How to Create Publishing Schedule With SchedulePress Pro? (Guide)

Are you working in the content marketing industry? You must already know how much an automated publishing schedule can help you post your content at the right time. If you know how to create publishing schedule, you can outreach your content when the audience is expecting it.

However, WordPress only has limited default features to schedule your blog posts. Therefore, you need a feature-rich tool like SchedulePress Pro to create dynamic publishing.

Publishers can schedule the number of posts, posting time, and use a visual calendar to check the schedule with this tool. That is not only it! There are plenty of other features that you can explore with SchedulePress Pro.

 Just scroll down to know more about SchedulePress Pro and how to use it. Or you can also check out our other article on how to schedule posts in WordPress with and without plugins.

What is SchedulePress Pro?

SchedulePress is a complete solution to create publishing schedule in WordPress using schedule calendars, social media scheduling, and much more.

Whether you are a content marketer, blogger, or copywriter, this tool can reduce a lot of your workload. You simply have to upload your content on WordPress editor, schedule with the SchedulePress Pro, and your work is done.

If blogging is your hobby, and you need a publishing scheduler to take a weekend off, the free version of SchedulePress is suitable for you. However, if you are a professional content marketer, SchedulePress Pro can offer many advanced features like social media integration.

SchedulePress offers four lucrative subscription plans:

  • Individual plan for $49
  • Business plan for $149
  • Lifetime plan for $499
  • WPDeveloper agency bundle for $799

Besides this, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee within the next 14 days of the purchase.

SchedulePress Pro Features

Schedule Calendar

SchedulePress provides a visual calendar to manage your content. Using a simple drag and drop menu, you can add new posts to your calendar and organize them.

Auto Scheduler

You can control your entire content publishing with SchedulePress by creating schedules for their launch. You need to add a preferable time to upload the post, and the software will automate all the posting processes.

Auto Social Sharing

SchedulePress allows WordPress users to share blog posts automatically on Facebook and Twitter. It can help you increase your content’s engagement and generate traffic via social media. Check out our exclusive guide on how to automate social media posting on WordPress websites.

Missed Schedule Handling

Default WordPress post scheduler might miss your post due to bugs, hacks, or errors. But SchedulePress can handle all WordPress errors and never miss your publication schedule.

Social Templates

SchedulePress provides attractive templates to customize your WordPress blog social sharing outlook. You can better grab audience attention with personalized templates on social media.

How to Create Publishing Schedule With SchedulePress Pro?

With SchedulePress, you have two options to create publishing schedule – manual or automatic. Once you download SchedulePress on your WordPress site, follow these steps:

Manually Create Publishing Schedule

To create publishing schedule manually, go to your SchedulePress dashboard > Manage Schedule tab. Here you can find the Automatic and Manual scheduling tools.

Enable the Manual Scheduler using the toggle. Next, you can set dates and times to publish your content. For this, select a day from the “Select Days” dropdown and time from the “Select Time” dropdown.

Once you have selected the date and time to publish your content, hit the Save Schedule button. You can also select the publishing schedule for individual posts with SchedulePress. To do so, open the post in the WordPress Editor.

Click on the Schedule at the option from the right side setting. Simply click on the Schedule button, and you are done. You can also specify a post to publish during the automatic publishing using the same steps.

Automatically Create Publishing Schedule

SchedulePress also allows you to automatically create publishing schedule. To do so, open the Automatic Scheduler enabling the toggle.

You simply have to specify how many posts you want to publish each day. After that, setting a time period during SchedulePress will select a random slot to publish your posts.

How to Use Missed Post Scheduler?

Missed Post Scheduler is a great SchedulePress feature that ensures you never miss a publishing schedule. For this, again, go to the Manage Schedule tab.

Now, scroll down to the Active Missed Schedule toggle under the Manual Scheduler option.

Just enable it. And if a scheduled post is not published on time, SchedulePress will automatically publish in the next available slot.

How to Activate Social Sharing?

If you want to share your WordPress posts on social media, connect SchedulePress to your social handles. To do so, open your SchedulePress dashboard and go to the Social Profiles tab.

From there, you can click on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts. Enable toggle next to each social sharing option you want to activate.

After that, click on the Add New Profile button to connect your social accounts. Once you are done, remember to hit the Save Settings button.

How to Check Schedule Calendar?

To monitor all your created publishing times on SchedulePress, you can use the Schedule Calendar option.

Go to SchedulePress > Calendar on your WordPress dashboard.

Here you can get a complete visual presentation of your scheduled and unscheduled posts. You can hover the mouse over a post to view quick options to edit like delete, view, etc.

You can also open the scheduled post in the WordPress editor to edit it.

On the left side of the Calendar, you will see all unscheduled posts and the option to create new ones.

You can use a simple drag and drop menu to move publishing dates between the scheduled and unscheduled posts.

Also, by clicking on the Add New button, you can add any post to publish on a particular date and time.


So, there you have it! You now know how to create publishing schedule with SchedulePress. Besides that, you know how to use Schedule Calendar, Auto Social Sharing, and more.

All in all, you are ready to use SchedulePress and reduce your workload. Both Manual and Auto Scheduler are easy to use on the SchedulePress dashboard. But I advocate using Auto Scheduler as it is easy, fast, and accurate.

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