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Best WordPress Multisite Plugins (20+ Addons For Your Business)

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage multiple WordPress sites? Fortunately, there are some of the best WordPress multisite plugins that enable you to administer multiple websites from a single dashboard.

As a marketer or a digital agency owner, it’s impossible to manage multiple websites without a multisite plugin. It can be tedious and time-consuming.

These WordPress Management tools are super helpful to keep all your websites updated without consuming much time.

In this article, we will share some of the best  WordPress Multisite Plugins that we liked.

What Are Multisite Plugins?

 Best WordPress Multisite plugins will help you to monitor all your websites from a single Dashboard.

 You will be able to

  • Create and Manage a network of multiple WordPress websites
  • Easily make changes and keep all your websites updated
  • Manage comments, users, and other Multisite options
  • Control themes and updates over your website networks
  • Reduce workload and enhance the functionality of each site

A Multisite setup is useful but is not preferred when the websites have different needs and are in different languages. That’s when Multisite plugin installation comes to the rescue. If you’re a super admin, you will realize that having a multisite plugin installed in your WordPress will reduce the maintenance time and effort.

And when we say the best, we mean it. Apart from providing easy maintenance and workflow, the Multisite plugins we have listed also give treats like SEO Boost, Cyber protection, and thousands of other smart features.

Here are some of the parameters to look in a Multisite plugin to consider it your best choice:

  • Must have an easy interface and user friendly
  • The sites should be reliable
  • The features should contribute to fast, secure, and optimized management
  • Must be cost-efficient
  • Must be secured from hackers

Having all said, let’s dive into our handpicked  Best WordPress Multisite plugins.

20+ Best WordPress Multisite Plugins for Your Business


Needless to mention, it is evident that Hubspot has contributed majorly to nurture the sales pipeline for many. Hubspot CRM must be your handy pick to convert your visitors into contacts.

Hubspot deserves to be the first on the list of multisite plugins. Its remarkable feature to manage contacts and track marketing for both single and WordPress Multisite networks.

The uniqueness doesn’t end here. We recommend this WordPress plugin to run marketing campaigns and channel all of your leads for multiple sites from a single panel.

What did We like?

Once all your visitors are converted into contacts, they are stored in the database to monitor their activity. The plugin actively tracks the activity of each user, makes a list, and conducts marketing campaigns all in one place.

Hubspot CRM also allows you to analyze conversions, insert pop-ups, forms, live chats, and many more across all your websites.

Price –  Hubspot has multiple version plans:

  • Starter Plan – $45/month. Free tools with increased limits
  • Professional plan – $800/month. Automate and personalize engagement across channels, Optimize Campaign conversions
  • Enterprise Plan – $3200/month. Manage your teams and brands. Extend your platform

Check out our latest hubspot promo codes for amazing discounts.


Nothing can sync the best with WordPress websites other than the Multisite Plugin created by world-class WordPress Professionals. Brand, trust, and quality are top-notch. Having over 5 million downloads proves the plugin to be the most powerful for multiple website management.

If you’ve been using the Jetpack Plugin, you must be knowing the frequency of updates released. The list of the features is never-ending. However, the only drawback we found was that the plugin is too heavy and might slow down the loading speed.

What did we like?

If you’re a super admin, the Jetpack plugin is an all-in-one tool to address all your problems like SEO, performance, security, analytics, automated social media posting, mobile themes, and many more.

To get access to the Plugin, you should have an account in WordPress. You can customize the layout, colors and choose over a hundred themes in just a click.  Enhanced front-end functionality with a plethora of extra widgets.

Price – Multiple Monthly plans are available.

  • Backup Daily – $3 per month. Automate Daily backups, Unlimited backup storage.
  • Security Daily- $12 per month. Unlimited Video hosting.
  • Complete Plan-$56 per month. Upto 100K site search records.

User Role Editor

Being a super admin means having super responsibilities. If you are managing a team of WordPress users, the User Role Editor can become handy to change the existing or add new roles.

This will limit the functions for each role and prevent disorderliness in the dashboard. This multisite plugin streamlines the interface for the WordPress Administrator, contributor, and subscriber.

What did we like?

The plugin is best suited for websites with many user roles and functions. It is considered to be the universal plugin for extensive front-end management and back-end customization across all the websites.

Most of the user role plugins do not support multisite websites, but luckily this plugin does. You can delete or add new roles by changing default user rules and granting permission for the new ones.

Price – Free, Premium plan starts from $29 per year.


