Best Premium Shopify Themes to Acquire New Customers

No matter what industry you are in, picking the best converting Shopify theme is becoming a priority for every business owner. And why shouldn’t it be? Shopify powers over 1 million business websites worldwide and is one of the best online eCommerce platforms out there. But at the same point, picking one among lots of awesome and best premium shopify themes out there is a tough job.

What Best Premium Shopify Themes Can Do?

Ok, so let me begin with a personal experience. My uncle has been the owner of a small start-up. When it came to choosing the best Shopify theme for his website, he struggled a lot with the research.

We read multiple articles to find the best Shopify theme for his business, but making a choice was still tough. Mostly, because, it was hard to identify the best premium shopify themes, especially for his online apparel brand.

Therefore, I helped him out with the research. And, with consistent analysis and help from my some tech savvy friends, I made a list of best converting Shopify themes to help small business owners.

So, if you are also in the same dilemma and finding a theme for your website, you landed on the right page. Because, to save your time from painstaking research, here I will tell you some Best Premium Shopify Themes at cheap rates that will help you convert more visitors into customers and meet your business goals.

But first…

How Shopify Themes Help With Conversions?

High converting Shopify Themes are super vital for today’s business, be it a small, large, or fresh startup! 

But, when you are thinking about your conversion rate, you need to think about your customer’s journey throughout your website.

Basically, the conversion process on a website is:

  • Firstly, visitors click on a link to get to your website (Search engine result, email, newsletter)
  • Further, they move from a product image to the product page
  • Then they click ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’
  • And then the checkout and payment process

All such touchpoints on your website should be fast and optimized for users to become a customer.

Therefore, when it comes to finding the best premium shopify themes, you need to look for one that is going to make your customer’s journey super easy. The simpler and compelling your process will be, the higher will be your conversion rate!

How to Choose Best Premium Shopify Themes?

Many factors make a website good for converting visitors. But a few of them are the most important ones. So, here are those few things you must look for when choosing a Shopify theme.

Easy Navigation

First thing first, ask the below questions to yourself.

  • Are your customers easily finding what they’re looking for, without a lot of scrolling & clicking?
  • Are the categories well-organized?
  • Is the navbar menu easy to access?
  • Is there any search bar to help people find a specific product?

Choose a Shopify theme that answers these questions and satisfy the intent of your website visitor. A happy customer journey on your website is the first step to conversion.

Looks Matter

Don’t just think whether you like the theme. The best Shopify themes for conversion are always visually appealing for your audience.

No wonder you may get amused by a theme with some high tech flashy features, but if you run a creative, handcrafted paper business, that’s not going to be the one you need.

So, make sure that the look and layout of the home page, product page, or category page go with your purposes. 

Also, check its responsiveness to several devices.

Images, Images & Images

High-quality images of products make a visual impact that might encourage a customer to keep browsing. Hence, must check that your theme supports large images slideshows to exhibit various products. Also, make sure that the user can zoom into images on your website.

Again, these answers will help you make a decision!


To any potential customer, one of the biggest turn-offs is a slow website. Based on Google’s loading time analysis, if a page takes 1-3 seconds to load, the bounce rate raises to 32%. And if a page takes 1-10 seconds, it raises to a whopping 123%.

Basically, if the website theme takes ages to load, it may increase your website’s bounce rate and divert your users to another website.

You can check reviews about the themes to find what existing users talk about how fast (or slow) the theme works.

Sales & Promotions

Promotions and sales are a great way to draw in new customers. Some of the High converting Shopify themes are built around this philosophy. The developers embed it in the theme’s design, with banners located in eye-catching places.

Customer Support

A customer support team and how they handle queries and complaints is another thing to look out for. If they offer timely solutions to users’ issues, it might be a great choice of theme to go with!

Money-Back Guarantee

It’s great to know beforehand, whether you can get a refund or exchange if a Shopify theme doesn’t end up best for you. Because you get access to the full code necessary to create a fully functional store, when you purchase a cheap Shopify theme, and most theme developers do not offer refunds.

That’s why, before purchasing, it’s important to always take a demo of the store. Generally, it’s easier for theme designers to offer an exchange for another theme they provide, though the exact policies vary.

