Exclusive SwellPro Discount Codes For Best Waterproof Drones

SwellPro, one of the best waterproof drones in the market. SwellPro has a totally different story altogether. It was invented in 2013 by Eric Hu who was into the waterproof camera and hobby planes. We have got you covered by our coupons. Use our exclusive swellpro discount codes and get an amazing 10% OFF on your splash drone.

Working SwellPro Discount Codes

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How To Use SwellPro Discount Codes?

When you land on the page, the discount code will be hidden. When you click on the coupon codes, we may or may not receive monetary compensation. We take full responsibility for our coupon codes, they are checked and verified. Follow the below-mentioned steps to grab your amazing discount:

  • The first step to use our code is to click on the discount code just as mentioned below:
swellpro coupons
  • When you click on “SHOW CODE”, one pop-up will open and you would be able to see the code. The coupon code will be automatically copied and applied. (Based on the merchant system)
  • If the coupon code is not automatically copied, just click copy when you see the pop-up. After copying your code, paste the code at your checkout page just like mentioned below:
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  • After you apply the swellpro coupon code, you can see the discount applied in your cart. Now you can go ahead and complete the checkout process.
  • If your code automatically applied when you clicked on “SHOW CODE”, rather than copying and pasting, you can just go ahead and checkout your payment process.

T&C For SwellPro Discount Codes

  • You can apply only one coupon at a time.
  • You can not club this coupon with any other offers.
  • This coupons and deals are valid only at SwellPro Official & Store website.
  • All coupons and deals are subject to change according to the SwellPro’s policies.
  • We have checked and verified all mentioned coupons. Please report if you find any coupon or deal not working. We would love to replace it and get a new coupon code for you!!!


1. Where to Buy SwellPro drones?

SwellPro is available at their official website. Also, you can buy it at Amazon, Wellbots, BestDeals, and top eCommerce websites in all countries.

2. Are SwellPro drones available on Amazon?

Yes. All SwellPro drones are available on Amazon. You can find out the SwellPro on Amazon here.

3. Are there any discounts or deals available for SwellPro?

Yes. There is a 3% discount coupon available. Use our exclusive swellpro coupon and get a 3% discount on all SwellPro purchase. Also, there is a Worldwide Free Shipping on all the products purchased on SwellPro official website.

4. Does SwellPro provide free shipping worldwide?

Yes, SwellPro Provides Free Worldwide Shipping for all drones. Shipping charges are applied at the checkout page for orders except for drones and minimum of $599 cart value based on your country.

5. What is the SwellPro Splash Drone 3 price?

SwellPro Splash Drone 3+ (updated from splash 3) comes at $1199. You can also add compatible accessories or parts to the kart along with the drone.

6. Is SwellPro Drone Splash 3+ waterproof?

Yes. All SwellPro drones are waterproof, SwellPro is known for its waterproof drones for filming, fishing, boating, etc. All SwellPro Splash and SwellPro Spry models are waterproof.

7. What’s the fight time and distance of SwellPro Splash Drone?

SwellPro Splash Drone have 20-13 mins of flight time and they have a flight range of 1.6 Kms.

8. How to calibrate SwellPro drone?

You need to calibrate all drones before you start using them on the field. You need to follow a few steps to calibrate your drone and you are all set to put it in the action. Watch the video carefully for better understanding.

All About SwellPro

Swellpro is absolutely a great brand having 3-4 amazing drones. