How to Buy Best Dry Dog Food? (7 Tips to Keep Your Furry Buddy Healthy)

Do you own a cute little four-legged friend? Then, you must adore him or her like your own family member. And, we always look after the health and nourishment of our family members. So, today, let me share with you how to buy best dry dog food to keep your dog super healthy.


Simply because over the canned or cooked dog food, dry food has more health benefits. However, balancing your dog’s diet with fresh veggies and protein-rich meat helps in fully meeting her dietary requirements. However, can you alone survive on fiber and protein?

Of course, not. Plus, it will be too boring.

So, with dry food, you can provide the right quantity and quality of protein and fiber to your dog. If you haven’t bought dry dog food before, no worries. By the end of this post, I’ll make you a pro in buying dry dog food. Check out our compilation of best dog food brands beforehand, if you are looking for more information.

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food has been adopted by many pet owners lately. Simply because it has high nutritional content and offers vivid health benefits. If you haven’t tried dry dog food yet, you should definitely give it a try and check your dog’s reaction. If you get a happy tail moving sign, you move your dog to dry food for sure. You must know hot to buy best dry dog food for your pawsome friend!

With the dry food treat, you can provide the following benefits to your dogs.

  1. No Bad Breath – Yep, if you can’t snuggle with your sweet dog because he has bad breath, switch to dry food. As compared to dogs who only eat wet food – dry food eaters have better breath. So, include kibbles into your dog’s diet today!
  2. Healthy Gum and Teeth – When you let your dog munch on dry kibble for some time, it makes his teeth healthy. Additionally, you can provide protection against oral health problems to your dog like plaque, tartar buildup, etc.
  3. Stress Reliever – Oh, yes, your dog does get stress! And, when he uses his aggression to crunch on dry food, he will feel relaxed. That means you will have a relaxed and happy dog with you. Not the grumpy and biter one.
  4. Easy for You – Do you often forget to put your dog’s food in the refrigerator? Then, you should try dry food to go easy on your pocket. That’s because wet food can spoil easily if it is not properly preserved. However, there’s no such case with dry dog food. So, you don’t have to buy new dog food often.

Tips on How to Buy Best Dry Dog Food

If you are ready to add dry dog food into your dog’s diet, you have to face another challenge. Yep, whether you go online or to the local dog store, you will find so many dog dry food brands. Such as:

  • Instinct original grain-free dry
  • Wellness complete health dry dog food
  • Nature’s logic dry dog food
  • Canidae grain-free pure dry dog food
  • Blue buffalo life protection dry
  • Diamond naturals dry kibble
  • Orijen dry dog food
  • Nulo freestyle dry dog food and many more

All of these brands offer different nutritional and supplement values. So, if you feel a little dizzy after searching for good dry dog food, I don’t blame you. To help you out, I have prepared a helpful list of things that you should consider before buying crunchy dog food.

Keep Wheat Based Dry Food Away

Wheat is a high antigen component for a dog’s body. Dogs are the most gluten-sensitive animals out there. Your poor dog can’t simply digest wheat. If you serve him wheat-based food, he is likely going to suffer from malabsorption or end up with recurring skin, gut, or ear infections.

Wheat is suspected to be the number one reason behind arthritis and epilepsy among dogs. Thus, always pick the no-wheat dry dog food always.

We are now on the topic of bad food grains for dogs; check out the new FDA warning against grain-free dog food. According to the FDA, along with wheat, you should avoid barley and corn too. Corn is the major cause of diabetes among dogs.

Add Multiple Flavours in Your Dog’s Diet

Usually, many companies use the same nutritional content in their products. That means your dog is only receiving certain nutrients from his food. If you feed the same dry dog food for a very long period, it will cause deficiency problems in your dog.

To improve the regular body functioning of your four-legged canine friend, you have to give them a well-balanced, best dry dog food diet which includes:

  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Fatty Acids
  • Omega 3 & Omega 5
  • Carbohydrates
  • Minerals 
  • Vitamins

If you want one hub for all dog food flavors, Chewy is the spot for you. Chewy compiles many brands in its website, along with their personal dog food products. You can get an instant discount on them with our chewy coupon codes.

