How to Choose Right WooCommerce Theme? (10+ Quick Tips)

WooCommerce is the go-to solution for eCommerce websites. It is an easy, free and customizable portal to design your own online store. But finding a responsive eCommerce theme is not an easy task. Learn how to choose right WooCommerce theme in a wide pool of themes.

It’s crucial to map out a proper strategy before choosing a WooCommerce theme. The right theme will make it easy to personalize and rank your online store.

Below I have mentioned a few things that you must consider to choose right WooCommerce theme.

Choose Right WooCommerce Theme

A rough estimate states that ThemeForest has over 1,300 themes and the directory contains over 1,122 WooCommerce themes. Finding a perfect theme in such a huge repository is like finding a needle in the haystack. However, if you focus on these factors, it will make it easy to choose right WooCommerce theme:

Choose A Simple Theme

WooCommerce themes with flashy animations, layouts, and colors are intriguing. But, sometimes you don’t need them.

Many times you only need a simple website that supports your goals. Plus, managing complex WooCommerce themes is hard, such as customizing themes, editing features, etc.

Choose A Responsive Theme

Responsive themes aren’t an option anymore. You need a website that can open faster across different devices. If you’re choosing the right Woocommerce theme, it should be responsive in nature.

As of the fourth quarter of 2021, mobile devices have generated around 54.4% of global website traffic. Thus, it is essential to build a responsive eCommerce store. You can check out our guide on how to install a responsive theme and follow the step-by-step instructions to activate one on your site.

Most WooCommerce themes are responsive today. But there are some old themes that aren’t compatible with mobile devices.

You can test the responsiveness of a theme using the browser resizing option. If your theme layout adjusts as you resize your browser screen, it is mobile responsive. Additionally, you can also preview whether your website is mobile responsive or not from your desktop by using theme customizer and Google chrome Dev tools. To know more about this method, check out our guide on how to preview mobile version of your website now!

On the flip side, you can copy the theme’s URL and paste it into Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test page. If this test shows some warnings, don’t get the theme – no matter how good it is.

Attractive Shopping Cart

Shopping carts are an integral part of WooCommerce themes. It is the place where people will complete the checkout process. Thus, make sure to choose the theme with an interactive cart option. For example, an animated shopping cart button pops up when a user scrolls over a product image.

A bold shopping icon is a quick reminder for customers to finish the shopping process faster.

Customizable Shopping Cart

Through the WooCommerce plugin, you will get a basic shopping cart and checkout process. But for that, you have to dig into the codes to customize the shopping cart.

So, you should get a WooCommerce theme with an intuitive shopping cart and checkout process. Having a well-sorted checkout experience will help to reduce cart abandonment.

Look For Premade Templates

There are some standard pages that every online store needs, like about us, contact us, etc.

Thus, you should choose a WooCommerce theme with the right readymade templates to save time and reduce your workload. This way, you can set up your website faster without technical assistance.

Stunning Product Pages

The product page is the place where all action happens. It is where customers make purchase decisions. Thus, it should have all the right elements to help customers make a quick decision.

A product page should provide support for photos, videos, and the option to download documents. Easy to zoom, fullscreen effects, and navigate product imagery help to improve user experience.

Besides this, product pages allow you to add descriptions and display products in different variants. So, ensure to choose the WooCommerce theme with customizable product pages.

Multiple Web Browser Compatibility

While choosing the right WooCommerce theme, make sure that the theme is compatible to run across all the web browsers. You never know which web browsers your users will use to open your online store. Thus, you have to get a theme that can support all the leading browsers.

Most theme developers mention compatible web browsers with the developed theme. But if the theme developer hasn’t mentioned this information, you can test it yourself.

Just open the theme on different browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Also, test the theme on different mobile browsers.

Plugin Support

Plugins make the WordPress powerful CMS solution. Plugins help you perform several functions on your WooCommerce site.

For example, the Yoast SEO plugin helps make your website search engine ready and WPForms create forms. Many other plugins are available on the WooCommerce store to personalize your online store.

Web Toffee is another Woocommerce plugin provider. It offers popular WooCommerce and WordPress plugins to help developers and e-commerce website owners to build a successful business online. Use our exclusive webtoffee discount codes to make your purchase more affordable.

So, ensure that your WooCommerce theme supports all the popular plugins. If you are uncertain, ask the theme developer.

Multilingual Support

Get a multilingual theme if you plan to sell local products or target the international market via your store. Ensure that the theme supports multilingual plugins to make your website translation-ready.

Having a multilingual online store is good from both SEO and user experience perspectives.

Good Support System

Another important thing to consider while choosing the right WooCommerce theme is the support system. Look for proper documentation, customer support, and community base coming with your theme.

Most premium WooCommerce themes offer detailed video tutorials, documents, and even live support. However, free themes might lack these things.

So, I recommend going for a paid theme with a good support system. If you are choosing a free theme, look for a strong community that can help you in your time of need.

SEO Optimization Freedom

This is a factor that you cannot ignore. To generate organic traffic, SEO optimization is a must.

Thus, ensure that a WooCommerce theme is coded well. For beginners, it is difficult to analyze a theme’s source code.

Thus, you use the W3C Markup Validation Service to check if the page generates proper HTML5 codes. However, consider the magnitude of warnings generated by the W3C tool. That’s because some warnings are not worrisome.

Reviews & Ratings

User reviews and ratings can provide a fair idea about the quality of WooCommerce themes. You can check reviews and ratings below the theme’s download page to know other users’ experiences. The right Woocommerce theme would have good reviews from its users and this would help you choose the best among the rest.

Avoid Bloatware Themes

Advanced features like video players or a huge image gallery can make your website look stunning. But unfortunately, it slows down your website. And that’s a big no-no for SEO and user experience.

Additionally, all these fancy elements can make your website vulnerable to cyberattacks. So, ensure that your selected WooCommerce theme has no unwanted features.

Add Social Proof

Social proof can help you improve your conversion rate. Since you have an eCommerce website, reviews can help to boost your sales.

Thus, select a theme where you can add customer reviews, or customers can themselves write reviews.

Choose Right WooCommerce Theme Now!

Your WooCommerce theme is the appearance of your online store. It is the medium for customers to understand your brand products and make purchases. Thus, you have to select the right WooCommerce theme that can help your business grow.

I have already shared the top 14 things to consider while choosing the right WooCommerce theme. All the factors are vital, but I suggest never compromising with SEO and speed factors.

Now, I leave you to hunt for the best WooCommerce theme. Meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us on social networks to explore more topics to grow your online business.

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