How to Boost Website Traffic with Keywords and MonsterInsights?

Do you want to know how to boost website traffic? Fortunately, you just need keyword research. MonsterInsights can help you drive organic traffic your way. Really! Over 3 Million professionals are using MonsterInsights to find relevant keywords and monitor user’s behavior. Plus, now with the new Google’s Page Experience guidelines, the Core Web Vitals has become a prominent ranking factor.

That means to appear in search results; your site needs to meet the Core Web Vitals test conditions to the dot, which is not an easy job. Check out our latest articles on how to improve core web vitals and how to improve web vital score to understand it in detail.

But thankfully, MonsterInsights 7.18 is here to help you rank and generate traffic. So, let’s dive in and understand how to boost your site traffic with keywords and MonsterInsights despite the new Google page experience rules.

How to Boost Website Traffic with Keywords & MonsterInsights?

MonsterInsights is a leading Google Analytics plugin for WordPress users. It has some of the most powerful and easy analytics features in the market such as:

  • Universal tracking to set up websites and campaign tracking across devices
  • Website analytics report within your WordPress dashboard
  • Real-time statistics on your site visitors
  • Page-level analytics to get stats on your every post and page
  • GDPR friendly to help you follow EU compliances and so much more

All these amazing features are available in three price plans — Plus ($199), Pro ($399), and Agency ($399) per year. On top of it, you’ll get 14 days free trial and a 100% refund guarantee.

And now, with the MonsterInsights 7.18 update, you’ll get more options to improve performance and traffic on site.

How MonsterInsights Helps with Keywords? (All in One SEO + TruSEO Integration)

With the latest MonsterInsights update, you can integrate the All in One SEO plugin with the TruSEO score. This powerful integration helps you find the right keywords to boost website traffic via SEO for your site.

As most of you already know, AIOSEO is an original WordPress SEO plugin. Over 2 million website owners already trust this tool to get higher search rankings.

AIOSEO gives a TruSEO score to a site that provides a more detailed analysis of your optimization efforts rather than just pass or fail. It helps to check content relevancy to the focus keyphrase and provide recommendations on the same.

So, this partnership of MonsterInsights and AIOSEO can allow you to unlock maximum traffic for each page. You can perform the following operations with this duo on your site:

  • AIOSEO helps to add focus keywords
  • Include TruSEO score to your Google Analytics data
  • Obtain better insight into your traffic
  • Know which keywords are better performing on your site and bring more traffic
  • Provides suggestions for the meta description and title tag
  • Complete SEO audit to optimize your website
  • Optimize your site speed
  • Insight on an individual post or page performance, etc.

Besides all the robust AIOSEO keyword improvement features, MonsterInsights helps with:

  • Tracking organic keyword conversions, so you can better understand your core audience
  • Create a list of potential keywords to target at different stages of the sales funnel
  • Analysis of your selected keywords to your visitor’s intent
  • Get a complete SEO report in Google Analytics, etc.

In short, these two plugins help you improve your site’s Core Web Vitals score.

How to Do Better Research Keywords with MonsterInsights?

Using MonsterInsights, you can improve your keywords research easily to boost website traffic and sales.

  • Understand your current audience by analyzing their behavior on your website. 
  • Create a potential keywords list based on your current audience behavior. 
  • Shortlist your potential keywords list based on the relevancy with your content and your competitors. 

How MonsterInsights Boosts Your Site’s Performance — Faster Script Loading?

Do you know the Google Analytics tracking script can slow down your website and influence your score if it’s not optimized properly?

As much as it sounds weird, but Google can impact its own Core Web Vitals score negatively. And here, if your site won’t open quickly, it will eventually impact your traffic. But you don’t need to worry much as MonsterInsights has a solution for it. In the new update, you’ll get a Faster Script Loading feature. What’s that?

It is a feature that helps plugin scripts to load faster. MonsterInsights already loads quickly, but the plugin can load faster for optimal Core Web Vitals scores with this update. This update has also improved the Performance add-on to allow you to host gtag.js script locally. Check out our latest article on how to host gtag.js locally for more information. This way, you can further make your load time shorter by limiting your site’s number of external sources.

Additionally, you’ll gain full control over the caching of all your files, reducing load time. By hosting the script locally, you can seamlessly reduce your Google Analytics cache time. On top of all, the Performance add-on fetches the latest gtag.js files from Google after every 24 hours to ensure it’s always up-to-date.

MonsterInsights & Keywords — Easy Way to Boost Traffic

MonsterInsights and AIOSEO integration is the best way to get high Core Web Vitals scores and boost website traffic. This custom dimension add-on can track your SEO score and focus keywords so you can easily increase conversion rates.

All in all, this tool can tackle your keyword and website performance in one go. In my opinion, updating MonsterInsights is better than worrying over Google’s new updates. Rest, it’s your choice!

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