How to Use Free Elementor Page Builder for Your WordPress Website?

Elementor is the best WordPress page builder with an intuitive drag-n-drop interface. This tool has made web designing easy and accessible for everyone. Elementor has a robust free version with a huge repository of website templates, blocks, and elements. Whether you want to design a stunning landing page or a complete site on WordPress, Elementor can do it. It has an intuitive editor that can work with any WordPress theme. Let’s walk through this guide to know how to use free elementor page builder.

Why Is Elementor The Best Page Builder/Editor?

Elementor and WordPress are a match made in heaven. Elementor’s visual editor can help WordPress users with many things that they can easily carry out. The Pro version even comes with many features that allow users to give total access to customize their website.

Check out the below-mentioned features of the free version that can help you create or change your website:

Stunning Creatives

The major benefit of using Elementor is that you can create responsive web layouts with ease. You can select from the premade templates or customize the web page using various blocks.

Budget Conscious

With Elementor, you can design your own website using blocks and templates, without the help of a designer or a coder. All you need is just a basic understanding of web design. In fact, the free Elementor page builder is sufficient to create a simple Website. Create a wordpress website in 5 minutes for free!

Pleasant to Use

Elementor is a visual website editor that requires little to no technical knowledge. You can find a series of blocks, widgets, and templates with the Elementor editor to create the website as you want.

Live Preview

Elementor works on a simple principle — what you see is what you get. While creating your website, you can see how your web page layout is looking in real-time. So, there are no surprises once you publish your page.

Drag & Drop Interface

You can move the content section around your WordPress page using a drag-n-drop function. You can put any content block or widget on the web page, just dragging and dropping with your mouse.

How to Use Free Elementor Page Builder?

First of all, you have to install Elementor on your WordPress site. The Elementor’s free version is available at to install directly.

So, go to Plugins > Add New and search for Elementor on the WordPress dashboard. After that, click on the install and activate buttons to use the plugin.

You can now see a new Edit with the Elementor button when you open the page or post editor. Let’s see how to use this button to create a web page—

Use Free Elementor Page Builder to Create Website Banner

The banner or top section is the most important part of a website. It is the main area where a user lands. Thus, it should be designed with precision and creativity.

In this tutorial, I’ll use these Elementor blocks to create a simple top section—

  • Text
  • Heading
  • Button
  • Image

First, take a section and divide it into two columns. Drag all the widgets from the left pane and drop them according to your page layout.

Now, you can select the different sections on the free Elementor Page Builder to configure your page settings. For instance:

Elementor Section

Here you can make the following edits:

  • Layout — Content Width, Column Position, Height, etc.
  • Style — Color Code
  • Advanced — Padding

Once you make changes in the section, you can have the desired color for the heading, text button, and image widget in the right position.

Elementor Heading

Select the heading widget to configure your heading using different options, like:

  • Title
  • Text color
  • Typography

Text Widget

Next, you can add text and style it in the text widget to display on the top of your website.

Elementor Button

You can also change the button values. You can add text, color, padding, and other elements to personalize the button. Using the hover option, you can make the button color change when someone places a cursor on it.

Elementor Image

Finally, you can upload an image and edit its settings. You can also change layout, style, and other advanced properties to make an image pop out on the banner.

After configuring all the settings, your website’s top section will look something like this—

Use Free Elementor Templates to Create WordPress Website?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a WordPress page from scratch, you can always use free Elementor templates.

With the Free Elementor Page Builder, you will get many free templates. You can easily insert a page or block templates to your web page.

Here’s how you can use an Elementor template:

Click on Template Icon

Go to your WordPress dashboard > Pages > All Pages > Home > Edit > Edit with Elementor.

From there, you can see the template icon on the right side.

Next, the Elementor Library popup will come up. Here you will find three different tabs — Blocks, Pages, and My Templates.

  • Elementor offers various types of premade blocks — Contact, Footer, Hero, Portfolio, Pricing, etc.
  • Under the Page tab, you can find several pre-designed pages — Blog Archive, 404 Page, Product Page, etc.
  • My Templates section lets you design your own template with Elementor.

With the Elementor free version, you will not get all templates like Blog Archives, WooCommerce Templates, or many more. So, you need to upgrade to Elementor Pro to access all templates.

Select A Template

You can scroll down to find various templates for your web pages. Once you find a suitable template, click on “+” to preview it. This will show you how a template will look on your website.

Insert The Template

Now, you have to insert a template on your web page. Click on the Insert > Update > Check a live web page to do so. You can further redesign it or leave it as it is.

The images and the themes that you use to build your Elementor website will increase the loading time if not optimized properly. There are many more factors that will affect the loading speed apart from themes and images. check out our detailed guide on how to speed up your Elementor website with simple steps.

Should I Get Elementor Pro Subscription?

Free Elementor Page Builder is undoubtedly the best WordPress web page builder. You can read our detailed elementor review here. But unfortunately, it doesn’t offer many advanced features like:

  • Form Widget, which is a flexible form builder eliminates the need to use any third-party plugins.
  • Built-in integration to enhance your website’s functionality via connecting to other plugins like Yoast SEO, MemberPress, etc.
  • Global Settings feature lets you create and manage your site’s design system to establish consistency across your site.
  • Popup Builder can allow you to create several promotional popups to boost user experience like Lightbox popups, Notification bars, Slide-ins, etc.
  • WooCommerce Builder is a pro Elementor feature to build functional online stores using drag-n-drop menu.

In short, to enjoy advanced Elementor features, you have to get a pro version subscription. Elementor Pro is not much expensive and available under a wide price range:

  • Essential Plan for $49 per year
  • Expert Plan for $199 per year
  • Studio Plan for $499 per year
  • Agency Plan for $999 per year

After comparing different features, you can select the right version based on your needs. Check out elementor pro discount codes for amazing offers!

Let’s Use Free Elementor Page Builder in WordPress Today!

I have used Elementor page builder multiple times for experiment purposes. And found its simple interface and drag-n-drop menu highly useful. There is no better WordPress plugin than Elementor to custom design a website. The free Elementor version is quite competent to create a basic WordPress site compared to its competitors.

So, now you know how to use Free Elementor Page Builder to create a web page from scratch or using templates. Now, it is your turn to use Elementor and share your experience.

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