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Turbo theme is one of the fastest Shopify theme from Out of the Sandbox available in the market. Check out our Out of the Sandbox Coupon Codes to get 15% OFF on Turbo Theme.

Price starts at $425
(14-day money-back guarantee)

This time we have come up with a review about one of our favorite Shopify themes, Out of The Sandbox Themes. Turbo Theme from Out of the Sandbox is the most loved amongst users. Let us list out all the important features and why should you buy the Turbo Shopify Theme? Read our details turbo Shopify theme review for more information!

Introduction to Turbo Theme

Turbo 4.1 and Artisan are the best shopify themes offered by Out of the Sandbox Themes. Out of the Sandbox is an award-winning development team; they have developed most loved and best-reviewed shopify themes available in the market.

Artisan Shopify Themes are more of service-based websites than just shopping websites. Including all other features, they include contact forms, product tables, and quick shop. They are highly customizable for content-based layouts and have an in-built gallery alongside FAQs.

Turbo Shopify Themes are mainly created for the eCommerce type business where you expect high volume products and transactions, it includes shopify plus merchants too. The theme is updated regularly and all the customers (new and existing) get the benefit of the new features.

Today we are going to talk about the Turbo Shopify Theme as we are expecting huge eCommerce industry growth. Choosing any theme for the business is a pain but it’s the most important task for any online business. Design and Speed give an edge over competitors and they should be the most important part of the theme selection decision. Many people are talking about Turbo Theme online. So let’s get into the features, pricing, and all of its five designs and see how they are useful to you and for your business.

Turbo Theme Features


As per the statistics, over 40% of the users leave the website if it loads in more than 3 seconds. Slower site speed turns into higher user bounce rate. The best-optimized coding gives you a solid platform to build your website fastest. Turbo name says it all! It is designed and created for its speed. It has the best lazy loading option for your store which gives the best speed to your website. Content is shown to the user as he/she scrolls through the website. As per users experience, the website is fully loaded but in reality, the user sees what is there on the screen but the website is not fully loaded (it loads as the user scrolls). Turbo Speed gives the edge over your competitors and gives a better experience to the users, converting them into customers.


Nowadays, mobile is playing a major roll in an online shopping industry. Online Shopping industry has been evolving throughout time. Mobiles have played a huge role in the shopping industry. Most people prefer to make their shopping on phones. Around 60–80% of users come from mobile traffic. On top of all, Google says those websites have a better mobile experience, they get more appreciated organically. All the Turbo themes are made with maximized mobile optimization to give your users the best and seamless shopping experience.

Design & Layouts

Looks and Layouts matter a lot when it comes to user experience and user interface. There are five turbo themes, all themes have the best design and layouts. Out of the sandbox is an Award-winning team and a certified Shopify Partner. Five theme layouts and designs give any merchant the better options to select between. A merchant with one category of products might like to go for Seoul theme and a merchant with multiple categories and bogger catalog would like to go for Portland theme.


While deciding on the theme for your website, you have to make sure that it is as flexible as it can. You might need to add any category in the future and you might want to change some parts of the theme later or add anything. There are a lot of flexible themes available in for Shopify but Turbo turns out to be the best among them. All Turbo themes have a basic flexibility feature that allows any developer or any merchant to change whatever they want easily and without any hassle.

Quick Shop

We personally find this feature amazing and the best. Quick shopping gives your users to decide faster and convert those choices into buying. The quicker the way to cart & payment, conversions happen quickly. Quick conversations end up in higher customer satisfaction and more conversion. Turbo has this feature in-built which allows the merchant to convert more. Wherever the users are, they can directly move their selected items to cart and easy checkout. With advanced coding and technology, Turbo makes all this happen just in a fraction of time.

Advanced Filtering Options

All merchants desire a lot of customization when they buy any ready-made theme. Give the best experience to the user, provide better ways to search for the products, converts the best. More filters give easy and desired results in product search to the users which results in higher conversion. Multi filtering is an in-built feature for all Turbo themes. This is the perfect fit for the bigger merchants having a wide range of products in the catalog to give out more filters based on color, type, material, shape, and whatnot.

Mega Menu

Majority of the people tend to look for the products mentioned in the menu. The best part of the menu is the combination of texts and images which you want to highlight to show it to your users. Create the best combination which looks perfect and target your most desired products which you want to sell more. All of these combinations of texts, images and all kinds of elements in the menu with Turbo themes. The Mega Menu offers a strategic point of view to the merchant for better targeting.

Mini Shopping Cart

This is an amazing feature available with Turbo themes, They have come up with a new type of cart; ‘mini cart’. Whenever the customer makes a purchase or adds any of the items from the website, it automatically opens and adds those items in the cart. This helps when the customer wants to make a purchase but still wants to check out the product details. This feature is a great feature for all products which require more details while making the purchase.

Turbo Theme Layout & Design Options

turbo theme has a total of 5 ready-to-use layouts and design options. You can either directly use them or modify them according to your needs.

  • Portland is a highly configurable theme optimized for both speed and mobile experience.
  • Florence is a clean and new Turbo style that will give any shop a sleek and professional polish.
  • Dubai is a clean, luxurious new Turbo style that will give any shop a chic and ravishing presence.
  • Seoul has a visual styling opts for smooth rounded shapes and fonts, with a warm and sophisticated color palette.
  • Chicago style instantly lends your shop a dramatic, moody vibe with just the right amount of edge.

Turbo Theme Pricing (Why Buy Turbo Shopify Theme?)

All the Turbo Themes are available at $350 with a special 14-day money-back guarantee. All the themes carry only a single store license. You can not sell or transfer the theme. As we have seen so far that all Turbo themes have speed and high performance, they are the best choice for any of the online stores.

This is not a small amount to spend on your theme, but if you are seriously looking to advance your business and give the best shopping experience to your customers, Turbo Themes are the best you can rely on, it is worth investing theme for your online store. There is a 20% discount available on all turbo themes, use our turbo theme discount code and get 20% OFF on your purchase. Follow out of the sandbox coupon link (official turbo theme provider) to get a 20% discount on the turbo theme.


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