OptinMonster has proved to provide features par with the Hubspot CRM. It is the universal plugin to grow your email list and keep a track of your conversions. You will be able to create highly efficient emails, pop-up forms, and CTA’S within minutes.

What did we like?

The best WordPress Multisite plugin that can both manage your websites and take care of lead generation for each website. It doubles conversions, leads, and sales from the traffic you have been getting to your websites already. It has the potential to create pop-ups, full screen, floating bars, slide in and online campaigns for your sites.

Optinmonster knows what it does. It uses a wise approach to capture the email addresses of your visitors before they leave your website. If you run your own business, the plugin creates stunning offers, provides customized templates in no time.

Keeping all the analytics in one dashboard gives focussed attention to the lead generation for every website.

Price – Starting from $9/month. Check out our latest OptinMonster coupon codes for amazing discounts.

Yoast SEO

As the name suggests, the plugin is the go-to option for SEO optimization. Yoast SEO is free and extremely easy to use. With five million active installations, the plugin has set up its trademark for trust and quality. The plugin synchronizes very well with WordPress websites.

What did we like?

The interface has built-in content analysis, meta keywords, and description automation. It has features that support XML sitemaps, snippets,  duplicate content management, and even Breadcrumb Navigation. Check out our easy guide on how to set up Breadcrumb navigation in WordPress websites.

 Yoast SEO can become handy even for beginners as they guide everything you’ll need for SEO. Learn how to set up the Yoast SEO plugin in nine simple steps.

Price – You can install in both free and premium versions. The premium plan costs $89 per year.

User Switching

The only drawback of using a WordPress multisite plugin is lack of security and that is ruled out by User Switching. The security system is top-notch. The passwords are not revealed.

What did we like?

It allows you to switch user accounts easily straight from the WordPress user’s screen. The highly efficient security system enables only the users to have permission to edit other user roles. The plugin is very lightweight and has proper controls. In the case of Multisite networks, only the super Admins have the power to edit user roles.

A plethora of themes and templates are available to choose from. It tracks and records the user activity such as their login date, credential changes, and their last edits.

Price – Free.

Wordfence Security

Security is an important factor for any database. And when it comes to multiple websites, a good security system is crucial. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to protect your websites from hackers and we recommend Wordfence Security.

What did we like?

The plugin conducts frequent site-wide malware scans, alerts you about vulnerabilities, and double-checks the authentication.

It works very well for Multisite websites. It will protect all your subsites in a single installation.

All the basic features are available for free.

Price – Free and Premium plan starts from $99/year.


If you are a freelancer, an agency owner, or a web developer, InfiniteWP is the best WordPress multisite plugin. Unlike being a SaaS application, the plugin can be directly installed via an install plugin or Cpanel from your site.

What did we like?

You can manage an unlimited number of websites for free. The free version handles the themes, templates, and core updates.

The premium plans include the majority of the advanced features like automated social media posting, malware scans, analytics, conversion reports, and managing comments. Once the plugin is installed, you can connect it with as many as websites needed to get infinite control over the sites.

The plugins resize and effortlessly back up all the data in one server. It provides easy updates for all your WordPress websites including themes and templates.

Price – Free, Premium plans to start from $147/year. Check out our latest InfiniteWP coupon codes for amazing discounts.


MonsterInsights makes it extremely easy to connect WordPress websites to Google Analytics accounts. You can extract the data from your website without having to log in to your GA account. This is the best analytic plugin for WordPress multisite networks.

What did we like?

It monitors traffic of all subsites at one place. With this plugin, the email lists, sales, and revenue can be grown significantly. Using this plugin for multisite networks proves to be more fruitful. You can choose to disable or enable the sites where you want the analytics to be displayed.

It also tracks user engagement and keeps a check on their activity.

Price – $319 per year. Check out our latest MonsterInsights coupon codes for amazing discounts.


All in One SEO has proved to be the second most installed SEO plugin after Yoast SEO. If you have very little or no knowledge of SEO, this plugin will provide you with all the guidance you’ll ever need for SEO.

What did we like?

Keeping a track of SEO for multiple sites is very time-consuming, let alone different sites on a multisite network. All in one SEO automatically connects all the sites to the console and addresses the needs for each site.

You’ll be able to optimize meta titles, snippets, meta descriptions and optimize for social media and search engines.

Price – Starts from $99/year.

Multisite Enhancements

Multisite Enhancement can be a worthy package to monetize your multisite network. Though this multisite plugin does not focus on other WordPress features, it never fails to streamline all your subsites efficiently and give you a seamless dashboard experience.

