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AerialTech: Cutting-Edge Drone Technology Solutions


AerialTech Overview

AerialTech caters to the drone enthusiast community, offering an extensive selection of top-quality drones and accessories. Whether for hobbyists, professional photographers, or those seeking cutting-edge drone technology, AerialTech provides a diverse range of high-performance drones designed for various purposes. Their commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance has made them a trusted name among drone enthusiasts.

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AerialTech Guides

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How To Choose Your First Camera Drone? – Soar into aerial photography with confidence; our guide helps you select the perfect first camera drone for breathtaking shots!

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Top Best Drones – Soar high and capture stunning views with our expertly curated list of the top best drones available today.

About AerialTech

AerialTech, a Canadian enterprise, is a one-stop solution for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. They are an authorized dealer of DJI, a leading brand in the drone industry, offering a wide array of drone models and related equipment tailored to various needs, from beginner level to industrial grade.

Their services extend beyond just supplying drones. They are recognized for their drone repair services, positioning themselves as Canada’s premier drone repair shop. Their expertise covers popular DJI models like the Phantom series, the Inspire line, and the entry-level Spark and Mavic drones.

But AerialTech’s offerings are not limited to drones. They also provide services that help organizations streamline their communication across different channels, ensuring seamless interaction between customers, employees, partners, shareholders, and communities. Moreover, they offer engineering and maintenance services for both newly constructed and existing telecom sites, catering to the wireless telecommunication industries.

Their online store is a treasure trove of drone-related products, featuring items like the Matrice 350 RTK Combo and the Mini 3 Pro by DJI. They also offer free shipping for orders above a certain value, making shopping with them even more attractive. Each product listing on their website is detailed, providing information about pricing and delivery times.

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