Top Best eBikes to Upgrade Your Daily Commute to Better Ride

Electric bikes are trending. Of course, they are something you can flaunt with but also highly beneficial means of transportation for everyone. Yes, the top best eBikes that can take the sweat out of riding and make cycling fun, more than ever before.

Choose an eBike That Suits You

eBikes come in different ranges and styles to cater to different types of riders. Most are already happy with versatile types as they are very much comfortable to ride, and fit accessories like racks and mudguards make everything smooth.

From multi-terrain capable machines to fast city commuters and innovative electric folders, there are several options to choose from. No wonder it is overwhelming to find one among several Best Budget eBikes for you.

Well, I can help you with this problem. Thinking how? My guide is all about the top best eBikes in 2020, eBike brands, price ranges, features, pros, cons, etc. Keep reading and, I am sure that by the end of the discussion, you will have one pick for you.

So, let’s begin!

Why Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

benefits of buying ebike | comic strip

If you are doubtful, no worries. Because I also lived this same dilemma. why should I buy an eBike? How is it going to be helpful? But by my experience, I must say, very much!

Think this way, if you enjoy the freedom of cycling, but wish for fancy arriving at your destination, i.e., fresh and presentable rather than all sweaty, then you’re already lusting after an e-bike.

The second reason I love traveling on an eBike is that it is about three times less expensive to operate than other vehicles, especially from a current fuel cost perspective.

Besides, they also cost less in terms of negative externalities as they never create localized pollution, which contributes to health concerns and also ruins the views of the mountains.

A single gasoline-powered vehicle generates around 1.3 billion cubic yards of air pollution, which means by riding a bike, I & you are leaving a lasting impact on the environment and doing our part to save mother Earth.

Plus, I never have to face train delays or traffic jams, thanks to an easy, breezy commute by bicycle, and efficiently cut down on my travel time.

Most importantly, using an eBike, for me, has become an excellent way to adhere to social distancing guidelines, as I don’t have to call for a cab every time I need to go out. And not to forget that the risk of contracting coronavirus from a shared or public vehicle is high.

So, these bikes are really the best mode of transportation for our new pandemic life.

Let’s start listing top best eBikes in 2020.

List of Top Best eBikes You Can Buy

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Swagtron, also known as a discount e-bike maker, is famous for its super low-cost and Best Folding eBikes. Along with making the best bikes, they make pretty darn good ones for crazy cheap prices. From eBikes to electric scooters, to skateboards and accessories & parts, the maker offers us all.

The most popular and best bike by Swagtron, I feel, is Swagcycle EB5.

Swagcycle EB5 folding eBike, one Best Cheap eBikes, covers everything you may expect in an electric bike, with the added bonus of it being portable easily.

Due to its lightweight frame, it is simple to carry up a flight of stairs. It’s a great starter bike for anyone entering into the electric bike world and wants something easy to operate and equally as easy to ride.

Plus, anyone between 4ft 10in and 6ft 7in can ride it comfortably. In all, it offers a stable and smooth journey with a unique design.

Swagtron eBikes Pros

  • Durable but lightweight
  • Runs 18 miles per hour (top speed)
  • Charge your phone

Swagtron eBikes Cons

  • Wheels work excellently on paved roads
  • The seat must be adjustable
  • Charge time can improve

Price: $499.99

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Whenever you see a group ride or watch a race, you will see many riders aboard Specialized bikes. And why won’t be? Specialized’s name comes under the list of biggest bike producers in the world. The California company, for years, has developed groundbreaking, best affordable eBikes, won countless races and acquired a massive fanbase. Not only eBikes, but you will get a range of equipment at affordable prices there!

Well, among so many options, One of the best eBikes, I like, by Specialized, is Turbo Levo SL. It is one of the top best eBikes in 2020 and no less a Porsche of the electric mountain bike world. Yes, with the latest battery, choice components, and the motor tech makes it a mud-plugging weapon, which doesn’t tire the legs, especially when it comes time to ride to the top of the hill.

Specialized eBikes Pros

  • Looks attractive
  • Handles like a proper MTB
  • Offers real comfort

Specialized eBikes Cons

  • Expensive
  • Smaller motor

Price: $13,525


Kevin Dugger, the creator of Ride1UP, began exploring by constructing an electric bicycle. He found it to be a game-changer and was unable to locate another svelte, perceptive, and effective bike on the market. and ultimately went it alone.

Although RideUP has just recently joined the market, it has already dominated it by fusing incredible trends and quality. The brand’s effectiveness has allowed it to stand out from the competition. The models are not only sophisticated and stylish, but they also consume even less energy than walking or conventional riding.

They have seen a sharp increase in sales thanks to their care for the environment and local communities. Our experience has surprised us to discover that the motor lasts longer than the typical e-bikes available on the market.

