Boundary Supply: Innovative and Sustainable Outdoor Gear

Boundary Supply is an outdoor and adventure gear brand established in 2015. The brand is popular for its innovative and sustainable approach to product design. The products are durable, versatile, and aesthetically pleasing.

The flagship product of the brand is the Errant Pack. It is a versatile backpack that meets the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, and travelers. Boundary Supply builds its products from durable materials like Cordura and Kodra, which make them resistant to wear and tear. The backpack features a weather-resistant exterior, an easy-access laptop compartment, expandable storage space, and a magnetic buckle closure system.

The Prima System is another product that has been making waves in the market. It is a modular backpack system that is versatile and customizable. It comprises a backpack, a camera case, and a waist pack, which you can use independently or combine to create a comprehensive system. The backpack has a clamshell design, making it easy to access your belongings, and it also has a range of pockets and compartments for organization.

Boundary Supply uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials like recycled nylon and aluminum hardware to reduce their environmental impact and increase the durability and longevity of their products. The brand’s products are also functional and stylish, suitable for a range of outdoor activities and travel.

The brand offers a range of accessories such as camera straps, packing cubes, and pouches. All of these products are designed with the same attention to detail and functionality as the brand’s flagship products, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

Check out bags and other products on the official Boundary Supply website.

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