Find Your Best Stand Up Paddle Boards For Adventure Sports

Paddleboarding is not as difficult as you picture it. It’s a super safe and fun sport. Most of you here will be reading this article to either search for their new or first board paddle board and some might be looking for buying a second one but with some advanced features and with different priorities. Isn’t it? That’s why we brought you the list of the top best stand up paddle boards.

Finding Best Paddle Boards for You

I personally am a travel junkie and I love trying out new sports. So, when I came to know about it, I did enough research. I found that as I had less storage space, an Inflatable SUP would best suit me.

My family and I try to paddle surf three times a week. It has been almost 4 years now. I can assure you for a matter of fact that I got the worth of my money.

I have had trips to beautiful waters and found it to be an enjoyable workout and far more interesting than a gym. But as I said it all depends on your priorities. There are many things to look up to before choosing “The one Paddle Board”.

Why Stand Up Paddling For Holidays?

Here you will find the solutions of both of these queries.

Despite being there for quite some time, it has gained popularity in the eyes of people quite recently and hence remains a hot topic. Here are a few reasons to try out Stand up paddling this holiday.

Helps in Weight Loss: When it comes to losing weight stand up paddle boarding is a very fun kind of exercise that burns a lot of calories, without you getting bored, sweaty, or tired.

Stress Buster: Imagine a situation where all you are seeing is you and the calm water. As water is a soother to the mind, wouldn’t that be a perfect stress reliever? Rather than taking the time and emptying pockets in different areas for treating stressful life. With that, it also improves mood, focus, and enhances memory.

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases: Paddleboarding is an exercise that is similar to that of cross-training, aerobics, jogging, etc. It helps in improving cardiovascular health thereby keeping cardiovascular diseases at bay.

Last but not the least, who doesn’t like making friends? You will get to know individuals like you, groups to talk to, regardless of your age. So You have got yourself engaged till here, Perfect!!! But aren’t getting what things to look up to before clicking the “Add to Cart”.

Not to worry. We have got your back.

Well choosing a paddle board totally depends on your lifestyle and your priorities.

As many of you who do have one must have got it without giving much thought to it, and now are up for the other one, then definitely follow these points before going for another one.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Paddle Board

Selecting anything for the first time is challenging, so when it comes to selecting your perfect water partner here are some tips that will help you out in lessening your confusion.

Paddle Board Sizes

SUP size depends on the kind of activity that you prefer. 

All Around Paddling: For an all-around paddling choose a board between 10’6 to 11’6 long and 31” to 35” wide.

SUP Fishing: For fishing go for a SUP that is between 10’6 to 12” of length and 32” to 36” wide.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Yoga: If you are among those yogis or have a love for yoga choose a board 10′ to 11’6 long and 31″ to 36″ wide.

SUP Surfing: Surf friendly SUP ranges from 9’ to 10’ 6″ and 29” to 32”wide.

Hybrid SUPs: For a wider and stable hybrid SUP look for size ranging from 10’6- 11’6 and 33” to 35” wide.

Versatility: Your first SUP should be dynamic. Versatility should be the top priority. An all-around SUP serves the purpose for that which measures between 10’ to 12’ long and 31” to 35” wide.

Paddle Board Material

There are a different kinds of paddle board materials and the kind of lifestyle you lead will determine which material is best suitable for you.

Epoxy: This kind of board suits you when you have enough storage space for storing your paddle board.

Inflatable: This kind of board suits you when you do not have enough storage space for storing your paddle board, especially where you give preference to portability.

Soft Top: Soft top SUPs are for those who have enough storage space in the house, and especially when you have a tight budget. These soft SUPs are the cheapest construction of paddle board.

Hull Type: The hull or body type also plays a vital role in determining how a board will perform in the water. They are basically of 2 types:

  • Displacement Hull: SUP’s with this type of hull have a pointed front end same as that of a canoe, where the hull displace the water to the sides to improve efficiency and create a fast and smooth ride.They require less efforts over a planing hull to paddle but are generally a bit less maneuverable than the latter.
  • Planing Hull: It is generally Flat and wide, the same as that of a surfboard. They are very maneuverable and are designed in a way to ride on the top of the water. Boards with these type of hull are best for surfing, leisure paddling, yoga etc.

Stability & Dimensions

Stability: One of the most important factors is whether your SUP is stable enough for you to comfortably stand on, which depends on the board’s dimensions. The more the dimension the board will possess the easier it will be for you to balance yourself. 