Check out our Ride1UP review to know more

Ride1UP eBikes Pros

  • Super bright integrated 80 lux headlight and taillight
  • Maxxis Refuse tires, e-bike touring tires for high-performance
  • Schwalbe tires

Ride1UP eBikes Cons

  • The battery life doesn’t last particularly long.
  • The motor is a tad bit noisy at top speed

Price: $1,045

Rad Power Bikes

Being a direct-to-consumer US-based company, Rad Power Bikes specializes in making unique top-selling eBikes anyone can afford. People who only want a better way to commute on an everyday basis, save money, and have fun, in the long run, they can buy their bikes from Rad Power Bikes. And the best part is, if you choose the brand, you will get to buy all accessories along with an eBikes, all at one store.

Among all of the best commuter eBikes by Rad Power Bikes, the one I like the most is RadRhino 5.

Well, this is not just a set of wheels to help you in traveling, but also capable of carrying you, your friends, and the giant washbasin to even the furthest of destinations.

The bulletproof frame, Puncture-Resistant Tires, and quality components combine to create a bike that’s built to last. It is also gentle. It’s five power levels & seven speeds tell how easy it is to cruise along at speeds of around 25kmph.

Rad Power Bikes eBikes Pros

  • Run easily through terrain
  • Sustains up to 125kg weight
  • Exceptional value

Rad Power Bikes eBikes Cons

  • It’s huge

Price: €1.599,00

Mackite Boarding

Mackite Boarding is the brand that covers us for Kiteboarding, Hydrofoil, Wetsuits, and Electric Rideables. They are known for the range of top-selling eBikes they offer and are one of the biggest eBikes producers. You can even get top-class accessories and parts for your bikes from here!

Benno eJoy Electric Bike by Mackite Boarding is the bike I love.

With 26-inch wheels, a big, comfy seat, a nine-speed drivetrain, and disc brakes, full fenders, this one of the Top Fast eBikes are great to buy. It also has the appearance of a practical everyday cruiser.

Moreover, due to its oversized rear rack, integrated Supernova E3 lights, a heavy-duty head tube with front-tray mounts (the tray is an add-on), you will totally love Benno, one of the top-rated eBikes under $1000. It’s one of the sturdiest, quietest, most stylish, most convenient, and easiest-to-operate e-bikes available.

Mackite Boarding eBikes Pros

  • Integrated lock and lights
  • Comes with an oversize rear rack

Mackite Boarding eBikes Cons

  • A bit expensive

Price: $3,399.00


Based in California, Ancheer has been selling bikes around since 2015. And it is one of the popular names when it comes to eBikes. They have a couple of physical locations in California and also sell bikes online, through their website, so that you don’t have to leave your home’s comfort for buying a bike. Besides eBikes, they also sell adult & kids scooters and exercise bikes at competitive prices.

The one bike I love from Ancheer is its Ancheer Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike.

It is one extremely low-cost value, and one of the best budget eBikes with amazing features like the front suspension, Shimano 7 speed system, and is one of the brands available with speedy Amazon Prime shipping. Besides, the bike has a battery integrated headlight, an electric horn, a rear-mounted kickstand to kill annoying pedal lock, rear rack provisions, and a comfy gel saddle, bringing fun every time you ride it. Its 7 speed Shimano Tourney, with a derailleur guard, and 160mm mechanic disc brakes, makes it more appealing and worth buying.

Ancheer eBikes Pros

  • Battery backup is great
  • Water-resistant battery
  • Exceptionally low price

Ancheer eBikes Cons

  • Heavy when unpowered
  • Motor makes noises when straining

Price: $619.99


Aventon started in 2013 but made itself popular soon. They started by making fixed-gear bicycles, and gradually they have grown in size and turned to focus more and more on the eBikes space.

Some of Aventon’s most popular eBikes models from previous years are Pace 350 and 500, and this year they have produced one of the best commuter eBikes, Class 3 commuter, like the Level, my favorite one.

A feature-rich and exclusive Class 3 commuting eBikes, the Aventon Level is a fresh model and one of the top best eBikes in 2020 with amazing quality components, and its price is pocket-friendly. Being a hybrid, it straddles the line between Class 3 and Class 2, with a throttle that offers power up to 20mph while pedal-assist can push you further up to 28mph. For those who want the Class 3 speeds along with the use of a throttle from time to time, this is a nice setup and rare configuration.

Aventon eBikes Pro

  • A solid warranty
  • Include excellent accessories
  • 500-watt motor

Aventon eBikes Cons

  • No lights
  • The motor is fairly loud

Price: $1,599

Blix Bike

Blix Electric Bikes offers high-quality electric bikes. Yes! Based in Santa Cruz, CA, this bicycle start-up company makes practical eBikes for the modern city commuter. Must say that the Blix Bike, having close to a decade of development experience, very well knows what it takes to build amazing electric bicycles. They even offer accessories that make your bike convenient to use.

And one of their amazingly popular bikes is Blix Vika+, also one of the best commuter eBikes.

