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All you need as a seller when selling on Amazon is the niche strategy to bring more profit to the business. Numerous tools offer you a comprehensive idea regarding Amazon product reviews and one such great set of research tools is AMZScout. Want to know more about AMZScout? Then this AMZScout review is for you! It covers all the essential elements that help you make a clear decision about opting for the AMZScout or not! So let’s get started.

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AMZScout Overview

AMZScout is the premium all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers seeking to change their eCommerce game. With AMZScout, users gain access to a set of features designed to maximize profits and streamline operations. From in-depth market research and competitor analysis to keyword tracking and product sourcing, AMZScout empowers sellers to make informed decisions backed by real-time data. Stay ahead of the competition and unlock the full potential of your Amazon business with AMZScout’s powerful insights and strategic guidance. Improve your selling experience, expand your reach, and achieve success in your Amazon business.

What is AMZScout?

The AMZScout Web App is a comprehensive product search tool that allows you to do complete product research. It aids you with numerous features that allow you to narrow down the product search and get down to the specific data you are looking for. It furnishes you with a wide range of features like analyzing the data about the sale of the product, recent trends, demand, etc. that make your product research experience much easier. Chrome extension is widely used but if you are interested in how AZScout web App works, we have a detailed guide on it. Read how to use AMZScout Web App to learn and get the most out of the tool.

AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension is a product research tool that gives you a detailed review of information about the wealth of data on any product sold on Amazon. As soon as you install the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension, go to and search the products and keywords. Once the results appear, open the Extension tool and discover a huge array of information about the specific product and the entire product range.

Both AMZScout Web App and AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension are the alternative to Jungle Scout which has been used as a powerful tool to discover the extensive details of the product available on Amazon.

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Before getting into the review of AMZScout, If you’re already an Amazon seller and planning to expand your business to other platforms such as eBay, Walmart, etc., you need an online marketplace management tool. An online marketplace management tool is a one-stop solution to collaborate with all eCommerce websites you’re selling on. Check more details about AMZScout here.

Let’s get straight into the review now!

AMZScout Tools for Sellers

The AMZScout brings you an extensive set of features that help you enhance the productivity of your business. We reviewed all the tools that AMZScout hosts and offers to Amazon sellers.

Get the advantage of choosing about 44 advanced filters that enhance your search results. Find the products based on the categorization of sales, reviews, necessities, size, and various other parameters. Amazon Keyword Search helps you sort out the products that can bring more value to your business and curtail the ones that won’t work out for you.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

AMZScout makes your keyword search process much easier. All you need to do is feed in the ASIN number of the product in the Web App and soon it will generate the relevant keywords that you have been looking for. You can also modify your keyword search in Reverse ASIN Lookup by tracking the search volume and opting for the keywords that bring in more traffic.

Historical Tracking

The track of product sales gives essential information about product trends and helps you discover the techniques that can be beneficial for your business. A historical review of data offered by AMZScout makes this job much easier. It helps you determine the product sales and price and helps you decide whether it’s worth selling or not!

Product Database

Product database including ranks, sales, profits, reviews, etc. helps to modify the business strategy for the better. AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension gives you access to a broad spectrum of product data in the search results and uses it for better profit.

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PRO Extension for Chrome

To gain more profits it’s important to know whether the products are worth pursuing or not. AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension offers stratified scores on a scale of 1 to 10 about the products in specific and in general to rectify whether they will bring more profit to the business or not. These scores compare the demand, supply, competition, etc. to aid you further in making a receptive decision. Read our detailed guide on how to use AMZScout Chrome extension like a pro to get more details.

Quick View Chrome Extension

Historical trends in the quick view allow you to see the fluctuations in the ranks, sales, costs, etc. in the past. These trends act as a ground to determine the further outcomes of the product value, price, demand, sales, and ranks. Historical reviews help you determine what works best for you and opt for the most profitable deal.

FBA Fees Calculator Chrome Extension

This is one of the best features that came out in our AMZScout review. The tool will allow you to know your expenses prior to the sale and help you choose products with low fees and increase profits. FBA fees calculator will estimate the revenue and allow you to make informed decisions regarding the sale of the product. It is the best way to estimate profits and expenses since it will provide you with Monthly Fees, Fulfillment Fees, Referral Fees, Total FBA Fees, Profit Per Unit, Net Margin, ROI, and Estimated Monthly Profit.

Amazon Keyword Tracker Chrome Extension

See the performance of your keywords with the Amazon keyword tracker. This tool allows you to see the listing of your keyword on the search results. Optimize your search results by entering the product ASIN and tracking span. This will give you the control to optimize the ranking and sales of your products.

amzscout keyword tracker

Amazon Dropshipping & Arbitrage

Identify the most profitable set of products by simplifying your search results with Amazon Arbitrage. This permits you to access crucial product data in minutes with just a single click. Use this data to bring more profit to your business and raise your sales.

Stock Stats Chrome Extension

Are you looking for a way to be a step ahead of the competition? Then spy on competitors’ product sales and numbers with stock stats and plan your sales strategy accordingly. Bring more prosperity to your business with a pin-point modified strategy and lead ahead in the competition.

Sales Estimator

Keep an eye on the number of sales in the particular niche and use it to your advantage with AMZScout sales estimator. Study the rank of the product based on the sales and modify your sales strategy. Raise your sales rank and lead. We have created a detailed guide on how AMZScout estimates sales and how to use the NEW AMZScout Sales Estimator to give you more information.

Amazon Super URL tool

Boost up your Amazon search rankings to increase your product sales. Make use of the Amazon super URL tool to create a smart link that will help you increase your search rankings.

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout stands tall in the list of best Amazon product research tools. Both the suites of AMZScout are available at a great deal in addition to the trial period. Let’s have a look at all the price and product ranges of both AMZScout Amazon Seller’s Bundle and AMZScout Pro Extension in this review.

Amazon Seller’s Bundle

It is a complete suite for both beginners as well as experienced users. It comes with a wide range of features which include PRO Extension to see through recent trends, AMZScout Seller’s course to start the beneficial business and study the intricacies in just three months, along with trend reports, exclusive products, database, and product tracker, keyword tracker and many more.

Further, you will get Amazon keyword research, reverse ASIN lookup options, instant sales data, etc. that can help you elevate your business productivity.

amzscout seller bundle pricing

There are three types of subscriptions that you can opt for. The initial one is where you need to play monthly. It will cost you $49.99. The other one is to opt for a yearly subscription. It will cost you $349.99 per year. When looking closely, a yearly subscription to Amazon Seller’s Bundle can reduce your monthly costs to $29. The third one is the lifetime subscription option. It costs $1,499 and can be a huge money saver option.

PRO Extension

The PRO extension suite is ideal for beginners who wish to learn and adapt to the comprehensive details of AMZScout. It includes the PRO extension benefits that help you track down the fluctuating trends, understand competitive levels, improve listing quality, etc. Besides, it includes AMZScout Seller’s course as well that includes full actionable knowledge regarding the selling of profitable products.

It comes in three different payment options. The first one is the monthly plan, which gives you all the stated benefits at $45.99 per month. The other one is the yearly subscription option which is billed annually at the price of $197.99.

amzscout pro extension pricing

It can reduce your monthly charges to $16.49. The last one is the annual subscription which is available at $499 for a lifetime. You can choose the suite and respective payment options suited to your needs and save yourself huge bucks.


How do I cancel my AMZScout subscription?

If you need to cancel the subscription, you need to contact the support team of AMZScout via email. Contact and provide the last four digits of your card number and the e-mail address that is linked with the license.

What is the maximum number of users of AMZScout?

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