not meant to diagnose or be treated as medical advice.
  5. Viome does not take responsibility for mental or physical trauma that may occur during sample collection.
  6. Viome calls upon the users to take their recommendations with discretion in case of any existing allergies or health conditions. 
  7. You can terminate the legal agreement with Viome in writing to the Viome Head office. 


1. How does Viome work?

 Viome tests your stool to do a consolidated analysis of your gene as well as the gut microbes present in your body. These test results in correlation with the medical history provided from your end help them arrive at a recommended nutrition chart and personalized diet style for you. 

2. How to activate Viome Account?

After you complete your purchase and sign up for the Viome Account, your Viome kit will be shipped to your address. 
After receiving the kit, register your Viome account online via the app or their website to proceed. Your Viome account is now activated. Complete the questionnaires before proceeding to sample collection.  

3. When will I receive my results?

You will mostly receive your results in 4 weeks post the receipt of your sample at the lab. This time could extend to 6-8 weeks based on the analysis and personalization process. 
You can check the status at the Sample tracker tab of your profile.

4. What is Viome’s shipping policy?

Viome kits are shipped after you complete the signup process. If you are in the US, you will receive your kit in 5-7 business days via the USPS. International shipping is based on destination country and time, charges and taxes are also country dependent. 

5. How do I send my sample back to the lab?

Once you have completed the sample collection, you can mail the sample back via the return shipping kit. US customers do not have to pay for the return shipping however International customers do. 

6. What are Viome’s cancellation and refund policy?

If you cancel your order within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a full refund barring any handling charges. If you happen to cancel post 24 hours but within 14 days and return the kit received, you can still receive the refund without the shipping and handling charges. 
The refund will be processed within 45 days from the date of the request/receipt of the sample kit. 

About Viome

Viome is an organization that uses AI to roll out personlized diet and health plans for their users. Realizing that nutrition and dietary plans will not work as one size fits all plan, Naveen Jain started Viome in 2016. You will get complete data of the different organisms present in your body along with personalized food recommendations. 

One of the major reasons for Viome’s success is the science behind it. While many organizations offer gut organisms analysis, Viome works with proprietary AI technology to provide personalized diet and health recommendations. Viome is also the only company with the capacity to analyze all the gut organisms as a whole. 

Choosing to live healthy has definitely been made easy by Viome and our Viome promo codes are here to make your Viome purchase easier. 

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