Best Ad Spy Tools for Spying on Your Competition

Paid search advertising, a very popular form of digital marketing, offers an opportunity for businesses to earn a prime position in search results. No matter big or small, any business can leverage paid ads. But you know how to create winning and profitable ad campaigns and make the most out of it? Well, our list of the best ad spy tools can help.

Paid social media advertising is quite different from traditional advertising. It is the right time when Paid marketing can be used as a key to a quick boost in sales. According to the HubSpot List of Marketing Statistics for 2020, around 68% of marketers believe that paid advertising is “very important” or “extremely important” to their overall marketing strategy. And also, 33% of marketers use paid advertising to enhance their brand awareness.

When I first started paid marketing, I was not so aware of ad spy tools. But when I heard about them and their benefits, I instantly began to use them. And, must say, I found them super beneficial.

What’s more interesting is, there are several best ad spy tools available on the market. But unless you have enough funds to subscribe to many of them, you need to choose carefully.

So let’s begin the mission to find the best ad spy tools for your industry or needs by discovering their features, benefits, and pricing.

Let’s proceed!

Best Ad Spy Tools for Data-Driven Marketing


Adplexity is one of my favorite tools. Also, it is one of the biggest and most advanced spy tools on the market. It’s also split into various options for mobile, push, native, adult, desktop, e-commerce, and carriers.

The best part is, each of the different options of this ad spy tool has unparalleled features to offer, and all of them collect data in real-time.

Without diving deep into each version of the spy tool, it’s hard to list all the benefits of Adplexity. What I most like about the interface is very easy to navigate, and there you will find an impressive amount of both filtering and search options.

Interesting Features

  • One of the most rich databases.
  • Easy to use user-interface.
  • Extensive, detailed, minute search-filters.
  • Bid-prices are available.
  • Real-time data.
  • Facebook ad analyzer
  • targeted devices are Desktop/Android/iPad / Mac/ iPhone etc


Each of the options mentioned above is sold separately and has its prices. These are mentioned below:

AdPlexity Native / Push / Carriers: $149.00/month.
AdPlexity Adult / Mobile / Desktop / E-commerce: $199.00/month

Thinking if Adplexity is worth the money? That would really be based on your budget, strategies, and ROI you expect to have from your campaigns.

Personally, for me, the features do deliver what we need. Check out our latest adplexity coupon codes that offer sitewide discounts. On our website, you can also explore more coupon codes for individual Adplexity tools such as adult, native, mobile, push, and more. Here’s the list of coupon codes you can find.


One of the best ads spy tools, SpyFu, allowed me to download all of my competitor’s most profitable keywords along with the ads for the paid campaigns and also the organic search. In short, SpyFu reveals the secrets of your competitors, along with the best search marketing secret formula.

It features in adwords competitors keywords spy tool, adwords keyword grouping tool, ppc competitor analysis, ppc negative match recommendations, adwords advisor, PPC Ad Rank Tracker, along with many more features in a row.

It is also one of the best Facebook ad spy tools too. For those who are unaware of how Facebook ads work, well, they are targeted to users based on their demographic, location, and profile information.

Most of such options are only available on Facebook. After creating an ad, we set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that our ad will get. Basically, by using a spy tool, you can uncover the best strategy and further craft your ads for the greatest traction.

Besides, with the tool, you will get every detail about keywords they have purchased on AdWords, along with every organic rank and ad variation that occurred in the past 12 years.

I recommend testing SpyFu, best for adwords competitor research, to gain an edge on the competition, especially if you don’t have an all-in-one SEO solution. It is a remarkable tool for any digital marketer responsible for the search channel.

Interesting Features

  • The database has over 13 years of Google data
  • Discover top online competitors
  • Finds unique keywords to use in paid/organic search campaigns
  • 30-day trial


There are three plans that cost between $39 and $299 per month.

Basic Plan, which is ideal for individuals who do not need API, access costs $39 per month. Professional Plan, which is ideal for companies that want to track 15,000 keywords or have API access, costs $79 per month. Team Plan, which is ideal for teams, who need 5 user accounts, costs $299 per month.

