A Complete Guide on How to Create Contact Forms in WordPress

Do you want to add contact forms on your WordPress site and increase your customer engagement? By adding a contact form on your site you can easily communicate with your users and can clear and solve their queries, which would result in better customer engagement. In this article, you will find useful information about contact forms and the detailed guiding steps of how to create a contact form in WordPress.

What is the Contact Form?

A contact form is an element on the web page of a website for the visitors to contact the required organization, making it convenient and easy for your visitors to reach you. It usually gives your users the impression that you are available for them. There are multiple Free WordPress plugins available that offer different types of forms. However, WPForms is a popular one and gives the opportunity to create donation forms for nonprofits, file upload forms, and abandonment forms in WordPress.

Why Do You Need a Contact Form?

A contact form can be very useful to both, the users as well as for the owners. Below are some of the advantages of using a contact form on your website.


Contact forms are user friendly as it allows the user to connect with the website immediately without causing any inconvenience. It is, thus, very user-friendly, convenient and saves time from navigating away from your website.

Spam Prevention 

When you have a contact form, you don’t need to release your website’s email address. Thus avoiding inviting spammers and preventing you from junk.

Organized Website 

Your website would look more professional and organized when you have a contact form. It also shows your involvement and interaction level with your customers.

Organized Source of Information

Having a contact form means the information of your users will be in an organized manner and can be used in the future. You can also use the data of the stored customers to initiate further lead generation and marketing campaigns. For example email campaigns, newsletter campaigns, etc.

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress? 

Now, below are the steps for how to create a contact form in WordPress. We’ll share the steps by taking WPForms plugin as an example. The steps are as follows:

Installing WordPress Forms

  1. First, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and open the plugin menu available on the left sidebar of your dashboard.
  2. Click on add new button.
  3. In the search field bar, type WPForms and then click on install.
install wpforms | wordpress plugin
  1. Search and install the plugin’s name i.e. contact form plugins-WP forms and select activate.
activate wpforms plugin

Creating a Contact Form

  1. You will go on the WP forms menu, fill in the instructions and click on add new button.
  2. A WPForms drag and drop form builder will appear.
add new wpforms contact form
  1. Enter your form name and select a template. You can also choose a blank form, create accordingly and can start with it.
create simple contact forms in wordpress
  1. You need to add a field according to your needs where you need to drag the option you want and need to place it from the left column to the live editor.
  2. Click on the Save button.
wpforms field options

Notification & Confirmation Settings

  1. Go to the WP forms menu and click on the settings options and go to notifications. You need to insert your email address, the subject and other required information and click on the add new notification button.
set form notifications in wpforms
  1. For the confirmation, you need the settings option and click on the confirmation button. You will write and add a ‘thank you’ note in the blank column available and also redirect them to an URL.
responsive mails from wpforms

Adding a Contact Form In a Page or Post

  1. You will create a new page or edit an existing page where you want to add your contact form.
  2. Then go to the add form button on your post or page editor and click it.
add contact form to webpage | wpforms
  1. A box will appear where you need to select the contact form that you want to add and click the add form button.
choose simple contact form in wordpress
  1. A shortcode will be added to your page where you will save your page.
wordpress contact form
  1. Now, you can open and see your contact form. 
wpforms contact form

Adding Your Contact Form In a Sidebar

  1. Now, on the sidebar, you need to go to appearances.
  2. A dropdown will appear in which you need to select the widgets option and locate and click on the WP forms widget and choose sidebar.
set appearance of wpforms contact forms
  1. Add the title of your widget and select your form from the menu and click the save button.
add contact form to sidebar

By creating a contact form in WordPress you can also track form conversions which will let you know how your contact forms are doing. By tracking your WP forms you can get to know:

  • The conversions your contact forms are setting off.
  • You will get to know the total number of views.
  • The conversion rate of your forms.
  • You can also acknowledge which form of yours is collecting the most views and submissions and also its conversion rates.

Apart from WP Forms, there are other various plugins that will help you in creating the best contact forms for your WordPress website. Check out our best WordPress form builder plugins and build a form that will help you generate leads.


Thus, every website needs a contact form, so that you can connect with your visitors, letting them know about all the mere details about your products and services. Also, it will protect you from spams, saving time and thus giving out all the information needed.

Therefore, if you want to engage and increase your website visitors you should increase the interaction with them. Also, you should take their valuable feedback into consideration and adding contact forms to your website is the best way to do it. 

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