Idle Board Dimensions: If you are unaware of the various sizes that paddle boards come in, here’s some insight.

  • Length – 10-12 feet
  • Width – 31-33 inches
  • Volume – 225-240 LBS for inflatable and 175 lbs for Hard paddle board. 

Paddle Board Price Options

The most important factor you will be searching for is ”price”. Obviously you don’t want a too expensive paddle board neither you want to have the cheap one only for the sake of saving money. 

Here the prices of paddle boards have been bifurcated as per their level

Basic Level Boards ($500 to <$1000): Here the design you get will be the basic one and the boards will not last – long in comparison with boards constructed with high quality -material.

Premium Priced Boards (>$1000): High quality, great performance, and well-designed boards are moderately priced.

Following are some Stand-up paddle boards that have managed to make its place in the top best stand up paddle boards in 2020.

The Best Stand Up Paddle Boards in the Market

iRocker – All Around Paddle Boards

iRocker secures its place as a global leader and in the top best stand up paddle boards in 2020. Its core is tiny polymer threads (drop-stitch) core. The Drop stitch material makes it an inflatable SUP, that doesn’t get reshape even if getting inflated to high pressure. We have a detailed iRocker review, check it out for detailed information.

iRocker All Around Paddle Boards Features

  • iRocker uses only the highest quality Triple-layer composite (being their latest evolution in inflatable board construction) military-grade PVC, that gives extra protection from impacts and also to deliver lighter-weight boards with durability still being there.
  • With safety handles on both front and rear cargo areas,2 front action mounts in the front are-for anything that can attach to action mounts. 2 mini action mounts towards the rear board area.
  • Grippy and comfy EVA Deck Pad, with vertical lines increasing grip nicely. The deck pad covers a much wider area of the board this time.
  • 21 D-Rings to tie down as many things to the board. 6 d-rings (oversized front cargo area) + 6 d-rings (oversized rear cargo area), a dry bag, and all that you will need for paddling the whole day.

If you want more detailed review about each of iRocker products such as Nautical and Blackfin, make sure to check out our exclusive iRocker review article.

iRocker All Around Paddle Boards Design

  • The board is designed similarly to most of the ‘all-around’ inflatable SUPS.
  • Being 11”x 32”, long and stable with a weighing capacity of 435 lbs. Its thickness is 6 inches, fairly thick in the tail at 17 inches, improving stability and also allowing us to move around.
irocker sup

iRocker All Around Paddle Boards Price

iRocker paddle boards come in various price ranges according to different models. But if you ask for an average price, it’s $799. However, you can use our irocker coupon codes to get an awesome $80 discount on your purchase.


  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate learners.
  • High weight capacity ( 435lbs)
  • 20% lighter than the previous model (26 lbs)
  • Durable triple layer composite PVC construction
  • 2 years warranty
  • Upgraded deck pad and design
  • 4 action mounts 
  • Extra D- rings for carrying a lot of accessories
  •  Customer services at its best


  • All-around boards aren’t fast
  • Fin box is not universal

Cruiser SUP – Isle Cruiser Soft Top

Cruiser SUP provides the perfect paddle board for beginners which comes with a super durable soft top construction hence making it a customer favorite. This soft top SUP is great for any skill level. They are also super buoyant and easy to ride.

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Boards Features

  • Composite Soft Technology: Adding a double skin stringer for extra strength, finishing off with a layer of textured croc skin paddling, this makes the cruiser rigid and highly durable just like an inflatable SUP.
  • Comfortable Croc Skin: The croc skin and soft top give versatility which you will rarely find in boards that are made for beginners.It has an exceptional full grip to keep you away from slipping. 
  • 6 point Front Bungee System: This cruiser is equipped with an expandable six-point front bungee system for holding any of your desirable gear.

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Boards Design

Its 10’5 length provides great versatility for a paddle environment. The 32” width offers enough deck space for the paddlers to move around and to try new things.

The Thickness being 4.5”, allows the board to stay afloat rather than getting submerged. Weighing 28.5 lbs, it can support riders of up to 235 lbs.

The board comes In three colors; Aqua, Blue & Yellow.

cruiser sup

Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Boards Price

The price of Isle Cruiser Soft Top Paddle Boards is $795 Approx. Check out our Cruiser SUP discount codes to get up to 30% off on your final shopping value.


  • Easily returnable – Within 60 days
  • Comes with super-light carbon paddle and fin
  • Great for beginners
  • Lightweight- Because of EPS (expanded polystyrene structure) versatile, solid body, and cost-effective.
  • Stability and durable.