What did we like?

It easily customizes the entire network’s WordPress area and will update your dashboard for easy access. The plugin gives timely updates and suggestions about the status of your network’s performance.

The feature we loved the most that we couldn’t find in the majority of other plugins is that it displays information about the themes, plugins,  templates, widgets your network is currently using. This will help you stay on track with all the resources you are using.

Price – Free.


Cloning your websites for migration to new locations is impossible without Duplicator. Migrating the whole network or a website or just some parts or is made a lot much easier with this plugin.

What did we like?

The process of copying, moving, and cloning files and the entire webpage can be done in just a click. We recommend investing in this plugin as the real fun is only unleashed in the premium package. The premium features allow the migration of multiple websites in a few minutes. It also takes care of scheduled backups to your database, email notifications, and storage.

Migration is prone to hacking and malware attacks. Duplicator has top-notch security and ensures there are frequent malware scans for our files.


Updraft Plugins have built their trust and have proved to be the most loved multisite backup plugin available on WordPress repository.

What did we like?

This plugin is the best for backups and restoration. You will be able to perform timely backups and store them in your system. Both on-demand backups and scheduled backups are first class. The backups can be stored in Word, cloud, drive, dropbox, and other storage software.

Premium plans support multisite networks, migration, cloning, and database optimization.

Price – Free and premium plans start from $99/year

WP Rocket

Caching is a very crucial step to speed up your website’s performance. Without any technical skills, you will be able to do that with WP Rocket.

What did we like?

Loading speeds for each website are checked every while. Advanced features include minification, page caching, static file compression, front-loading,  cache preloading, and mobile optimization.

And amongst the whole process, your files and data are safely secured.

Price – Starting from $47/year. Check out our latest wp rocket coupon codes for amazing discounts.


When you display forms on your websites, it shows credibility and honesty. Forms are a great way to get information from your visitors. With about 5 million users, WPForms are easy to create basic to advanced contact forms for all your websites.

What did we like?

It is the best contact form plugin that supports multisite networks. It is very easy to use and can come in very handy to receive or provide information. However, with the free version, you will only get access to basic forms.

Price – Free and premium plan starts from $37/year. Check out our wpforms coupon codes for amazing discounts.


There are numerous caching plugins available but found Hummingbird attractive despite being newly launched because of its updates. You’ll be amazed by the number of updates released. Hummingbird is more expensive than other multisite caching plugins on WordPress, but the investment is truly worthy.

What did we like?

It is an all-in-one optimization and caching plugin. It is a wholesome package taking care of SEO, backups, caching, and even hosting if you opt for it. Timely notifications are given to the administrators for updates.

Price – Starts from $5/month

Multisite Plugin Manager

Managing multiple websites is a concern, but managing plugins for each website across your network can give a whole new set of challenges. The Multisite Plugin Manager is must-have if you are handling multiple websites on WordPress.

What did we like?

This is a plugin to manage plugins. You will be able to set permission and access levels for every plugin and theme you install.

The plugin notifies the super admin of any updates of existing plugins. You can also mass activate or deactivate plugins on all your sites.

The different user roles can be assigned to particular access levels. The dashboard is very accessible and easy to operate.

Price – Free

WP Ultimo

Though all the plugins listed here support Multisite networks, WP Ultimo has a special mention because of its orientation towards business. If you are an agency or business owner,  handling a variety of websites sometimes from different niches can be daunting. WP Ultimo provides niche-oriented optimization across all your sites

What did we like?

The threshold of subsites supported by the plugin is unlimited. It monetizes all your subsites from each network and aggregates them based on any similarity. Many businesses have claimed that this plugin made them see results in their lead conversion rates. The best WAAS software you will ever need for your business. It is easy to build. The user maintenance is very less and you will get many free add ons in each plan.

Price – Starting from $27/year

Schema Pro

Schema Pro is universally known for Snippets and schema markup. You must be knowing the contribution of snippets in SEO. Schema Pro is specially designed to prevent the hassle of optimizing snippets all by yourself. Check out our simple step guide on how to add schema markup for your website using Schema pro plugin

What did we like?

Schema Markups plays like an identity for your snippets. Schema pro chooses the right set of snippets that should be displayed in the search engines. Tages, Meta titles, and Meta descriptions are optimized for both search engines and social media.

This plugin is a must for your website if you run a business.

Schema Pro also helps you to display your contact details, set up pop-up forms. The plugin is easy to set up and access. All these benefits without wanting the coding skills are truly a gift.

