Best Email Marketing Tools to Run Successful Outbound Campaigns

How many times do you check your email in a day? More than 92% of adults use email. Be it sharing personal stuff, completing an important transaction, or professional work, email is a useful tool for communication. The intricate relationships of every person with emails help to create modern digital marketing methods like email marketing. Unlike other traditional marketing methods, email marketing tools empower some of the best outbound campaigns for keeping your customers engaged. As a result, there are various email marketing tools that have come to the rescue of outbound marketers, sales campaign managers, and digital marketers. Let’s talk about some of the best email marketing tools that can help you run successful outbound campaigns?

What Are Email Marketing Tools?

Being a digital marketer is not easy when you have to attract a wide range of potential customers market. Therefore, it requires the best optimization of digital marketing strategies to ensure quality leads. With more than 99% of the email users checking their mail daily, the marketing department can bet on email marketing.

Many businesses are trying strategies to present their products or services to different customers. Your customers are using email, and it is not wise to ignore email marketing for outreach Subsequently, email marketing is considered one of the best digital marketing strategies for startups, small, medium, and even large enterprises. More than 61% of customers prefer to get contacted by email only.

To help small businesses, there are various email marketing tools that add to the outbound marketing strategies. Features like automated emails, beautiful templates, no coding feasibility, customized content are what make these email marketing tools stand out from the rest. Further welcoming emails have a high response rate of as high as 81%.

Why Do You Need Email Marketing?

In addition, there are multiple reasons to select an effective email marketing tool for your business. Some of the best reasons include:

Easy to Start

There are no requirements for specialized teams or heavy content to start email marketing. In other words, email marketing tools do the hard work so that businesses can keep it easy to start at all times.

Excellent Return on Investments

Email marketing tools offer an exemplary return on investments. Calculations prove that for 1 US dollar spent on email marketing, companies earn 35 USD. Thus, any company looking to improve business profits can’t ignore the power of email marketing in generating revenues.

Reaches Global Audience

Email marketing tools offer specified features like the bifurcation of the customers. The email list segmentation further improves serving international customers with the best offers and services.

Measurable & Quick Results

All leading email marketing tools offer a strict vigil on data tracking, conversion rates, click-through modes, etc. Thus, it is easy to quickly measure the results of email marketing services and improve weak links.

Great Contributor for Business Revenue

Email marketing uses the best out of impulse buying that helps customers complete buying in minimal clicks. Through emails, e-commerce stores can share the latest deals, coupons, and offers to attract customers.

Targeted Marketing

Targeted marketing is highly expensive for any business. With email marketing tools, it is easy for companies to deliver the right emails to the targeted customers.

The businesses can eliminate the old “spray and pray” strategy to send the same mails to different customers. The specialized features like email list segmentation further improve the quality of digital marketing services.

Connects Engaged Audience

Email marketing helps connect with existing customers, that have worked with you or at least subscribed to your content. Many customers want to be contacted through emails only as it is professional and hence increases the conversion rates.

Nobody likes one-for-all emails that are not engaging at all. Thus, companies can send personalized emails to all repeat customers. In this way, email marketing tools help businesses to connect loyal customers.

Low Operational Costs

Email marketing is highly affordable as compared to any other mainstream marketing strategy. Businesses can save on printing costs, transporting charges, etc., which is a must in traditional marketing.

Even choosing the best email marketing software keeps operational costs low and helps automate, evaluate, and track all emails seamlessly.

Some Common Features of Email Marketing Tools

It may be overwhelming to select an excellent email marketing tool that suits your business requirements. Thus, the best features to look at in any email marketing tool include:

  • Automated Messages: Automated email messages are necessary for different businesses to send emails in response to any specific action of the customers. The best email marketing tools offer automated email messages to save outgoing customers.
  • Advanced Email List Management: All leading email marketing tools offer to add or delete the email ids to ensure proper management. You can select a service provider that automatically removes soft bounces and invalid emails. The opt-outs and subscription charges can be automated to keep email lists healthy and manageable.
  • Responsive Layout: Email marketing tools must offer highly responsive layouts that fit every device Many email marketing tools are allowing HTML and CSS to create customized email templates. Thus, it is crucial to select a service provider that offers a template and design latitude.
  • Must Complement Integrations: The easy-to-use platform or API extensions help multiple other tools to integrate seamlessly. Loyalty programs, social apps, and mobile apps can be integrated to get the best out of email marketing capabilities.
  • Dedicated IP Address: Dedicated IP addresses improve the delivery of emails. Thus, any email marketing tool must offer a specific Internet Protocol address to eliminate the deliverability issues that occur due to increased web traffic.
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant: It is crucial for any email marketing tool to work according to the commercial email sending rules of the region. For example, The Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 defines the US standards for sending commercial emails.

Top Best Email Marketing Tools


It is one of the most famous email marketing tools based out of Europe. SendInBlue offers complete SMS and email marketing software/services. It is easy to send emails to segmented customers, develop workflows for automatic follow-ups, and send transactional emails.

The best part is that you can connect SendInBlue with WPForms directly to transfer your hot leads into your contact base.

