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Best Amazon Product Research Tools – Make More Money On Amazon

Many times it happens when you search for a keyword and could not find the product. That is the reason we present you with the ultimate resource guide for your keyword research. You need a strong knowledge of amazon product research tools to make more money.

Are you looking for a profitable business on Amazon?
Do you want to know how to make more money on Amazon?
Do you want to know what keywords to use while selling on Amazon?

So, we’ve gathered the best information on how you can get whatever you want from Amazon using the best Amazon product research tools with amazon product tracker that tracks and gets all the details for your desired product before you venture into selling them.

Without further ado, let me explain everything that you need to know for easy and more profitable sales and search on Amazon using amazon research tools. You

Why Amazon Product Research is Important?

The most important part of niche marketing is being able to choose the right keyword for your product.

The Amazon keyword research tool helps you to choose the exact keyword needed. Amazon product keyword research is important because it provides you with information that helps in making sales with fewer competitors on board. The keyword research combines common results from other tools like Amazon product finder, Amazon product tracker, and analytics tool, etc. that has more searches for that particular product. You could imagine with all the selections on Amazon, the days of filtering your search by category is history.

Some customers might be more specific in their searches. They have a clear idea of what they want, while others keep it very broad. They are looking for ideas before narrowing down their searches. 

The majority of the customers on Amazon now, majorly shop using the search box. They just type in the keyword that describes the product and select the options that appear in the first few pages of the search results.

Best Amazon Product Research Tools

One significant fact about making profitable sales is the ability to understand what the customer is looking out for, precisely. Seriously, imagine coming to the market with a product that nobody wants or needs. Trust me; you would be neglected like the sound of ‘p’ in Pneumonia.

Amazon keyword research offers a higher chance of popular keywords to rank, increasing traffic and sales opportunities. So, if you really need to make more sales while running your store on Amazon, you must learn how to properly use these tools.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout uses a wide range of data and analytics to identify the most profitable products in every niche on Amazon. Plus, it uses a set of metrics to determine the demand for those particular products while at the same time evaluating the competition. Jungle Scout is a popular web-based platform that helps its users find a more profitable product with fewer competitors to sell on Amazon.

Understand that the Jungle Scout is structured clearly and concisely so that the selection of products to sell on Amazon is made easier and faster. The Jungle Scout platform has a wide variety of tutorials and articles to acquaint you with all the skills and knowledge needed to make it on Amazon as a seller.

Jungle Scout also offers a wide range of discounts to its users. Check out our exclusive jungle scout discount code and get a 40% discount on your subscription.

jungle scout


AMZScout is a unique tool that is programmed to help Amazon sellers get the best of every intended sale. It offers its users with unique and outstanding features such as; 

  • Helping you to find winning and profitable products on Amazon that will easily generate huge profits for your business.
  • Validating your product ideas.
  • AMZScout helps in analyzing the level of demand and competition in the market to ensure you select the most profitable products.
  • Get extensive Data on every Amazon product.
  • AMZScout gets reports on sales per month, reviews, cost, and more to determine what’s selling and what’s not.

AMZScout is an incredible tool to lead your way through profitable business. For more information, check out our detailed AMZScout review. We also have an amazing deal especially for you which gives a 55% discount when you subscribe to the tool. Check out our exclusive amzscout discount code and get your discount.


Viral Launch

Viral Launch is an online platform that offers a variety of software solutions to Amazon sellers, helping them increase their sales.

The Viral launch offers a lot of advanced tools like:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Intelligence
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Manager
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Split Testing

All these software Solutions provided by viral launch are important sets of data that serve on an intuitive platform featuring excellent UI. Viral Launch has its designs blended to give its users an edge over other competitors. This tool is unique, and so is the quality of the service it delivers to those who make use of it. Use our viral launch coupon code to get your 15% discount.

viral launch

Helium 10

Helium 10 is one of the leading all-in-one software suites for Amazon sellers. Three years before Helium 10’s first product was Scribbles; their amazon listing optimization tool so that you can easily improve your listing on the Amazon marketplace.

Scribble helps sellers add the best keyword for their products on Amazon Seller Central to optimize the listing. Xray is a Chrome extension that helps sellers do their amazon product keyword research and an overview of the marketplace.

After 4 years of their business, they started developing their business, and today they have more than 20 tools to help Amazon sellers on their platform. Helium 10 has more than 20 integrated tools. All the tools have the main motive to help sellers’ increase their profit. Helium 10 tools include Amazon Product Research, Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Email Automation, Financial Analytics, Competitor Analysis, and much more.

  • It has over 250,000 users worldwide
  • It has more than 204, 500 chrome extension downloads
  • The tool has processed more than $1.4 Billion in monthly sales
  • Sellers have been able to track more than 450 million products

Helium 10 offers a 30-day trial for Scribble & 50 free trial requests with Xray. Check out our helium 10 coupon code and get 50% OFF on your first month’s subscription.

helium 10

AMZ Tracker

Sales velocity is one of the most important factors for your Amazon rankings. Doing promotions is the most direct way of getting you the sales velocity you need. With over two hundred million registered shoppers, Amazon is not only one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world but also the gateway to getting you the consistent sales to dominate your marketplace.

Amz Tracker knows where your products are ranking for their keywords with one glance. Track your competitor’s products so you can see when they make a change that works. Amz tracker will help you in finding exactly where the changes were made. This will make it easier for you to be a step further compared to other sellers. Enter your potential competitors listing in the on-page analyzer to see if they’re optimized, then spy on their exact daily sales in the Sales Tracker.

amz tracker

Tactical Arbitrage

Tactical Arbitrage provides you with history for Buy Box price, and sales rank in a graphical format alongside products that sell to help you to buy confidently and stay ahead of the curve. It gives you the ability to run multiple scans at one time in the search manager and saved data folders. You can update at the press of a button, advance image matching and useful data points such as average rank and price, and estimated sales to name just a few.

Tactical Arbitrage helps with the sourcing of products from retail suppliers with fast and accurate results and then selling on the Amazon FBA platform for profit. The product provides over 1000 easily searchable retail sites to scan their many thousands of categories, with the means also to add unique sites of your own. 

Advanced algorithms quickly calculate Amazon shipping fees, source discounts, cash backs, and shipping costs to ensure your Profit and ROI are as accurate as possible and with profitable margins. Some of these include estimated sales metrics, competitor stock levels, dozens of filters, average periods of rank and price, product variation analysis, image recognition, saved product folders you can re-scan or download, and much more.

tactical arbitrage

Merchant Words

First, as I said earlier, for a high traffic product, you need to find out what your consumers demand. And those demands that have more volume than others. Merchant Words is a useful tool that helps to expand your keyword and determine search volumes on Amazon. It’s also handy for Amazon product research and one of the best Amazon seller tools. Thanks to their keyword research and data tools, their users can have a better understanding of the competitive landscape, reveal new product opportunities, increase conversation, increase their traffic, and create effective marketing campaigns. 

Merchant Words have their designs done so that their users can always stay ahead of their competitors and grow their sales by ever knowing what demand from customers has more volume. They collect their data directly from the Amazon search bar, and they add it to their database. Their clients can subscribe and unsubscribe from their service at any time just as they feel like. Also, there is 24 hr customer care support to assist their clients.

merchant words

Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector is a tool created to help you the Amazon sellers gain an advantage over other competitors. With the help of these tools, you can rely on multiple tools at once to help you find, sell, optimize more products very fast on Amazon without taking much time. With the keyword inspector, you find over 150 top Amazon products. The keyword inspector lets you search Amazon Products by using numbers, which you can’t do on Amazon.

You could filter product searches by keywords, Reviews, and sales per day: prices, category and more. Once searched, you get to see the history of each product and an overall of all the products you have previously done.

This is achieved by giving you as much information as collected from the amazon database so that you don’t have to go to other sources to find other data points about a niche. Keyword inspector is the only service that can tell you within seconds all of the keywords a product ranks for. In some cases, getting more than 100+ Amazon search terms, so you have to run up to three reports when trying to optimize your listing.

keyword inspector is a team of passionate individuals focused on creating innovative solutions for a fast-growing landscape of e-commerce businesses. Get in touch with if you are a creative thinker and a problem solver. They’ll love to meet you. 

They strive to create the absolute best product possible. They are moved with passion and helping customers grow their online businesses and achieve all their goals.


ASINspector helps you raise your sales by uncovering precisely what product to sell and what not to sell. It saves you much time you should have wasted in searching for products and much more like;

  • Getting instant sales trend data like price history and sales rank over time
  • Knowing exactly where to source for competing products,
  • Uncover highly profitable products customers love that you wouldn’t have taught about
  • Discover unique product ideas on amazon, for arbitration or private label testing
  • Research and source the right products quickly and easily before wasting your time and money on products that don’t sell
  • Gain an unfair advantage over the competition

Check out our SixLeaf coupon codes and get 150$ off on your subscription.

asinspector pro


AMZDataStudio is a unique product that provides Amazon product research tools, keyword research tools, and rank tracking tools for Amazon sellers.