To make your purchase more convenient and affordable, we’ve collaborated exclusively with SpyFu team to get the latest spyfu coupon codes.


It won’t be wrong to say that one tool is never enough to give you a holistic view of your competitor’s SEO landscape.

We’re still on backlinks here, and for taking your analysis a step further, Majestic is an excellent option. I love to use this tool for examining the backlink profile of individual pieces of content.

What makes it best is BacklinkSpy, an excellent addition to Majestic. By using this tool one can reveal the best backlink opportunities that too in just a few clicks. Plus the results appear in clear columns and can be easily filtered and sorted just as you like.

Interesting Features

  • Backlink analysis
  • Metrics History
  • Backlinks tracking
  • Site Explorer
  • Share campaigns
  • Competitor research
  • Compare sites
  • Custom reports
  • Business profile checker


There are 3 plans to choose. Lite that comes at $49.99/ month then Pro that comes at $99.99/ month. And then API that comes at $399.99/ month.


The best competitor research and SEO tool I used is Ahrefs. It is one of the best ad spy tools, has the biggest backlink index than any other tool. Using this tool, you can spy on your competitors’ SEO strategies, keywords, backlinks, and also other aspects.

It helps in the Organic and Paid search link, PPC competitor analysis intersect feature, Content explorer, Keywords explorer, Site Explorer, and more.

No doubt that getting a decent backlink and keyword research tool is crucial if you are serious about the SEO of your site. Undoubtedly, you’ll notice how Ahrefs, best for adwords competitor research, beat every other SEO tool in the market out of the water as you keep on reading this review.

Interesting Features

  • 7 day trial for $7
  • Ease of use
  • Quick tech support system
  • Powerful data filters
  • Provides us with backlinks
  • Offers us with organic keywords lists


There are 4 versions available to buy.

  • The Lite version costs $ 99. Start trial for $7.
  • The standard version costs $ 179
  • The most popular advanced version, for 3 users, costs $ 399.
  • Agency, for 5 users, costs $ 999.

Mobidea Spy Tools

Mobidea, the ad network, has its very own spy tools! With native and push, two options: Mobidea offers an impressive inventory of ads that you can spy on, which impressed me the most.

From over 90 countries, with 19M ads, and 40 push networks, Mobidea, the best ad spy tool, offers a huge inventory which might even beat the legendary spy tools.

Mobidea Push Ads Spy Tool offers impressive data coverage, along with insights into exactly which traffic sources do best with a given offer along with updated information on which devices, as well as countries, are being targeted. Besides, with the app, you can even check exactly how much your rival is bidding for clicks in every campaign.

Interesting Features

  • CPC bid history
  • Landing page ripper
  • Real-Time Bidding History
  • Hourly ads update
  • Advanced search filters
  • Campaign alerts
  • Live chat support


If you only go for the Push option, it will cost you $79.99 monthly, while the native option alone will cost you $59.99 monthly. For combo packs, native+push, however, the monthly price amounts to $124.99.


With a classy design, SpyPush is an established push notification monitoring service.

I loved it because it supports a great number of ad networks, including DatsPush, PropellerAds, EvaDav, AdsTerra. If you are a media buyer or affiliate marketer, you will love this best ad spy tool for its simplicity of use and clean interface, combined with data from over 500,000 push ads.

They even offer a free trial, so you can enjoy a limited version of the service, that too, at no cost.

Interesting Features

  • Support 10 largest networks
  • A useful set of functionality
  • 2m push ads from over 95 countries
  • Creative jumps and landing pages.
  • Push-traffic-only spy tool


You can download lander and creatives with only one click for the monthly price of $49. If you ask me, that’s an excellent deal for beginners!


If you are looking for a platform that focuses on monitoring and analyzing competitors’ Native ads, SpyOver is the name. It has an impressive database of 7M ads and monitors 70 affiliate networks and 15 ad networks from over 115 countries.

One of the cool features I like about SpyOver is the amount of segmentation we can use in our searches.
With the tool, you can sort the data by devices, browsers, GEO, networks, and tracks and also filter by the duration and date of the creative.