List of Best Premium Shopify Themes

Pixel Union

Pixel Union is one of the highly regarded Shopify theme stores as they service both Fortune 500 companies and budding entrepreneurs alike. For a good reason, they’ve earned one of the biggest names and are ready to leverage the Shopify platform with their Free, Premium Shopify Themes.

The best thing is, Pixel Union’s templates are all very mobile-friendly, so it doesn’t matter what screen sizes your shoppers are using. They will have a great experience.

Well, if elegant themes with functional features are what you need, Pixel Union should be your choice.

Pixel Union Pros

  • PixelUnion’s Superstore has something for every merchant whether you sell one product or own a marketplace.
  • They even create custom themes for merchants.
  •  Hundreds of professional-looking Shopify themes 

Pixel Union Cons

  • One can only find their themes by platform, not by industry.
  • They have ample of themes to choose from, but in comparison to competitors, the choice is a little sparse. 

Pixel Union Pricing

Pixel Union offers several Shopify themes ranging from $40 to $200. So choose any to increase sales and drive conversions now! Check out the varieties of pixel union shopify themes and their prices.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use our latest and working pixel union discount codes to get your theme at a super cheap price.


Created by Bradley Long, the Conversion Rate Expert, Shoptimized was and has become the #1 unofficial Shopify theme, quickly.

Due to its lightning-fast page load speed, it offers your customers the best shopping experience. Shoptimized has more than 30 conversion-boosting features such as GEO-IP recognition, free shipping bar, cart page urgency, etc., to help you turn clicks into customers, making it one of the High Converting Shopify Themes.

The best part is, Shoptimized comes with an inbuilt countdown timer with several customization options, so to put a countdown timer on your product page that you don’t have to buy any other Shopify app.

Shoptimized Pros

  • Multiple Integrations
  • A dedicated Support team and FB Groups
  • Superfast store and page loading

Shoptimized Cons

  • They have some Add-on services
  • Available in only a few languages

Shoptimized Pricing

You can enjoy the basic version of Shoptimized at $167, the pro version at $197, and the ultimate version at $597. Simply choose any of the 3 plans from Shoptimized up to your needs!

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Booster Theme

Another cool and responsive theme, Booster Theme, is designed to make your content more accessible. You know what? Already 3000+ online stores are using it.

The one reason is that it helps you upsell products to your customers while they are shopping on your site. For instance, if a user is looking for a t-shirt, this feature can recommend to them products related to a hat or pair of shoes that goes in style with the t-shirt.

Booster Theme Pro

  • It is a multilingual site
  • Highly optimized for mobile
  • High converting product page
  • Fast in speed
  • 10 language support

Booster Theme Cons

  • You need to reinstall Booster again for updates
  • No refunds whatsoever
  • No unlimited store’s license
  • Little more expensive

Booster Theme Pricing

Just like Shoptimized, the Booster theme also has 3 different pricing options, such as a single license for $179, 2 licenses for $297, and 5 licenses for $497!

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Turbo Shopify Theme

Turbo Shopify Theme, one of the best paid Shopify themes, is specially designed to perform fast and is also optimized for mobile devices. The theme comes with a long list of features to help eCommerce owners. It offers a fourteen-day guarantee. Some of the top features of the theme involve mega menus, testimonials, a homepage image gallery, and infinite scrolling.

Befitting its name, Turbo, one of the best Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes, is built for speed. Besides, the theme is more focused on brand than individual products or collections. The home-page is designed in a way to invite the visitor into your brand and to not just to sell products.

For more details, you can check out our full Turbo Shopify theme review that has a detailed analysis of the price, pros, cons, and features of the Turbo theme.

Turbo Shopify Theme Pros

  • Navigation is seamless.
  • Fast on mobile devices too
  • Good support and a theme help center.

Turbo Shopify Theme Cons

  • One of the more pricey themes
  •  A tremendous learning curve to get to the right points

Turbo Shopify Theme Pricing

The theme is available for you only at $350. You might be thinking that the price is a bit high, but believe me, with all such features, it is worth paying! Use our turbo theme discount codes for a 15% exclusive discount.

Out of the Sandbox Shopify Theme

An award-winning seller of premium Shopify themes, Out of the Sandbox creates robust and flexible Shopify themes for merchants so they can create functional as well as attractive eCommerce stores that can handle every aspect of their store from content to products and everything in between.