Make Meat the No. 1 Priority

When you are buying dry dog food, always make sure that meat is the main ingredient. Your dog required 2.5% of the meat diet as per his meat. You can drop or increase the meat ratio, but the initial percentage needs to be maintained for a healthy dog.

However, if meat goes straight into the mix fresh, you need to remember that the company is going to be cheap out on other items. In short, dog food companies compare dry products by their weight (including water).


It is a sly trick. But what can we say now?

That means when you cook up dry food; you are left with a very small portion of meat. Despite that, it is the main ingredient. Thus, you need to understand this scam and make sure you buy the highest meat content for your dog.

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Read the Back Label Twice

One of the worst mistakes people make while doing dog food shopping is not reading the back label. Dog owners just see the cute dog photo on the pack or their vet’s trust words before buying a portion of dog food.

You can easily learn how to buy best dry dog food by reading the back label of the package you are buying Every brand which is approved has to provide the data. Check the label for the below-mentioned information.

Guaranteed Analysis – The GA (Guaranteed Analysis) shows the minimal level of fat and protein guaranteed present in the food. When you are switching dry dog food brands, GA helps in keeping the ratios right. If your new dog food has higher fat than the previous one, you have to reduce the amount you feed your furry fella.

Best By Date – You obviously want to feed fresh food to your dog. Thus, always check the “best by” date to ensure that you aren’t feeding spoiled food to your dog. Just buy the freshest pack because your dog isn’t going to finish the entire pack at once.

Don’t Go Behind Animal By-Products

If a dry dog food brand says that they use animal by-products in their food, immediately run. When someone says they have used animal by-products, it is a polite way of saying:

We have garbage in our product!

Let’s take an example of chicken. The main chicken by-products are – legs, breasts, things, and wings. And these parts are used in the human food industry. So, what’s left now – guts, combs, feathers, breaks, and other bits and pieces. Now, what nutritional value will these bits have?


So, don’t fall into the animal by-products trap. Just get the whole meat dry dog food for your canine. Pet Food Care is a brand that makes sure that you get good quality veg and non-veg dry dog food. Apply our latest pet food care promo codes and get amazing discounts on their products.

Look for Allergic Food Ingredients

A lot of best dry dog foods may have something that might interfere with your dog’s stomach or skin or anything. It is a very obvious dog food buying tip. You should avoid feeding dog food containing allergic content.

If you have tried multiple dry dog food brands and specific ingredients that have distressed your dog, you should avoid feeding them. You should make a list of all the ingredients that have been problematic for your dog in the past.

If you have a puppy to feed, you need to avoid common dog allergy trigger ingredients. The common food allergens in dogs are – dairy products, lamb, beef, wheat, soy, chicken, etc. In short, proteins can be allergens in dogs. So, make sure that your selected dog food brand doesn’t contain any allergy agitating ingredients.

Stay High on Protein

My last dry dog food buying tip would be to get high protein-containing food. One giant breed pup required at least 30% high-quality protein. The quality of protein depends upon the sources, and that’s another ploy manufacturers use.

They include meat into their products, but they also throw heaps of other low-quality protein ingredients in the mix. They add defunct ingredients to increase the protein content, which is very hard for your dog to digest, like wheat and corn gluten.

Thus, you need to always check the protein ingredients mentioned on the food pack instead of the wholesome protein content. Nowadays, some vets or dog food companies are spreading a myth that too much protein is harmful to your dog.

Don’t believe such rumors because your dog is a carnivore, or you can call him a protein eating machine. So, dogs can never have too much protein.

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The way you select your groceries after comparing different brands and hopping from store to store. You need to follow the same procedure to buy your dog’s food.

Get a healthy and happy dog, follow our how to buy best dry dog food guide to the dot. With little knowledge and love, you can buy the best food for your dog.

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