As one of the best ad spy tools, SpyOver enables you to download competitors’ landing pages and select multiple creatives for downloading on time.

Interesting Features

  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Download any creatives in one click
  • Downloading a pre-lander instantly
  • Monitors 15 traffic sources
  • Translation of ad text into English
  • Mass download ads
  • Sort by popularity, novelty, lifetime, and by the trend
  • Get to see the ads that led on a concrete landing


Apart from free demo access, two more plans are available; Tarif Professional for $149 and Tarif Corporate for $299.


AdMobiSpy is no less than a leader in competitive mobile intelligence, tracks over 6M advertisements in real-time across 183 countries, and also involves 23 ad networks and 6 pop networks.

If you wanna find new profitable traffic sources for your campaigns, AdMobiSpy is the best ad spy tool to use. The tool takes Ad Spying to a next level as it helps you drill down into the deep level of your rivals’ campaigns. Like you’ll be able to predict outcomes as well as neglect strategies that could be harmful to your business.

Besides for affiliate marketers, it’s also perfectly geared up and tracks some of the most important networks in the industry.

Interesting Features

  • Quick and easy search
  • All around the world
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Effective landing pages
  • One-click downloading
  • Mass download function
  • Mapping relations
  • Affiliate networks and trackers


There are different plans available $299/month, $49 per month, $149 per month, and $199 per month. There is also one plan available at a bargain price that is $599 per month.


Almost everyone is familiar with SEMrush as a famous SEO tool for online marketers, but it’s also an amazingly neat tool for spying on the competitors’ PPC campaigns. Or I should say it’s certainly hard to beat as an all-in-one tool for competitive research on paid search campaigns.

SEMrush, the best ad spy tool, is just the ticket if you predominantly run pay-per-click campaigns!

They keep adding new features, such as the CPC map, which can help you to optimize your spending in local regions. The keyword magic tool, also best for adwords competitor research, allows you to fetch millions of keyword suggestions for your campaigns and make sure you pick a winner every time.

Interesting Features

  • Analyze competitors’ ad budgets & keywords
  • Monitor ad copy & landing pages
  • Find out new Competitors in Google and Bing Ads
  • Localize Your Ad Campaigns
  • 14-day free trial
  • PPC competitor analysis
  • Identify competitors’ ad copy in real-time


You can choose any of the three plans. Pro, Guru, Business. Pro costs $99, i.e., .95 per month. Guru $199 i.e., .95 per month. Business $399 i.e, .95 per month.


It is no doubt an extremely useful and impressive platform for spying on your competitors’ campaigns and not only aimed at affiliate marketing.

As we can see, many of the platforms reviewed on this list are concerned with Push notifications. But AdBeat, being one of the best ad spy tools, takes a unique approach and offers insight into competitive intelligence for the display advertising market.

AdBeat allows access to data from 120 ad networks, across 4 device types, in 20 countries, and can display ad data from Desktop, Native, Mobile, and Pre-roll ads.

Names include Outbrain, Revcontent, Taboola, and AdRoll, to name a few, and it’s the best way to craft winning campaigns and improve your own strategies.

Interesting Features

  • Data On Over 90+ Ad Networks
  • Good support
  • Get comparisons for up to 5 advertisers
  • 4+ device types and 20+ different countries
  • Amazing reports in a variety of formats.


Standard, Advance, and Enterprise are three available plans. For standard, you need to pay $249/ month. For Advance, you need to pay $399/ month, and for Enterprise, you can reach them on call at +1 (818) 646 8942.

Native Ads Spy Tools

Native ad spy tools show you ads on networks like Outbrain and Taboola. These are regularly in-stream, and you will commonly see them at the end of articles or blog posts. According to reports, Sites get around 50% of their income from Native Ads. Native Ad Buzz allows you to reverse engineer your competitors’ success to virtually ensure your campaigns thrive.

Interesting Features

  • Discover what’s hot right now
  • Save your favorite ads
  • Spy on competitors
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Uncover top business models
  • Mobile and desktop ads


The best part is Native Ad Buzz has a $7 7-day trial. Their Standard plan starts at $47 / month after that for desktop intel on Taboola and Outbrain.

