AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code for Affordable REAL 4G/LTE Proxies

AdPlexity Carriers is a great spy tool that provides access to real 4G/LTE proxies, allowing you to spy on mobile carriers’ traffic. With the AdPlexity Carriers coupon code, you can get a 35% discount on this top-notch service and access valuable insights into mobile carrier traffic.

Verified AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code

35% OFF

How To Use AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code?

AdPlexity Carriers is a user-friendly tool. You do not require any skills to operate this platform. To use the coupons, here’s what you need to do:

  • To start, browse through the coupon codes for AdPlexity Carriers on our website.
  • Choose the best suitable coupon code as per your requirement.
  • Click on the ‘Show Code’ button to see the coupon code that you need to use on the merchant website.
  • A pop up will appear and it will automatically copy the coupon code to your clipboard. If it does not get copied automatically, you can copy it manually.
  • Login to AdPlexity Carrier’s website.
  • Visit the Pricing tab to see details about the Monthly and Annual plans.
  • Choose an appropriate plan and complete all necessary steps for Account Creation.
  • Proceed with the purchase process and on the checkout page, you will come across a field labeled ‘Coupon Code’.
  • Paste the coupon code in this field and press the ‘Apply’ button
  • After entering the coupon code, you have to choose the mode or method of payment.
  • If you have successfully entered the coupon code, you will see the discounted amount reflected in your total bill. 
  • Complete the purchase by entering all the payment information.

Congratulations. You have saved on your purchase. Enjoy your savings!

T&C For AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Codes

  • Coupons are valid only on the official website of AdPlexity Carriers.
  • Each coupon is valid for a limited time.
  • You cannot exchange a coupon for cash.
  • These coupons are valid only for one time use from a single account.
  • You cannot club the coupon with any other promotional offer or deal.
  • Coupons are restricted to their respective plans.
  • Each coupon has already mentioned the amount of discount or percentage off on the offer.
  • Adplexity may change or withdraw coupons without prior notice, according to their terms and conditions.
  • All the coupons are verified by our team. In case a coupon doesn’t work, drop us a mail or message and we will get back to you with a resolution.


1. How can we pay for the software? What payment methods are supported?

AdPlexity Carriers allows 3 ways by which you can pay for this software:
a) Paypal
b) BitPay (Bitcoin Payment Gateway)
c) Stripe

2. How will they give me the discount? Bill time discount or a cashback?

The discount will be applied to your bill at the time of singing up for the tool. There will be no cash back.

3. How to know if I have successfully used adplexity carriers coupon code?

You can verify identify the same in two ways:
a) You will be able to see a deduction from your total amount at the time of billing.
b) The system will display a success message upon successful application of the coupon code at the time of checkout.

4. Is the platform safe for payment transactions?

Yes. The platform is safe and tested. You can check for ‘https’ in the address bar and also look for the SSL certificate to ensure that your transactions are safe and secure.

5. Can I use these coupon codes multiple times?

No, you can only use it once from one account. But you can use different coupons for different services. Check out other adplexity coupon codes for all other services.

6. Are these coupons verified?

Yes! The coupons are verified by our team, and if you face any issues regarding the use of coupons, you can get in touch with us and we shall resolve your issues at the earliest.

7. I cannot see a pop-up. What do I do?

We suggest checking plugins installed in your browser or your antivirus. One of them must have enabled the pop-up blocker. We suggest you switch it off to enjoy your savings.

What Is AdPlexity Carriers?

Every advertising and marketing campaign requires a targeted approach to reaching out to its potential audience. With AdPlexity Carriers, you use REAL 3G/LTE proxies from more than 80 mobile carriers in over 30 countries. For any of your outreach programs, you can strategize your plan of action and reach more than 30 countries. With AdPlexity Carriers, you can easily browse your mobile campaigns in foreign geographies.

AdPlexity Carriers technology can turn out to be an effective tool for people from the advertising and marketing industry. For instance, Affiliates, Mobile Advertisers, Ad verification systems, and Ad & Affiliate Networks can use the technology to view, track and assess online media activities with the help of mobile carriers across the globe. AdPlexity has more products, check out other adplexity coupon codes for exciting offers. We have curated a list of the best ad spy tools in our resource section for you to compare before buying.

Don’t forget to check out our detailed AdPlexity review before you buy any Adplexity product. Check more details about AdPlexity here on our website.

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