How to Troubleshoot ConvertBox If It’s Not Working? (Detailed Guide)

Say you want to show your ConvertBox with a fantastic offer to a recurring visitor on your website. But, somehow, it doesn’t show up to the user. Experiencing issues with your ConvertBox not showing up as expected can be frustrating. However, most of these problems have straightforward solutions. This troubleshooting guide will walk you through a quick checklist and provide insights into common reasons for errors. Before reaching out to support, go through these steps and do a self troubleshoot on your ConvertBox.

How to Troubleshoot ConvertBox in 9 Ways?

Troubleshooting your ConvertBox is a step-by-step process that involves checking installation, activation, rules, and settings. By following this guide, you can resolve most issues on your own. If problems persist, their dedicated support team is ready to assist you in ensuring a seamless experience with ConvertBox.

Installation of ConvertBox Script

Make sure you have installed the ConvertBox script on your site. Without the script, your ConvertBox won’t appear.

Check out our exclusive guide on how to install ConvertBox and match your installation process with the recommended one. The guide has 3 methods to install ConvertBox, but you’d want to map your process with the one that talks about installing ConvertBox on the website with a script.

add convertbox script to the pages

Activate ConvertBox

Troubleshoot by ensuring your ConvertBox is activated by checking the toggle switch on your dashboard. A deactivated ConvertBox will not display.

troubleshoot convertbox by activating it

Verify Dashboard & Domain

Confirm that your ConvertBox is on the correct website dashboard. Each domain/website has its independent dashboard, so check if your ConvertBox is placed on the dashboard corresponding to the domain where you want it to appear.

convertbox dashboard

Check Location Rules

Review your location rules on the “Display” tab in the editor. Verify that the rules for specific pages are correct and that any excluded rules are not hindering the display of your ConvertBox.

troubleshoot convertbox for location rule settings

Frequency Rules

Pop-ups can be frustrating for users if they show up every time the user comes to your website. That’s why there’s an option to set the frequency of appearance for your ConvertBox. Inspect the “Frequency” rules in the editor. If you have set limitations on views per day/session or have suppression rules, ensure they are not affecting your ability to view the ConvertBox during testing.

convertbox appearance frequency setting

Check The Embed Area

For embedded ConvertBoxes, ensure you have selected the correct embed area in the “Display” tab. Without a selected embed area, the ConvertBox will not show.

Check out our detailed guide on how to embed ConvertBox on your website pages.

embedded convertbox rules

Countdown Timer

If using a countdown timer, check if it has expired.

For a fixed date countdown timer, ensure the set date hasn’t expired; once the deadline passes, the ConvertBox won’t display for visitors.

For an evergreen countdown timer, confirm it’s configured to stop showing the ConvertBox upon expiration. If the timer was triggered during your previous view and has now expired, the ConvertBox won’t reappear for you.

Convertbox countdown timer settings

Visitor Targeting Rules

Inspect the “Targeting” tab for specific visitor targeting rules. If rules are preventing you from meeting conditions, your ConvertBox may not display. Follow the simple steps in our exclusive guide to set visitor targeting rules in ConvertBox.

how to target visitors on convertbox

Form or Button Settings

For ConvertBoxes with form or button elements, check if the option “Stop showing this ConvertBox to the visitor” is selected. If so, the ConvertBox may not appear after submission.

Why ConvertBox Shows Errors?

Understanding why ConvertBoxes may show errors is crucial. Common issues include incorrect installation, misconfigured settings, or expired timers.

If you’ve completed the checklist and done thorough troubleshooting of the ConvertBox but is still not working, don’t panic. Contact their support team by submitting a ticket with your ConvertBox’s name and the page URL where it should appear. They will investigate and assist you promptly.


Why isn’t my ConvertBox showing up on my website?

There could be various reasons, such as incorrect installation, deactivated status, or misconfigured rules. Follow our quick troubleshooting checklist to identify and resolve the issue with your ConvertBox step by step.

What should I do if my ConvertBox doesn’t appear after installation?

First, ensure you have installed the ConvertBox script on your site. If issues persist, check the activation status, location rules, and dashboard alignment. If problems persist, contact their support team for assistance.

What should I do if my ConvertBox has a countdown timer that expired?

If using a fixed-date countdown timer, check and update the expiration date. For evergreen timers, ensure the setting to stop showing the ConvertBox when it expires is configured correctly.

My ConvertBox has specific targeting rules; why isn’t it displaying?

Review the targeting rules on the “Targeting” tab. Ensure that your visitor targeting conditions align with your current visitor status. For example, if set to show to new visitors only, ensure you meet this condition.

What if I’ve followed the checklist but my ConvertBox still doesn’t show?

Don’t worry! Submit a support ticket with your ConvertBox’s name and the page URL where it should appear. Their support team will investigate and assist you promptly.

Is there a way to check if my ConvertBox is firing events correctly?

Utilize browser developer tools to monitor events triggered by the ConvertBox script. Check for event logs in the console to ensure proper firing and functionality.

How can I conduct thorough testing of my ConvertBox without affecting actual views or sessions?

Use a Chrome incognito window to simulate a new visitor with no browsing history. This allows you to test the ConvertBox without impacting actual views or sessions, making it ideal for troubleshooting.

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