For merchants looking for optimized themes with powerful performance, Out of the Sandbox Shopify Themes are worth checking out.

Out of the Sandbox Pros

  • Excellent speed
  • Easy to use and smooth navigation
  • Highly customizable themes

Out of the Sandbox Cons

  • Few Sandbox themes are expensive
  • Sometimes themes not work well on all niches

Out of the Sandbox Pricing

The range for Out of the Sandbox’s optimized themes starts only at $180 and so on up to $450.

Pro Tip: Get your hands now on the latest and exclusive Out of the Sandbox discount codes to convert best offers.

Shella Shopify Theme

An amazing Shopify theme Shella, also poplar among online marketers as one best premium shopify themes, is specifically tailored for users in the fashion industry.

The best part is, with its True Filter feature, you can filter products by everything from price, description, title, and more. Moreover, Shella comes with over 68 pre-designed pages.

Must say, this theme is unique in this niche and filled with a rich selection of features.

Shella Shopify Theme Pros

  • Fastest Google PageSpeed results
  • Boost conversions at a high pace
  • Smarter checkout buttons

Shella Shopify Theme Cons

  • Limited to niches
  • Beneficial to selective merchants

Shella Shopify Theme Pricing

The pricing of Shella Shopify theme at just $59. Isn’t it a great deal?

Konversion Shopify Theme

If you are looking for one Best Shopify Themes for Conversion, Konversion Shopify theme is the name. Yes, it is another powerful theme designed and built for CONVERSIONS!

Besides, it is also popular for its high performance concerning page loading speeds and easy customization and setup. The theme is packed with features and reduces your dependency on plugins.

Konversion is suitable for a variety of niches, including apparel, shoes, jewellery, food and drinks, gifts, home decor, and more, making it the best Shopify themes for instant conversion.

Konversion Shopify Theme Pros

  • Comes with a 15-day money guarantee.
  • Tons of features 
  • Optimized codes and graphics
  • Dedicated customer support

Konversion Shopify Theme Cons

  • The pages may take longer to load
  • $97/year for continued customer support

Konversion Shopify Theme Pricing

While buying Konversion, there are two packages you can choose from. For a single store license, you only have to pay $197.  Else you can choose the 3 license package which will cost $394 if you have multiple Shopify stores. 

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme

A premium and highly regarded paid Shopify theme, Ecom Turbo, is created by Franklin Hatchett, designed for drop-shippers that need a theme that is easy to use and customize. 

You don’t even need any type of coding, technical knowledge, and design experience to use Ecom Turbo. All the user-friendly functionality of the theme makes it easy to build and a high-quality store theme that gets you the desired conversions.

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Pros

  • Full support is available
  • Fast load times
  • Mobile optimization
  • Boost conversions at a high rate

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Cons

  • Facebook bot integrations, one-click upsells are missing
  • No custom page layouts
  • At every theme update, you need to update the entire site

Ecom Turbo Shopify Theme Pricing

For the eCom Turbo Shopify theme, the price range starts from $97 for a single store license, a middle $127 license to use on a maximum of 3 Shopify stores, and a $147 license, to use on unlimited stores. 

Myshop Shopify Theme

One of the Most Popular Shopify Themes, Myshop comes with 13 different variants with listings, shopping cart, product pages, blog variants, and so on. Featured with bold and striking layouts, it is a flexible eCommerce theme you can choose. 

Moreover, Myshop is 100% responsive and works well across all devices, making it a great choice for any website. Fast, flexible, modern, this theme is a great choice that comes with an impressive list of features, including Google rich snippets, custom tabs, Instagram widgets for selling via social media, product color swatches, and plenty more.

Myshop Shopify Theme Pros

  • Perfect choice for any website
  • Loads of features
  • 14+ Premade Layouts

Myshop shopify theme Cons

  • Sometimes not easy to navigate or low page loading time

Myshop shopify theme Pricing

Guess what? All these features along with increased sales at just $89. Yippee!

YourStore Shopify Theme

YourStore is not only one of the Best Premium Shopify Themes, but also the 3rd-most downloaded Shopify theme on ThemeForest. And why won’t be? After all, it comes with over 22 premade layouts for you to choose from.