If you want more networks and mobile ads, you need the Pro plan, which costs $97 / month plan. You can even go for a Pro 3 months plan that costs $197.


I love AdSpy, the powerful ad intelligence spy tool because it has 75+ million ads in 80+ languages across 195+ countries. This feature makes it a powerhouse of ads.

It is also popular as one of the leading Facebook ad spy tools just for social advertising. It will let you find out the Ads your competitors are running on both Facebook as well as LinkedIn. So, for sure shot success, uncover the competitor’s advertising secrets and replicate them easily.

Adspy offers one of the largest indexes of Ads on the market having more than 3,000,000 Ads Indexed. You will find new winnings Ad variants just in a few clicks.

Interesting Features

  • Accurate demographics
  • Check when the ad was created and what’s last seen of the ad.
  • Sort the ads by the technology used like Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc.
  • Filter the ads by daily likes and total likes.
  • Sort the ads running on specific platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Save a fortune on testing campaigns
  • Browse ads by what’s most important
  • Monitor the competition’s brands
  • Discover compelling new campaigns


They offer more search features than all their rivals at a cheaper cost. They offer virtually unlimited usage for just $149 per month.


If you check at one glance, AdVault is quite similar to other native ad tools. But it is different as well as best because using AdVault one can, simply discover the hot ads and can discover the winning campaigns right from 10,525,751 Native Adverts.

Advault is also one of the best Facebook ad spy tools.

This best ad spy tool helps you in checking your niche and the competitors as the tool allow you to track any specific advertisers and the keywords so you can copy them and come to know when new ads are actually showing up.

You will also love it because it will make you collect your favorite ads, and also the ads you’re actually interested in that you can collect it for future reference with the help of this amazing native ads spy.

The tool can spy on 13 major ad networks across 19 countries.

Interesting Features

  • Analytical data on Ads such as Ad strength, device, country, last seen, first seen, site placement, and times seen.
  • Easy to distinguish between affiliates and direct advertisers
  • Easy Ad Search by tag line, keywords, URL, and publisher
  • An enhanced filtering tool that covers the country, ad networks, date range, and redirects, device, minimum ad strength, language, minimum Facebook shares, minimum times have seen, and minimum publishers.
  • The option to save competitors ads, landers, and creative


Pro is their most popular plan. It offers you full database access. You can get this $97 per month promo price (Usually $249). Besides, there is another plan network which costs $1499 per month.


One amazing marketing spy tool, WhatRunsWhere, allows us to find

  • Where your rivals are advertising
  • What types of ads they’re crafting
  • Which of the advertisers and ads are running on a specific domain, by keywords.

The best ad spy tool has international coverage for over 150 display networks and 140 mobile ad networks. Plus, it has data that runs on 7 countries and 500 ad networks.

It also provides you the possibility to search by publisher, advertiser, keyword, or network. You can explore the advanced opportunity to search by network and category. It will help you find inspiration and launch the new GEOs while being fully ready.

Interesting Features

  • Discover Winning Strategies
  • Find top performing creatives in your market or niche
  • Identify winning campaigns
  • Find new traffic sources & reach larger audiences with ad intelligence
  • Across 5 of the largest online markets
  • Stay up-to-date on competitors’ display ad strategies
  • Understand key trends across mobile, desktop, and native channels


There are three available plans to enjoy full-fledged features.

The Basic (Desktop & Native) costs $299/Month.
The Full Coverage plan (Mobile + Desktop & Native) costs $399/Month
The enterprise plan is also there, but you need to contact them for pricing.


One of the most powerful Facebook ads spy tools, PowerAdSpy, is best rated by users and me. It exclusively focuses on Facebook ads and has efficiently refined the art of spying on the competition’s Facebook ads. As such, it bestows you access to vital actionable data for your ad campaigns.

This is one of the best ad spy tools, is particularly built by Affiliates for Affiliates. When you gain access to their elaborate e-Commerce Ad database, you’ll confirm the validity of this adage, which features over six million ads in about 15 countries. It assists you to spy on competitors’ campaign ads and extract useful data such as landers, creatives, trackers, asad type, and keywords.