It is also one of the elegant folding, best budget eBikes with tons of new accessories you surely want. It’s powerful and long-lasting 48v 14ah battery, upgraded 500-watt motor, disc brakes, and thicker tires make it worth buying.

It is very easy to fold & carry, and when it’s nearly folded, you can actually push or pull the bike around using the handlebar, which is handy for trains. Well, what I love most is a protective cover and carrying bag, which helps in clean transport and storage.

Blix eBikes Pros

  • 500-watt motor
  • High capacity battery
  • Disc brakes
  • Throttle & pedal assist

Blix eBikes Cons

  • Little heavier than other folding bikes
  • Display is not removable

Price: $1,599


Born in London in 1975, The Brompton is still to this day the UK’s favorite folding bike. Since you can fold it down quickly and easily, and hop on a train or bus without too much fuss, Brompton’s bikes are so much in demand. The best part is their bikes are now available in many different guises. They even sell parts, accessories, bags, etc.

One of the TOP bikes by the maker is Brompton Electric, which is also one of the Best Folding eBikes.

It is the most usable and best-riding, folding e-bike I’ve tested. The compact motor and great battery enable the electrified Brompton to become the company’s classic folding design, which means the bike gets very small and handy.

Even at speeds pushing 25 mph, it handles better than it should, due to its 16-inch wheels for a bike. Also, those tiny wheels and handlebar assist you to skirt through traffic. That’s not only one of the best experiences for Brompton riders, but the ability to shoot gaps with immediate torque is a new and exhilarating advantage of the quintessential folding bike entering the electric world.

Brompton eBikes Pros

  • Ready to buy in 2- and 6-speed models
  • Folds similar to non-electric Bromptons

Brompton eBikes Cons

  • Maximum pedal assist is 15.5 mph

2 Speed Model – $3,499
6 Speed Model – $3,649

Being one of the biggest bike brands in the world, Giant Bicycles is also known as one of the best budget eBikes brands. It is one customer-like brand and always gets high ratings in its hybrid and mountain bike categories.

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is also identified among the crowd for providing a comfortable ride. With so many features, it won’t be wrong to say this one a Best Cheap eBikes. From bikes to clothing & equipment they sell all!

The Giant Trance E+1 Pro is the best among all by Giant Bicycles.

It has the best combination of performance and price. It’s almost agile, and you can ride with finesse even after its huge length, low bike with 27.5 wheels that corner well. Moreover, these top-rated eBikes under $1000 are relatively quiet and apply torque smoothly without lag.

Giant Bicycles eBikes Pros

  • 2 x 11-speed drivetrain Shimano Ultegra
  • Battery is 375Wh

Giant Bicycles eBikes Cons

  • Huge in weight

Price: $5,600.00

Trek Bikes

From triathlon bikes to high-end road, mountain, and kids’ bikes, Trek Bikes produces everything. Their products are available at a range of prices. Like the high-performance bikes are a little expensive, but there are also the best affordable eBikes.

Trek Bikes has continually worked to refine and improve its products over the last 42 years and persuaded the world to join in and take the journey towards better fitness and health.

One of the best bikes by Trek is Trek Domane+ HP, which is also one of the Top Selling eBikes in the USA.

Trek’s front and rear IsoSpeed decouplers in Domane+ HP are what make it particularly awesome to ride. These decouplers not only enhance the frame’s compliance but also offer a remarkable comfort improvement to the rider. They improve the control and handling of this almost-40-pound bike, especially in bumpy corners, and also help the tires stick better to the road.

Must say that this Domane, one of the Top Fast eBikes, isn’t afraid to ride rough pavement. It fits up to 38mm tires, giving it decent gravel chops, and if you want to commute or tour on it, it’s ready for a rear rack and fenders.

Trek Bikes eBikes Pros

  • Make climbs faster and easier
  • Ride any pavement

Trek Bikes eBikes Cons

  • Heavy

Price: $6,999.99 – $7,499.99

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best eBike in the market?

The folding and one of the best budget eBikes, Swagcycle EB5 by SWAGTRON, offers everything you may expect in an electric bike with the bonus of it being easily portable.

2. Which is the best eBike for mountain trekking?

Turbo Levo SL, by Specialized, is a Porsche of the electric mountain bike world. It doesn’t tire the legs, especially when it comes time to ride to the top of the hill.

3. Which is the best cargo eBike?

Tern GSD, one of the best cargo & top best eBikes in 2020, is infinitely useful and lots of fun to ride. With a giant seat, you can carry the kids, and there is a lot of storage upfront and in the rear pannier bags that come included.

4. Which is the best folding eBike?

Brompton Electric is one of the best folding eBike on the market, as it folds in three places and becomes small quickly, i.e., in 30 seconds.

5. Which eBike company provides services in the USA?

Trek Bicycles making everything from professional road and mountain styles to kid models, is the largest U.S. bicycle company and its bikes are Top Selling eBikes in the USA!

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