Working Proko Discount Codes For Inspirational Art Courses

Learning is a continuous process for every artist. But finding instructional videos that are easy to follow and fun can be quite a challenge. Proko is an initiative by Stan Prokopenko to provide budding artists with a way to learn art easily. Use our proko discount codes to get their amazing art courses at a great price. 

Working Proko Discount Codes

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How to Apply Proko Discount Codes?

  1. Find code: Find the offer that suits your need from our collection of proko discount codes above. 
  2. Copy code: Reveal the code by clicking on it. It gets automatically copied. You can copy it manually too. Disable the pop-up blocker to view the pop-up code window. 
  3. Website: Move on to the Proko website and choose your favorite course from their collection. Add it to the cart. 
  4. Discount Code: View the cart and proceed to checkout. Paste the code in the “discount coupon” field. 
  5. Purchase: Enter the shipping details and card details to proceed with the purchase. 

Congratulations on the great discount on your art courses. 

proko checkout page

T&Cs to Apply Proko Discount Codes

  1. You must be 18 years or older to access the Proko website or courses. 
  2. All promotion activities and discount codes are applicable as per prevailing terms and conditions. 
  3. The Proko team has the right to terminate, suspend, or cancel any order as per their discretion.
  4. Proko holds the copyright to all the content on the website and coursework on the website. 
  5. All proko discount codes are subject to availability. Contact us at for any queries. 


1. What is Proko’s refund policy?

Proko has a no question asked refund policy. If you do not like their products, you can intimate the team within 30 days of purchase and the team will process a full refund. You can write to the team at for initiating a refund or cancellation. 

2. Does Proko offer a trial period? 

Proko offers a 7-day trial period on all its premium courses. They have extended the free trial period to 30 days until the pandemic-related lockdown exists. You can check their courses out and then proceed to purchase. 

3. Can I use Proko if I am new to sketching and art? 

Yes, Proko is an inclusive platform for everyone. Even if you are starting with sketching, you can try Proko courses. Begin with the basic figure sketch courses and you can gradually move to the higher-level courses. 

4. What are Proko premium courses? 

Proko premium courses contain detailed videos, workbooks, assignments, demos, examples, and many extended videos. You can download all the premium videos and practice at your leisure. Premium videos also have English subtitles making them accessible to a lot of people. 

About Proko

Finding new content to learn and practice is a challenge for everyone. It is easy to get lost among the huge volume of content available online. A personalized touch can enhance the learning experience immensely. Proko gives that as the artists in Proko provide instructional videos to learn.

You can learn everything from basic sketching to drawing figures and anatomy as well. Even if you are a beginner, you can start your art training with Proko’s basic classes.

Proko also has many artists collaborating with the main artist to provide unique and interactive courses for everyone. With their money-back guarantee and free trial option, Proko gives you a safe and secure platform to start your education. Proko believes in a holistic education approach hence the artists also help you improve by critiquing your artwork if you wish to. 

Proko has many social media groups for students to compare and learn with each other. 

Use our proko discount codes to enjoy their art courses at great prices. 

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