Why Use VPS (Virtual Private Server) for Hosting WordPress?

Picking the right hosting for your website is a crucial step; one that you just can’t ignore. If you are just starting out with WordPress, the number of options you see on the internet could easily overwhelm you. After all, not every type of hosting is going to suit your needs. So, let me help you: give Virtual Private Servers for WordPress a try. Check out our detailed guide on why use VPS?

What Is VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

Before we proceed, make sure you know how to create a WordPress website. It literally takes only a few minutes if you’ve thought of a great domain name and have your payment details intact throughout the process.

Another Clarification: If you’ve done some research, then you know that shared hosting is the best option for beginner bloggers. I agree. Shared hosting is relatively cheap, easy to set up & offers powerful features for the price. But, if you are serious about blogging & are planning on making a career out of it, then you’ll outgrow shared hosting quickly & will need to migrate to a better option.

How would I know I’ve outgrown shared hosting? Easy – your website will start slowing down or keep getting offline from time to time. You don’t want that. That’s why I always recommend starting with VPS.

VPS od Virtual Private Server is an independent section of hosting space on an extremely powerful machine that’s dedicated to serving multiple websites. Unlike shared hosting, once you pay for a certain amount of resources, all of it is allotted to run your website.

Simply put, even if there are multiple websites hosted on one VPS, you get your desired resources no matter what. The benefit here is that your website will run smoothly, as long as you don’t overload the servers. If such a situation arises, you can always upgrade your plan to get more resources on the same server without the need of arranging a migration.

Why Use VPS (Virtual Private Server) for WordPress?

VPS is popular among WordPress bloggers & for many reasons. Here are a few advantages that you’ll get if you opt for VPS hosting.

More Resources

Getting more resources to run your website is one of the biggest advantages you get with VPS over shared hosting. More resources mean better functioning of your website – faster loading time & more uptime.

Uptime monitoring is the process of regularly checking with the server to ensure that your website is up and running as it should. Typically, this is accomplished by having a plugin or service “ping” your server and sharing the results with you. The longer your website is down, the more customers you will lose. You must ensure that the downtime is as short as possible. Check out our guide on how to monitor server uptime for your WordPress website by using thrid party tools and WordPress plugins.

A fast loading website is a necessity in today’s age as a slow loading website is off-putting & can definitely turn the visitors away. Plus, Google hates slow websites. So, if you want your website to show up in Google’s search results, it needs to load as fast as possible.

Since you’ll have more resources dedicated to the working of your website, you’ll be able to better handle your existing & growing level of traffic.

More Control

With shared hosting, you are locked with the initial configuration that the hosting company provides. With VPS hosting, you get greater control & administrative rights over the server. What this means, basically, is that you can install any software on the server & configure it any way you want.

Anything that happens on your website will happen under your supervision.

Better Security on WordPress

Best WordPress hosting providers always keep security as their top priority. In the times where hackers attack on websites every 39 seconds and hacking algorithms run 24X7, everything needs to be supervised.

Each account dealing with VPS hosting utilizes something called a Hypervisor.

With the hypervisor software keeping the VPSs separate from each other and controlling how they run, the next question would be: ‘what is protecting the hypervisors from being attacked to get at all the VPS?’. Access to the hypervisors is tightly controlled and kept behind a number of network-level security features, as well as firewalls, to ensure that attackers will be unable to target the hypervisors themselves. Similarly, the storage servers which hold the disk images are protected in the same manner.


Virtual Private Servers for WordPress: Drawbacks

Even though VPS is an amazing server technology, it is not without its flaws. Without getting into the technicalities, here’s how it can affect you negatively. Understand why using VPS is not the best option in several conditions:

Cost of WordPress Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers for WordPress are relatively expensive. If you face difficulty paying for shared hosting, then affording a VPS hosting would be a tough task. That’s not to say that VPS are uber-expensive; they are cheap when compared to the features you get, but still expensive than a shared hosting, which a lot of beginners choose to go with.

On average, a VPS hosting costs around $15.00 a month & can go up to $60.00, depending on which hosting provider you pick. That’s not to say that there are no cheaper alternatives. There are a few award-winning hosting providers such as Hostwinds & Interserver that offer VPS hosting for as low as $05.00 a month.

Technical Skills You Must Have

If you want to use VPS, you must have the know-how of it. The biggest drawback of Virtual Private Servers for WordPress can be the prerequisite of technical know-how; depending on who you are. If you are tech-savvy who loves to play with codes, setting up a VPS & controlling it would be a breeze. But, if not, the whole management process could feel a little daunting.

However, you don’t have to be a coding genius to get started with VPS. It’s relatively easy. Plus, there are a lot of programs & tutorials on the internet to help you. So, it’s not going to be a problem.

The trade-off here is that you are totally responsible for your server. If something goes wrong, you’ll have to deal with it on your own.

Get Your VPS Now

There you have it – the pros & cons of hosting your website on a Virtual Private Server for WordPress. You get better control & flexibility but at the cost of a higher fee & technical handling of servers. With coupons & offers, you can always get featureful VPS servers at reasonable rates. At the end of the day, pick a hosting that’s well within your budget & you feel comfortable working with.

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