Check out our PowerAdSpy coupon codes and get 30% discount on your subscription.

Interesting Features

  • Discover hidden niches
  • Sort the ads by its positions
  • Facebook ad analyzer
  • Sort the ads by country.
  • Sort ads by its CTA
  • Bookmark The Best Ads
  • Ads From 15+ Countries
  • Complete visibility
  • Geo-targets of your competitors
  • Free version to use


There is one FREE plan $0 that offers access to 100 searches / 1000 ads for 10 days.
The basic plan comes at $49 per month.
The STANDARD plan costs $99 per month.


Anstrex is another best ad spy tool to offer you all competitive intelligence data, which you could make the best use of. They keep regularly updating their database, and their database is considered to be one of the richest ones. If you are expecting to enhance your ROI and sales conversion, then you can always try your hands on this tool.

This tool helps save your time on researching competitor advertising, getting quick access to all native ads in your niche, spending wisely on your advertisements, when compared to all other tools available in the market.

So, by providing you with a screenshot of every adviser’s page, this tool only lets you improve your ROI, helps you stand better in competition, and also makes you download your landing pages as well.

Interesting Features

  • Monitor major push notification networks
  • Check rivals’ CPC bid history, creative and landing pages
  • Lead you to where your competition are obtaining interaction from using Alexa
  • A free plan


If you want Anstrex native, you only need to pay $59.99/MO, if you want Anstrex Push, you only need to pay $79.99/MO, and if you want Anstrex Dropship, you need to pay nothing.


BigSpy is on my list because it worked well with my short budget. So, must say, those starting or are working on a budget still want to invest in competitive intelligence research tools, they can consider BigSpy as their Facebook ad spy tool. Even if this one is not refined as other players on the market, it’s well worth the service.

It is also known as the Free ad spy tool, offers the crucial information needed to conduct your online marketing and e-commerce ventures even when some of its competitors are popular for their feature-rich mechanisms.

It is particularly ideal and the best ad spy tool if you intend to run a fistful of campaigns without incorporating all the bells and whistles found in the superior tools.

Interesting Features

  • Discovering new niches or idea tracked by thousands of users
  • 6+ major social networks.
  • Facebook ad analyzer
  • Tracking performance curve or ad scheduling
  • filtering by ad types, formats, countries, industry type, date, and CTA
  • Data based and continuous insight across 1 billion ads.


There are four plans available. One is free with limited search features. One is basic with $ 9 / month. Then there comes PRO, which costs $ 99 / month. And at last, there is a plan called Elite, which costs $ 399 / month.


Herewith these best ad spy tools, you can really uncover the most winning and popular Ads of your competitions. I hope this article offered what you were looking for.

If you are still in a dilemma about which one to choose, then go with SEMrush without any hesitation. They provide their clients with the best product, which 6 million marketing specialists worldwide are using. Besides that, Ahrefs is the name you can blindly rely on. It is an All-in-one SEO toolset, with a passionate Community & support and free Learning materials.

Anyways, choose the one that suits your all needs and budgets and conquer the digital world!


1. What is the best Facebook ads spy tool?

PowerAdSpy is one best Facebook ads spy tool, or I should say very powerful for your Facebook Ads that offer you the possibility to spy on Google Ads, YouTube, Google Display, Reddit, Instagram, Native Ads, and Quora. Offer access to more than 80 million ads over 198 countries in 88 different languages.

2. How can I spy on my competitors’ ads?

By using ad spy tools. By using the above mentioned best ad spy tools, you can spy on your competitor advertising in the best possible way to make the most out of your paid marketing.

3. Is spying on competitors illegal?

Many people believe that spying on a private company is illegal. But it isn’t illegal. You can easily obtain information about competitors via legal means, even if those means are secretive or deceptive, and ad spy tools are one of the legal ways.

4. What are advertising tools?

Advertising is one vital aspect of marketing as consumers can’t buy products unless they know what they are and how to get them. Some of the tools are Organic Social Media, Paid Social Media, Email Marketing, Display Retargeting, Programmatic Advertising, etc.

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