  • Lags a little in speed
  • The string foam core may show indentations from being strapped down during transportation.

Thurso Surf – Waterwalker

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker inflatable SUP is an All-around SUP for all paddlers and is idle for all water conditions. It’s fun for both intermediate and advanced level paddlers.

Its hybrid shape combines elements of a traditional all-around and a touring board.

Its innermost part is a drop stitch core. For added protection, the drop -stitch core is protected with military-grade PVC composite layers. The principal PVC layer is a solitary covering that both ensures the inward drop stitch core and goes about as a base for the subsequent layer. The creases are ensured by a comparable second layer, with 3 extra PVC coatings for quad-PVC level of insurance.

Waterwalker Features

  •  Front & Rear Deck Bungees: The front and rear deck bungees are great for storing gear like backpacks, dry bags, crocs, or anything else you wish to take along with you. The front cargo area bungees are for storing medium size containers while the rear one is for storing small size containers.
  •   EVA Deck Pad: The EVA Foam dries in the sun quickly without any fear of developing Blisters. The texture pattern improves feet grip even being wet, which helps to stay longer on board and provides comfort to your feet and is fairly smooth.
  •  Dual-layer Military-grade Composite PVC: These boards are made with double-layer construction. They have dual-layer military-grade PVC coatings that help the deck and seams with an extra level of protection. 
  • Multiple D- Rings: Overall there are 15 D-rings on the board. 6 stainless steel D-Rings used by front bungees, 4 stainless steel D-Rings used by back bungees, 2 on either side of the center of the board for securing more gear. The Waterwalker 132 version includes the new nose action mount.

Waterwalker Design

With a length of 11’, the Waterwalker 132 is beginning to move toward the length of touring SUPs, making this paddle board an incredible all-around SUP for significant distance investigation and rowing. The 32” wide deck offers extraordinary stability and space to spread out on. Weighing 29 pounds and 6” thick, you won’t have any issue rowing without anyone else.

thurso surf – waterwalker

Waterwalker Price

The Price of WaterWalker 132 is between $ 699 – $749.


  • Superb following, stability, and glide. An incredible all-around SUP with a strong vibe to the board. 
  • Great 330 lbs weight capacity. Sturdy construction with additional layer fortification on the deck and sides. 
  • Carbon fiber rails for included board unbending nature and sturdiness. 
  • 3 removable fins for quick packing and storage.
  • Excellent customer service.


  • SUP and paddle being on the heavy side.

NIXY – Huntington G3

Nixy uses the latest ISUP technology with dual-layer FUSIONtech PVC construction, which keeps the board rigid while keeping the weight of the board down.

It is an ultra-compact travel SUP. So if you are crazy about traveling and adventuring and packability is a top concern, Huntington G3 should be your priority. 

Huntington G3 Features

  • Fin Setup: The twin fin setup allows us to move easily, which is great for surfing. These fins are inserted and removed by a screw pin, which is secured to the fins themselves. These kinds of screws are much easier to contend with in comparison with screws and plates. 
  • Traction Pad: The top deck of the Huntington G3 is covered with a premium grade EVA froth foothold cushion which includes a NIXY logo stripped grip design. This deck gives great hold while additionally being simple on the hands.
  • Inflate/Deflate: The nose of Huntington G3 consists of a small bungee storage area, grab handle, and inflation valve. At the tail is a second elastic bungee area that provides added storage space, an offset carry handle for carrying the board around, 2 stainless steel D-Rings located along the rails of the board.

Huntington G3 Design

With a smaller length of 9’6, the board is extremely responsive to drive and turn. Weighing 17lbs, it’s 32” wide which helps with stability. The weight limit for this one is 250 lbs

Huntington G3 comes in 3 color options – Aqua, Blue & Red

nixy sports huntington g3

Huntington G3 Price

Price of Huntington is $1899 Approx.


  • Great for all types of travels or ultra-portable and is super lightweight.
  • FUSION TECH construction is strong and durable.
  • The package includes almost everything one will need to get into the water.
  • 2 Years warranty, 90- day warranty on accessories and risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Wholesale rate- As they only sell online.
  • D-rings on rails for attaching kayak seat
  • Top-notch customer support.
  • Dual- chamber pump for faster inflation.


  • Tracking performance could be improved.

Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP

Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP is an excellent choice for All-touring or any other water activity. It’s an outstanding choice for first-time paddlers. The board is constructed with military-grade PVC with a drop-stitch system that allows the air pressure to spread evenly.

Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP Features

  • 4 Point Front Bungee: Swonder is featured with an expandable front bungee system that helps easily attach extras like snacks, life vests. 
  • Nose & Center Grab Handle: The nose handle makes board transporting easily along river beds or shore breaks. The center grab handle is designed for moving the board out of the water more easily. 
  • Anti-slip EVA Pad: The extra-wide soft EVA traction pad which adds greatly to the board’s rigidity and also offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP Design

Weighing 20 lbs Swonder iSUP is 11’6 long, with 32 inches of wideness and is 6 inches thick. It is the best suitable experienced paddlers and is up for speed. Weight limit – 275lbs.

swonder sup 11’6

Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP Price

The price of Swonder 11’6 Inflatable SUP is $ 539


  • Large EVA deck pad
  •  Super lightweight paddle 
  • GRI High – pressure hand pump – takes only 10 min to inflate the board to the recommended 12-15 PSI with a two-mode high -pressure hand pump. 
  • Super tough board with high-quality material
  • Strong and safe 10’ Coil Leash


  • No replacement option available for Fins.

GILI Adventure 11’

GILI sport is specialized in creating superb, lightweight paddle boards in an environment-friendly and sustainable way.

Build with a tight drop-stitch core and protected by fusion dual PVC layers of protection which gives a balance to the sturdy build.

GILI Adventure 11’ Features

  • Double Layer Fusion Military-grade PVC Construction: Adventure 11’ has a solid body which is very sturdy. It can easily withstand common crashes or accidents.
  • 17 D-Rings: D-rings are quite compatible with most SUP accessories, varying from dry-bags, backpacks to typical coolers.
  • Nylon Blade 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle: The extra-wide soft EVA traction pad which adds greatly to the board’s rigidity and also offers smooth and comfortable riding experience. This is an amazingly agreeable deck cushion that gives great hold while additionally being simple on the hands.

GILI Adventure 11’ Design

Weighing 21lbs, With 11’ length, 32’’ wide, and 6’’ thick. Its width and thickness balance the weight support needing a steady time in the water, with that keeping things quick and simple to complete. It can support up to or can carry 290 lbs of weight.

gili adventure 11’

GILI Adventure 11’ Price

The price of GILI Adventure 11′ paddle boards costs $630


  • Dual bungee areas for easy storage
  • Accessory bundle including everything
  • Convenient Toolless fin system 
  • Lightweight MSL dual-layer PVC construction
  • 2 years warranty


  • Deck pad could use some grooves for improved traction.

Atoll Paddle Boards

Atoll Paddle Boards are specially designed for those who want high-adventure paddle boards with solid overall performance. Atoll’s signature paddle board offers good stability, glide in lightweight packages. It is built with a tight drop-stitch core protected by MLC of military grad PVC composite. 

Atoll Paddle Boards Features

  • 15 D – Rings + Removable Bungee Cargo System: Both handles have neoprene covers, which makes them very comfortable to hold and protect your hands against chafing. The back handle also doubles as a paddle holder tool. 
  • Dual Carry Handles: The board can be easily lifted by a person with the center carry handle. There is also a tail handle if you want to tug the board once it has started.
  • Fiberglass Paddle + Nylon Blade: Weighing 29 ounces, the 3 piece paddle is a good beginner paddle and can be altered to fit almost any adult paddler height.

Atoll Paddle Boards Design

It is an all-around paddle board, a slight bit longer than some overall SUPs with its 11′ length, which gives a smooth float in the water. The 32” wide deck and 6” thickness gives the volume to help any grown-up paddler, and lets you bring along a child or pet too.

atoll board

Atoll Paddle Boards Price

The price range of Atoll Paddle Boards starts from $750.


  • 3 removable fins
  • Hassle-free transportation
  • Anti-slip EVA  Deck
  • Amazing Stability and military-grade durability


  • Fins can be unstable


Spending loads of money for injecting adrenaline without even ensuring safety is not a good option. Here when Paddle boards comes as the best option with pocket-friendly nature. 

Navigate the beautiful deep ocean with your favourite water toy this holiday. What can be more beneficial when such a sport can provide weight loss goals? Isn’t it amazing!!!

A sport which won’t take much to get started, with your family and friends. Be the first one to hit the water this summer. Choose your best paddle board in 2020 to relive your moments.

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