Price – $79/year. Check out our latest schema pro discount codes for amazing discounts.


The perfect DIY for those who want to add creativity to their website all on their own without having any coding or developing skills. Elementor supports a multisite network for free.

What did we like?

Elementor allows you to create global headers and footers across your network. There are a plethora of awesome designs which you can choose from without any effort. The templates can be accessed for all your sites.

The user maintenance is smooth and easy to access. It is one of the best page builder plugins to create great-looking pages.

Price –   Freemium, Premium plan starts from $49/year. Check out our latest elementor pro discount codes for amazing discounts.

Ultimate Addon for Elementor

UA for Elementor is additional integration with elementary page builders. However, only premium plans are available. It is recommended to use this plugin only if you have already used page builders like Elementor. Ultimate Addons for Elementor are preferred for individual sites but can be used for multisite networks too.

What did we like?

 It integrates with Elementor page builder and provides plenty of tools like widgets, themes, templates, slide-ins, pop-ups, live chat, conversion tracking, and many more.

Price- $55/year. Check out our latest Ultimate Addon for Elementor discount codes for amazing discounts.


Do you use a lot of images in your blog? Then you must be knowing the importance of resizing the pictures for better SEO visibility. There are plenty of other plugins for images but only some like Smush support Multisite websites.

What did we like?

 The plugin automatically detects images of the wrong size and rectifies them accordingly. It is a must-have plugin if you use images.

The quality of the image is also modified automatically. You will not need any other aid for images if you have Smush. 

Price – Starts from$19/month

Ultimate Addons for Beaver

If you have been using page builders already, UA for Beaver Builder is the icing on the cake. It has several lucrative features that you would never resist having.

What did we like?

It includes 200+ post templates and 100+ page templates. Other mind-blowing features include CTA’s, lead generation tables, effects, themes, and live chats.

It boosts the loading speed frequently making it more user-friendly. Several widgets pop up forms, readymade sales analytics are available. 

The plugin is great for beginners as it eliminates the sweat of managing many numbers of websites from a single dashboard. 

The easy-to-use modules can simply be dragged and dropped in a single stroke. It’ll be live in less than a day.

Price – Starts from $69 per year. Check out our latest Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder discount codes for amazing discounts.

Disable Comments

The easiest and efficient way to turn off or disable comments in your WordPress websites is by a single installation of the ‘Disable Comments’ plugin.

What did we like?

You’ll be able to disable comments across single and multi-site websites in just a few seconds.

It’ll remove unwanted comment-related content from your interface. The free plugin allows you to fully disable comments from posts, pages, and attachments or just in some parts of the site.

Price – Free

Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

One of the best customer-friendly WordPress multisite plugins from the whole list is the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg. This best-rated WordPress plugin is optimized solely from the customer’s point of view.

What did we like?

WordPress has itself shifted to Gutenberg for editing blocks in your sites. It has over 20 new blocks which you can easily access.

If you have already worked with page builders like Elementor or Beaver Builder, you can choose the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg without a second thought. This block collection plugin will help you take your website to the next level.

Being a long-form gravity user, the Ultimate Addons come with a pop-up form styler block to give you whole control with the gravity form frontend.

Price –  Free


If you own or sell online courses, we cannot stress enough you to try Members Plugin. It is a user role editing plugin that allows you to change or edit users across your websites.

What did we like?

You can manage the accessibility and authenticity of different roles. It allows more than one role for a user. Protects content and customizes it for which the specific user has access. It does wonders across multisite networks allowing you to create your site and keep it completely private. Members have ready-made templates to restrict content which were traditionally only possible by coding.

Price – $59/year


1. How do I add plugins to WordPress multisite?

To install a plugin on a WordPress multisite, you need to visit My Sites >Network Admin and then Plugins page, click on the add button to install new plugins. After the installation, you will see a link to activate the plugin. Once the plugin is activated, it will be available to all the sites on your  WordPress multisite network.

2. What is a WordPress multisite?

WordPress multisite feature allows you to access the network of “subsites” from a single WordPress dashboard.

3. Can I have multiple websites on WordPress?

Yes. You can. You should activate the multisite network feature in your interface. Once done, you will be able to create a network of your websites

4. How do I create a multisite WordPress site?

Install the WordPress Multisite 
Allow Multisite network  in the wp-config.php configuration
Install the WordPress Network
Optimize the network administration and the user details
Add a new website to the multisite network
Install WordPress Plugins for multiple websites and Themes of your choice

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