Best Crocoblock Plugins (The Best Addons for Elementor Builder)

Are you fed up with writing heavy codes to create simple web pages? We have brought the best Crocoblock plugins for the developers’ community, which they can use to build attractive and conversion-friendly websites.

Writing code is undoubtedly a time-consuming process, and sometimes it’s not even worth it. At the same place, Low-code or No-code, a new approach, helps build unique business applications quickly. With a low-code development platform, you don’t have to code an application line-by-line. Instead, you can use pre-built drag-and-drop components and microservices to build applications easily. Check out our latest crocoblock discount codes for 25% OFF on your cart value. Check more details about Crocoblock here.

Crocoblock brings popular website builder plugins for developers, especially those who work on the Elementor website builder tool. Let’s go through some of the best Crocoblock plugins.

What is Crocoblock?

Even if you are an experienced coder, look for something that can minimize the hard work. But, often developers fail to precisely craft the desired or needed design without using long HTML or CSS, or PHP queries.

And, Crocoblock with its best-in-the-market plugins comes as a rescue here.

  • It is an innovative plugin suite
  • It has many beautifully designed templates
  • Crocoblock provides pre-designed sections
  • It has a WooCommerce builder
  • It has a header/footer builder

Being both beginner-friendly and great for developers, Crocoblock plugins offer tremendous value to their users.

Best Crocoblock Plugins

There are 18 plugins available to use with different features and pricing. But, at the same time, there is one all-inclusive set you can buy at $130 per year, which gives you access to all plugins, 47 design templates, 12 dynamic templates, and much more.


JetElements is one of the best Crocoblock plugins for Elementor, offering 40+ optional widgets including Advanced Carousel, Scroll Navigation, Timeline, Post Layout, Portfolio, and plenty more. Moreover, the add-on eases the method to apply the Parallax effect for the sections.

If you do not need so many widgets, you can easily deactivate some of them from JetElements Settings.

Key Highlights

  • The plugin lets you craft high-end designs faster and easier
  • It let you add any content you wish
  • Many of the widgets support dynamic fields from JetEngine
  • 30 days money-back guarantee option

JetElements Pricing

You can buy JetElement at the cost of $24 per year but only for a single site.


Another Best Crocoblock plugin, JetTricks, helps receive more visual effects, including parallax, satellite, or animated section particles. The animated elements it offers fit both refined and minimalist design.

Interestingly, there are a number of significant effects that can be browsed in Advanced settings for the sections, columns, and widgets. With this plugin, you just need to paste the JSON code of the animation, and the effect will be automatically applied to the selected block.

Key Highlights

  • The plugin offers to choose from a variety of effects to use
  • It lets you add visual effects to highlight the most essential information
  • It’s easy to customize from JetEngine
  • 30 days money-back guarantee option

JetTricks Pricing

You can buy JetTricks at the cost of $19 per year but only for a single site.

JetEngine Plugin

The best part about the JetEngine Crocoblock plugin is that you can create custom post types, relations, and taxonomies without CSS or PHP. In simple words, this plugin enables developers to build websites, add portfolios, services, or projects with little to no coding skills.

There is a plain grid, among the best-performing grid layouts, with a bunch of map listing, styles, and custom calendar listing.

Key Highlights

  • It lets you craft a complicated website fast and at less cost
  • It comprises many dynamic widgets to make your content interactive and engaging
  • The plugin is entirely compatible with ElementorPRO, JetWooBuilder, ACF, JetSmartFilters, and WooCommerce

JetEngine Plugin Pricing

You can buy JetEngine at the cost of $26 per year but only for a single site.


A variety of filter types can indeed make any website search and user-friendly. JetSmartFilters is here to help you implement any desired filter type from basic Search and Sort by Hierarchical and Indexer filters.

I like this plugin because it does not require much effort to edit or create filters. Moreover, to achieve the design that meets your website concept, you can customize them in “top to bottom” approach. JetSmartFilters works with any WordPress theme or custom post types.

Key Highlights

  • There are 15 Elementor filtering widgets.
  • It let you customize all the possible settings and filter bar designs for any site
  • You can make complex filtering structures in less time and at less cost
  • Builds and styles filtering structures in both Gutenberg and Elementor
  • It needs minimum effort into editing and creating a product filter

JetSmartFilters Pricing

You can buy JetSmartFilters at $24 per year but only for a single site.


