20% OFF Vital Sleep Coupon Codes 2024 (6 Active Codes)

Does snoring make it difficult for you to get enough restful sleep? Vital Sleep snoring solution is a personalized anti-snoring device that lets you breathe easier and improve your sleep. Use our vital sleep coupon codes to enjoy exciting discounts on your order.

Working Vital Sleep Coupon Codes

20% OFF
10% OFF
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How to Apply Vital Sleep Coupon Codes?

Applying vital sleep coupon codes to your order is simple and does not require much of your time. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick a code from the options available on this page.
  2. Click on the Show Code button next to it. Remember to allow pop-ups on your browser to view the complete promo code in a new window.
  3. The promo code copies to your device’s clipboard automatically.
  4. On Vital Sleep’s official website, prepare your cart and proceed to checkout.
  5. Paste the copied promo code in the textbox as shown in the image below.
  6. Click on Apply.
checkout page to apply vital sleep promo codes

T&Cs for Applying Vital Sleep Coupon Codes

  • The promo codes are valid for a limited time.
  • You can redeem the codes on the official website only. If the promo codes fail to apply, please contact the brand’s customer support team.
  • Our vital sleep coupon codes cannot be combined with deals or promotions already active on the brand’s website.
  • Only one promo code applies at the time of checkout.
  • You cannot convert the offer into cash.
  • Vital Sleep can withdraw the promo codes at any time.


1. How is Vital Sleep personalized?

Vital Sleep has plastic, medical-grade screws on both sides. These are adjustable to move the lower tray of the mouthpiece back or forward. An adjustable tool comes with every order. You can turn each screw clockwise to bring the lower jaw forward and increase the opening of your airway.

2. How do I clean the device?

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning. You can also use denture tablets. With the OAP Mouthpiece cleaner, you can kill 99% of germs and bacteria.

3. What are my payment options?

The eligible forms of payment on Vital Sleep include Mastercard, Health Savings Accounts, Discover, Visa, American Express, and Paypal. You can use the vital sleep coupon codes with any of these payment methods.

4. Is there a money-back guarantee policy?

Yes. You can use Vital Sleep for 60 nights, and if you don’t find it useful, you can request a 100% refund.

5. How can I get a free replacement?

Vital Sleep offers free replacements for 1 year from the date of order. Send an email for a free replacement. There are no replacements for lost items or items damaged by pets.

6. Does Vital Sleep ship outside the USA?

Yes. The brand ships to most international countries, and it takes approximately 7 to 20 days for order delivery.

7. Are there any shipping charges for orders from international countries?

No. Vital Sleep pays the shipping cost. However, customers must pay all customs fees, import taxes, and handling fees as per their government norms.

8. How can I contact Vital Sleep?

You can send an email to support@vitalsleep.com or call 1-866-753-3780.

About Vital Sleep

Vital Sleep provides personalized snoring solutions. With their affordable snoring remedies, they aim to enhance the quality of life and sleep. The snoring solution is doctor-recommended, FDA-cleared, and has helped hundreds of thousands of snorers enjoy superior sleep since the last 10 years.

Vital Sleep anti-snoring device is the only snoring mouthpiece designed with the patented Accu-Adjust System. The system advances the jaw to open the throat’s airway and allow air to flow quietly. When an individual can breathe freely, there are no unhealthy and annoying sounds of snoring. To use, you need to mold the device to your teeth using a boil-and-bite fitting process that creates customized teeth impressions for comfort and effectiveness.

Find out more details about Vital Sleep here.

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