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BestSelf Co: Tools for Personal Development

BestSelf Co

BestSelf Co Overview

BestSelf Co is a company specializing in productivity and personal development tools. They offer a range of products such as journals, planners, and other tools designed to help individuals achieve their goals, improve productivity, and enhance personal growth. BestSelf Co is known for its commitment to empowering individuals to become their best selves through effective goal-setting and self-reflection.

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About BestSelf Co

BestSelf Co. is dedicated to helping individuals achieve their goals and lead more fulfilling lives. The company offers a range of products designed to enhance personal growth, productivity, and relationships. One of its flagship products is the Self Journal, a 13-week goal journal that enables users to optimize their productivity and work towards their objectives. Additionally, the Bestself Planner is a six-month undated planner that assists users in tracking their consistency and improving their habits.

The company also provides the Core Values Journal, a 13-week guided framework to define core values and live in alignment with them daily. Moreover, BestSelf Co. offers resources to enhance relationships, such as the Intimacy Deck, which includes 150 prompts designed to spark meaningful conversations and deepen connections. The company’s products are aimed at helping individuals live with purpose, presence, and intentionality.

BestSelf Co. is committed to sustainability and partners with a sugar cane-based paper company in Columbia to create its products. This partnership reflects the company’s dedication to positive environmental practices and a low carbon footprint in its operations. BestSelf Co. also follows eco-friendly policies and conservation initiatives, and its products are made with 100% environmentally friendly, white sugarcane paper.

BestSelf Co. is dedicated to providing tools and resources that empower individuals to lead more purposeful and productive lives, while also being mindful of its environmental impact and sustainability practices.

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