Connect Stripe With WPForms In 3 Easy Steps & Collect Payment

WPForms is the best WordPress plugin to obtain contact information and record form submissions. When the plugin was launched, the most requested feature everybody looked forward to was integration with Stripe. And the plugin developers successfully released the Stripe addon with WPForms.

Stripe is a leading online payment processing solution in the market. It is used with WPForms to power payments seamlessly. Stripe has a simple pricing and painless account setup making it possible for anyone to quickly start an online business. 

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The online payment processing solution allows you to create payment forms in WordPress and easily accept credit cards on your website. 

As soon as you install and setup Stripe with WPForms, you can sell products and services online, accept online orders or donations in minutes with one-time credit card payments. To use WPForms’ Stripe addon, you need the Pro and Ultimate License.

How to Install Stripe Addon with WPForms?

In this guide, we will help you understand how you can set up Stripe with WPForms in just 3 easy steps.

Connect With Stripe

Start by installing WPForms on your WordPress website. Since Stripe addon is a feature of WPForms, you need to have the plugin installed and activated. Next, move on to install and activate the Stripe addon. 

After the Stripe addon has been activated, go to WPForms>Settings using the left-hand menu on your WordPress website. Open the Payment section to adjust further settings. 

The Payments section gives you the option to change Currency. Use the dropdown to select the currency in which you’d like to receive your payments. 

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Launch Stripe addon

Once you have selected the Currency, scroll to the Stripe section. You will see a blue button labeled Connect with Stripe along the Connection Status. Click on it. 

stripe | connect
connect with stripe

You will now need to authorize the connection between Stripe and your forms. Make sure you have an active Stripe account as you move forward connecting Stripe to WPForms on your WordPress website. Visit the Stripe official website to verify and activate your account. 

As you authorize the connection, you will need to answer a few questions and agree to certain requirements. These will vary depending on the status of your Stripe account. 

stripe addon with wpforms
Enable stripe addon with wpforms

Once you have agreed to the requirements, you will automatically be directed to the site’s admin dashboard. The Connection Status must now have a green tick. 

stripe payments | credit card
easy payments with Stripe

Note: How to Accept Payments On Your WordPress Website Using WPForms?

Add Stripe to Your WPForms

In the first step, you have successfully established a connection between Stripe and WPForms. Now, you need to start adding payments. 

For this, you need to edit an existing form or create a new form. If you have been using WPForms for a while, you would know how to create a new form. If not, we have a section at the end of this article that can help you understand the same. 

Your form must include the following two fields to complete payments using Stripe:

  • Items (Single Item, Multiple Items, Checkbox Items, or Dropdown Items)
  • Stripe Credit Card

Here’s a sample for you to understand how the order form needs to look:

add stripe to WPForms
add stripe to WPForms

The form comprises fields for Name, Email, Course Options (a kind of Dropdown Items), Total, and Stripe Credit Card. The field for Total is not necessary but helpful since it lets users know how much they need to pay. 

Once the form has been created with the required fields, you need to Enable Stripe payments. Open Payments>Stripe and tick the box. 

Enable stripe payments with WPForms | stripe addon with wpforms
Enable stripe payments with WPForms

Here you have the option of adding a Payment Description. The user will see this on their credit card transaction as a validation of the payment made to you. The next field is for Stripe Payment Receipt. Select Email from the dropdown menu. Stripe will now send receipts to your email. 

Congratulations, you have successfully connected Stripe to your WordPress website forms! You are now ready to accept single payments. 

If you need to set up recurring payments, follow the next step. 

Set up Recurring Payments

Some business owners offer products and services on a subscription-based billing cycle. This means that payments need to be billed to the user at frequent or recurring intervals. You can use the same Setting panel to set up recurring payments. 

The recurring functionality has been designed in an efficient way making it possible for you to quickly glance through form entries and distinguish between recurring and one-time payments. 

After the Stripe Payment Receipt field, there is a section for Subscriptions. Simply tick the box for Enable recurring subscription payments.

enable stripe payment with wpforms
Enable stripe payments

When you set this, you will see certain additional settings. You need to fill out the required information to ensure that recurring payments are received appropriately at the right time. 

Enable recurring subscription payments
Enable recurring subscription payments

The additional details that you need to provide are as follows:

  1. Plan Name – Give the subscription a name. This could be based on your product and service.
  2. Recurring Period – Here you will specify the frequency intervals of payments – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Annually, or Annually.
  3. Customer Email – Choose the Email field used in your form from the dropdown. This field is where the user provides their email address. Stripe will create a subscription for the customer.

Recurring entries are simple to look at in the WordPress dashboard. This makes it convenient for you to manage payments. For example, you can easily see the amount for each payment and the recurring cycle selected by the customer. 

You can also connect apple pay & google pay with stripe to receive payment on your WordPress website.

How to Create a Form With WPForms?

Before you begin, make sure to log into the WordPress admin dashboard and install WPForms. Click on WPForms on the left-hand side admin menu and select Add New. 

Click on the Select a Template option to choose from pre-built templates. These are commonly used forms and can serve as a base for you. Next, enter a Form Name based on what you’d want the form to appear as – Contact Us, Subscribe Now, etc. 

After you have selected the form template, the Form Builder will direct you to the Fields screen. Here you need to enter different fields you want in your form. The left-hand panel shows some fields while the right-hand panel shows an editable preview of your form. 

Drag and drop an appropriate field from the left panel to your form. Complete the form details as per your requirement and click on Save. Remember to add the two mandatory fields – Items and Stripe Credit Card to be able to receive online payments through forms on your WordPress website. 

That’s it! Start receiving payments conveniently through WPForms using the Stripe addon and enjoy selling online.

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