The product helps you to find profitable ideas with high demand and low competition, valuable keywords and monitor sales progress. It extracts the exact backend search terms used in listing on Amazon and international Amazon marketplaces. This allows all users to discover the keywords used by their competitors and use them in their listings.

The site provides a dashboard with instructions, where all the purchased tools within the suite can be accessed. The user can integrate the Chrome Extension to pull real-time ranking and competition data from Amazon. AMZDataStudio accesses Amazon’s internal API to extract the real sales data for products directly and to find real backend search terms, top-ranked and sales-generating keywords, ads with the lowest ACOS. 

The site provides an array of tools to the user based on monthly updated, accurate keyword data from Amazon, search volume and sales velocity data, exact daily organic sales data.

It generates internal Reports, PPC Reports, monthly searches, click and sales trends for keywords, and sponsored ads reports. Tracking tools, track product keywords, ranking progress, ads ranking changes, and monitor negative reviews. Check out our amzdatastudio promo codes and get exclusive discounts!


Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free tool for Amazon sellers. It supercharges amazon product research, creating a perfect way for you to pinpoint the right product with high profitability. These products will fast track you towards the top of your niche. Unicorn smasher provides real-time, reliable data to give you an inside look at the prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and more for any product on Amazon. 

Sales and revenue estimates based on real data from tens of thousands of live Amazon products. It has a discreet sharing tool that puts your data in a super easy shareable format that doesn’t give away your product, making it easy to get feedback from other sellers.

With a unicorn smasher in a few seconds, you get the metrics you want to see right inside your browser. Instead of wasting hours creating unmanageable spreadsheets that just lead to a dead-end, move quickly and confidently to the next steps in your business. Unicorn Smasher has proven to be one of the best tools for amazon product research.

unicorn smasher

Merch Informer

Merch Informer software helps you find untapped, profitable niches. It keeps you stay ahead of your competitor. Ultimately, it speeds up and simplify the research process. It allows you to research, organize, favorite, and find new keywords, all without ever having to go directly to

Using Amazon product research to analyze the current market trend and make excellent choices that would generate high sales. The idea is to search for products that are cheap and yet have competitive prices with a right margin in return. The primary and most crucial step to consider when becoming an Amazon seller is to find a kick-ass product.

Market evaluation is a must if you want to make lots of money as an amazon seller. So it is essential to do proper Amazon product research before going into it full time.  

  • Tracking products of high performance
  • Getting keywords of products that ranks well on amazon
  • Understanding the statistics of products you intend to sell
  • Seeing products with the highest amount of searches
  • Getting access to like minds 
  • Knowing products that are needed yet with fewer sellers on amazon
  • Get all calculations done in just a click, etc.
merch informer


Sellics is an essential tool every seller like you needs. This tool almost guarantees your success as an amazon seller with its 3 in one package.

The tool offers you as a seller an advanced Amazon SEO. It helps you to research your keywords properly, and  also improve your ranking on Amazon. Hence, making your product and store pop up on the first page after a search has been made by a potential buyer. It also helps in maximizing your sales by improving your ACoS.

This tool shouldn’t be considered a minor, as it should be a priority when considering to buy a tool among the list mentioned here.


Tips For New Sellers on Amazon

First, make a list for the products that are best-selling on amazon, which you intend to sell. After that, do an in-depth analysis of similar items that are making enough sales. (This helps you not to trade on products that people are not even searching for). After making the list of potentially profitable products, next is to look at their statistics, like sales, review, keyword search volume, and similar products in simple words.

Note that; you need to go for products that will have a great opportunity, good demand, and still stay competitive. Amazon has evolved to a point where just putting up a nice logo, and designing custom packaging doesn’t work anymore. 


Having the zeal to jump right into the market as a seller in Amazon, isn’t quite enough. It isn’t the guarantee that profitable sales will be made at the end of the day. Just like every other business, you must learn the craft behind it. And also have the essential tools before you can comfortably go entirely into business with assurance. 

As a seller, before thinking about profit, your primary concern should be getting these mentioned tools and learning them. Once you are familiar with these tools, you will have little or nothing to worry about in making sales.

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