This software offers different options to choose from free email marketing plans and paid options of Lite ($25/month), Premium ($65/month), and customized Enterprise plans. There are options to select the SMTP bulk email marketing services.


ConvertKit is a fully-featured fastest growing email marketing tool provider. It has distinguished features like landing pages, sign-up forms, and automated features. It is a robust email marketing tool that offers a free landing page and is relatively easy to use for beginners.

Companies can go for the subscriber’s list, sequences for multi-part emails, and broadcasts. You can keep a vigil on the different data tracking tools of ConvertKit. It is perfect for creators, bloggers, and YouTubers. It offers a free trial and two paid plans, i.e., creator plan starting at $29 and creator pro plan starting at $59 per month.

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GroupMail allows sending personalized emails, messages, newsletters, announcements to a large section of clients. You can use the free version or can start using the advanced version with one-time payment only.

The best features of GroupMail include auto-responders, CAN-SPAM compliance, drip campaigns, landing pages, web forms, etc. It also offers mobile-optimized emails, reporting or analytics tools, template management, WYSIWYG editors, etc.

GroupMail is the best email marketing tool for amateurs and digital marketing professionals. It offers different pricing plans like Start plan at $19, Grow plan at $49, and Pro plan at $99 per user per month.

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Hubspot offers one of the most trusted CRM and email marketing tools. There is no need to hire a designer or IT specialist when you can create, personalize, and optimize your marketing emails. External CRM and a marketing hub can easily integrate with Hubspot email marketing.

Businesses can use the paid and free email marketing services from Hubspot. The best features include color matching according to brand, call-to-action images and content, and modifications. It offers customized pricing plans according to user requirements.

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Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing software globally. It provides easy management of marketing calendars, email lists, email templates, contacts, etc. It offers great customer support with multiple features. Constant Contact’s best features include Shopify store integration, Facebook ads integration, built-in social media tools, list segmentation, free image library, unlimited emails, quick tracking tools, reporting tools, etc.

You can go for the free trials or highly affordable paid services of Constant Contact. It is the best platform for startups and small businesses. The online training and live sessions from Constant Contact ensure that even beginners can use their email marketing tool. Its paid plans include an email plan at $17.69 and an email plus plan at $39.75 per month.


Drip is a perfect marketing automation tool for bloggers, digital marketers, and companies. It offers a variety of tools to create customized emails, sales funnels, and automated marketing. It allows quick integration of opt-in sign-up forms, add-ons to generate more leads for any business.

The visual automation workflow builder, email segmenting, automation tools, list groups, split testing, etc., are the best features of Drip. It offers great customer service by incorporating free guides, easy documentation, live chat support, automation training, detailed courses, webinars, etc.

Many businesses use bulk SMS from Dip with their email marketing tool. Its plan includes basic at $19 per month, pro at $122 per month, and other customized high-volume plans.


AWeber is one of the oldest and trusted email marketing solution providers. It offers list management, detailed insights, email tracking, HTML email templates, auto-responders, etc. Some of the other robust features include automatic RSS to email for bloggers, AMP emails, and tag-based subscription segments for ease of use.

You can select from the free and paid subscription plans of AWeber. The company offers different kinds of support like tutorials, how-to guides, live chat, email support, and phone support. Its pricing plans include personalized pro plans starting with $16.15 per month.


GetResponse is the perfect choice for many digital marketing enthusiasts and small digital marketing firms. The best email marketing tools from this service provider help create effective and highly profitable email marketing campaigns.

The auto-responders, responsive forms, unsubscribe tracking, A/B testing, and landing pages are great features of GetResponse. It is easy to create campaigns and send numerous emails using the drag and drop email builder. Thus, beginners and professionals can use GetResponse without any hassles.

Most importantly, it offers multiple integrations with third-party lead generation software like SalesForce, GoogleDocs, ZenDesk, OptinMonster, etc. You can select the free trial before switching to the paid services.

The company offers email, phone, and live chat support along with guides, how-tos, videos, webinars, etc. Its pricing plans are basic plan at $15, plus plan at $49, and professional plan at $99 per month. It also offers customized pricing plans.


Around 60% of the B2B marketers consider email the topmost channel to generate profits for the business. It is time for your business to leverage the best out of these tried and tested email marketing tools. You can choose from any of the above-mentioned email marketing services like SendInBlue, ConvertKit, GroupMail, HubSpot, etc.

Effective marketing is the need of the hour, and the best email marketing tools nail it with low costs and high benefits. In short, you can include modern strategies like the attractive subject line in personalized emails. The addition of emojis further improves the opening rate of your email.


1. What are the best email marketing tools?

Moreover, there are numerous options in email marketing tools, and businesses can select any of these services. In other words, some of the best options include services like SendInBlue, ConvertKit, GroupMail, HubSpot, etc.

2. What are the benefits of using email marketing services?

There are multiple benefits of email marketing tools that include great market penetration, leads generation, and exemplar profits at minimal operational costs.

3. Can startups and small businesses afford to use email marketing tools?

Multiple startups and small businesses can leverage the benefits of email marketing tools at low operational costs and high return on investments.

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