YourStore also offers powerful integrations and options that make it a powerful admin panel, more intuitive, and great customer support.

Yourstore Shopify Theme Pros

  • Template is awesome
  • Support is prompt.
  • Best for no particular area
  • Not so pricey

Yourstore Shopify Theme Cons

  • Slow updates
  • Less user friendly

Yourstore Shopify Theme Pricing

So how much does this all cost? Well, enjoy the features of YourStore only at $60!

SalesHunter Shopify Theme

If you want the sales boosting elements in your website, try SalesHunter. With a modern, flexible and strategic design, it proudly holds the position of being one of the best premium Shopify themes.

SalesHunter has several inbuilt money-making features to grow your Shopify business with credible customers. There is drag-and-drop page builder integrated in it, using which you can customize your home page in minutes.

They have a feature of urgent countdown clock that tells users that time is running and they should buy soon before the offer ends. Other features such as real time notifications, smart up-sell pop ups, and fully customizable cart page makes is the best converting Shopify theme for any kind of e-commerce business.

SalesHunter Shopify Theme Pros

  • From homepage to cart page, it is fully customizable
  • Inbuilt currency converter
  • attractive top announcement bars
  • Countdown timer as quick call to actions

SalesHunter Shopify Theme Cons

  • No tutorials available for new online business owners

SalesHunter Shopify Theme Pricing

SalesHunter has 3 themes on which they vouch on the most – Nudy, Neon, and Black. You can buy SalesHunter Shopify theme starting with $180.

Mogo Shopify Theme

MOGO, one of the Most Popular Shopify Themes, comes with over 15 pre-built website templates.

There are several powerful features to help you sell your product, such as compare, Product Quick view, product labels, unlimited layout color schemes, countdown promotion, image slider, and plenty more.

Moreover, this theme comes with 15 different styles, and based on what your market is, there’s a lot of variety to pick from. Plus, it’s an image-heavy theme that depends on lots of large, high-def images of your products. If you have great product photos, pick Mogo.

Also, there is a support forum where you can ask questions to experts directly and get an answer within 24 hours of the question asked.

Mogo Shopify Theme Pros

  • A quick view of products
  • Fast desktops and on mobile phones 
  • The theme is optimized to load

Mogo Shopify Theme Cons

  • Animation times are a bit slow.

Mogo Shopify Theme Pricing

There are 3 Mogo plans to choose from. You get the single domain license at just $89, 5-domain license at $356, and developer license at $2225! Not a bad deal, right?

Take Away Thoughts

Picking a theme is critical to the success of your Shopify store. So, never make a quick decision.

Look through these 12 Best Shopify Themes for Conversion, and carefully consider whether it fits your needs or not. Some are more suited for certain niches, while some are best for larger catalogs. 

I would suggest you go with Myshop as this theme works both on desktop and mobile devices, a great choice for almost any webstore. You can even choose Shoptimized because of its best, dedicated customer support and tonnes of features that too at not so high cost.

However, while making any decision, be sure to select the Shopify theme that fits your store at its best.

Also, remember, an ergonomic or aesthetically pleasing theme isn’t the only marketing strategy you can use to enhance your domain’s conversion rates, so choose wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Shopify themes worth it?

There are tons of Free, Premium Shopify Themes available to choose from, many of which are very modern featured and highly customizable. Whether you buy any theme from the Shopify theme store or directly from a theme developer, it offers you the benefits of eCommerce design without having to fork over tons of hard-earned dough. Hence, it’s always worth buying!

2. Why are Shopify themes so expensive?

Premium & best premium Shopify themes are so expensive because they offer more customized options, design elements and also include a range of applications that are built into the coding and rely on external APIs as well as other functionalities that may bear a cost!

3. Which Shopify themes are available at good discounted prices?

Many Best Shopify Themes for Conversion from ThemeForest, YourStore, Mogo, and some Pixel Union’s themes are available at good discounted prices and that too with a plethora of beneficial features. 

4. Which is the best Shopify theme for mobile?

Some of these named Mogo, Myshop, Turbo, eCom Turbo, few of Pixel Union themes, Uma, Lopez, etc., are some themes that work best on mobile!

5. Which is the fastest Shopify theme?

Turbo, Shoptimized, Booster, Shella, Myshop are some names of the fastest Shopify themes you can buy!

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