JetBooking is a must-have plugin if you have an online business for renting hotel rooms, equipment, apartments, cars, etc. The plugin implies the Check-in/Check-out dates functionality. And to verify if these days are vacant or not, it is rapidly pulls the dynamic data.

The best part is that the JetBooking Crocoblock plugin can be synced with Google Calendar and can be integrated with WooCommerce.

Key Highlights

  • The setup for the plugin is simple and easy
  • It filters your items by property characteristics, availability, and more
  • Craft comprehensive booking forms
  • You can combine the plugin with JetThemeCore, JetEngine, or Elementor Pro just to craft listings and product pages

JetBooking Pricing

You can buy JetBooking at $19 per year but only for a single site.


Little like JetBooking, JetAppointment is an appointment booking plugin that’s both easy to set up and use. It is a must-use plugin if you’re a business owner offering hourly services. You’ll be able to create several booking forms in a very few steps that are good to go “as is.”

The booking forms can also be easily integrated into any existing webpage, be it a static page, service-dedicated page, or provider’s single.

From submitting a request to order editing and sending notifications, this smart Elementor plugin covers the entire booking routine.

Key Highlights

  • It has 12 custom field types
  • The plugin offers several custom templates
  • You can use page breakers to separate the Form blocks on the Appointments page

JetAppointment Pricing

You can buy JetAppointment at $19 per year but only for a single site.


Those creating striking WooCommerce product layouts or building an online store with elegant single product pages must check JetWooBuilder.

Before using this add-on, you need to create a few WooCommerce products. Also, apply a new template for the product by using the menu command – WooCommerce JetWoo Templates block.

The best thing about JetWooBuilder is that it allows adding of dynamic content to the page built with Elementor. You can utilize 15 widgets to showcase product images, ratings, meta, descriptions, related products, and more.

Besides, you will get a products list, categories grid, products grid, and taxonomy tiles widgets enabling you to show off products and product taxonomy layouts.

Key Highlights

  • It has Page-specific widgets
  • You can edit WooCommerce pages with this plugin
  • It comprises 60+ Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

JetWooBuilder Pricing

You can buy JetWooBuilder at $24 per year but only for a single site.


JetProductGallery allows you to craft a fantastic product gallery for WooCommerce products.

This Best Crocoblock plugin, with its 4 powerful gallery widgets, offers the ultimate toolkit for creating single product galleries. Those widgets are gallery grid, gallery anchor navigation, gallery slider, and gallery modern. Each one is fresh and gets you one step closer to your goal of crafting powerful and vivid content for your WooCommerce products.

Key Highlights

  • The plugin fits for displaying product galleries with multiple style settings
  • It supports product video overviews
  • It is the best one for creating product image sliders quickly

JetProductGallery Pricing

You can buy JetProductGallery at $15 per year but only for a single site.


The JetCompare&Wishlist plugin enables customers to compare the items by any criteria. It becomes easier to decide which one is right to buy after spotting the tiniest nuances about similar products. You can also use this plugin to develop a cool wishlist for your WooCommerce store.

Key Highlights

  • It styles up the structure and looks of the wishlist of products
  • The plugin lets you add compare and wishlist buttons
  • The plugin displays the compare and wishlist count

JetCompare&Wishlist Pricing

You can buy JetCompare&Wishlist at $15 per year but only for a single site.


When it comes to successful marketing, popups allow you to capture contacts and share useful content with your audience. It lets you promote and sell the products, collect cookies, give promo codes, and more.

JetPopup by Crocoblock helps with its unique pre-made templates. Plus, if you want, you can also design a popup from scratch. From background to fonts and animation effects, everything is highly customizable.

Key Highlights

  • It is easy to create the required layout and add content to it
  • The plugin allows you to set timers and dates when the popup blocks appear on the page
  • It let you apply one of the existing animation effects to the popup windows
  • You can choose from a variety of popup presets

JetPopup Pricing

You can buy JetPopup at $22 per year but only for a single site.


Create reviews and add ratings in Elementor-built pages with JetReviews add-on. Even though it is pretty simple, but provides style parameters and a strong layout.

This Best Crocoblock plugin is excellent for you if you have an Elementor powered review blog.

Key Highlights

  • The plugin helps to create a 100% responsive layout
  • You can style up every review item – from icons and rating scales to colors, item gaps, label texts, typography, padding, and plenty more
  • It doesn’t weigh down your site

JetReviews Pricing

You can buy JetReviews at $22 per year but only for a single site.


If your website has many pages showcasing solutions, offerings, and products, you need a mega menu to list all of them in one place. To create Mega Menu, JetMenu is the right add-on you can choose. With this plugin, you can add JetMenu style adjustments to the default menu of your template. You can also apply a menu to the page built with Elementor and add menu items.

It allows you to use a few presets and apply them to various menus based on their location.

Key Highlights

  • You can get access to flexible backgrounds
  • It has lots of typography settings
  • The plugin provides changeable submenu styles
  • It is much more versatile
  • The plugin has 120+ essential styling options

JetMenu Pricing

You can buy JetMenu at $24 per year but only for a single site.


With JetBlocks, you can design custom footers and headers. You can drag and drop login forms, WooCommerce carts, hamburger panels, search and registration forms, etc., to your footers and headers.

One of the great features of the plugin is, it enables making sticky blocks, so you’ll be able to create a sticky header for any theme whenever you want.

Key Highlights

  • Available sets of highly functional widgets are apt for enriching both headers & footers with content
  • The plugin contains navigation elements for better usability
  • It let you add the effect of a sticky section for elements

JetBlocks Pricing

You can buy JetBlocks at $19 per year but only for a single site.


JetBlog is another Best Crocoblock plugin that helps you insert dynamic content into the pages with smart tiles and smart lists widgets.

It means that when new posts are published, their content will be changing automatically. The plugin also offers an easy way to create query posts and includes custom fields.

Key Highlights

  • It supports custom WP Query
  • The plugin works with custom post types
  • It is excellent for posts archive template

JetBlog Pricing

You can buy JetBlog at $19 per year but only for a single site.


JetSearch is one of the essential plugins offering Advanced AJAX search functionality for Elementor. It works well, is easy to set up, and is the best way to upgrade your website. I was totally pleased with the results and flexibility of the plugin.

Key Highlights

  • It offers excellent versatility
  • The search results load way quicker with the AJAX-based JetSearch widget
  • It narrows down the search results quickly
  • The plugin arranges the results by relevance
  • It manages the way the results are displayed

JetSearch Pricing

You can buy JetSearch at $19 per year but only for a single site.


The plugin JetTabs enables adding Elementor-built templates into tabs and accordions. The integrated switcher widget allows you to switch from section to section easily.

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to pick the best way to display content within Elementor-built pages
  • Offers ability to add any template into tabs
  • The plugin lets you add dynamic content to tab labels, changing them from page to page

JetTabs Pricing

You can buy JetTabs at $15 per year but only for a single site.


This is again one of the best Crocoblock plugins that offers a comfortable way to develop and adjust header and footer templates and create the archive and single post pages.

Once you create a new template using JetThemeCore, you may edit it with the help of Elementor and a range of sections assigning them to several pages and positions.

Key Highlights

  • You can add the pre-made content blocks in the layouts and styles you wish
  • It has a vast templates library for any area of your website
  • The plugin provides the ability to create new theme parts
  • The headers & footers are fully editable

JetThemeCore Pricing

JetThemeCore is 100% freemium. You can get this with any Crocoblock set.


JetStyleManager is one fantastic plugin that helps you adjust and control widgets’ style settings in Elementor, craft and apply widgets’ skins, and offers a good user experience.

Key Highlights

  • It offers complete control over page styles
  • The plugin helps you reduce the time for styling your page layout
  • Easy to manage
  • Enhance the performance of your site

JetStyleManager Pricing

You can get the JetStyleManager plugin with any Crocoblock set.


What are the Jet Plugins?

Jet Plugins are sold on various marketplaces differently. Yet, Crocoblock provides all the JetPlugins in one package. As of now, there are 18 Best Crocoblock plugins (as mentioned above).

How do you use JetMenu?

Once you install and activate the JetMenu plugin on the website, you can pick the location on your menu (main, social, footer). After that, enable JetMenu for the current location option in the JetMenu settings block, and hit the save button.

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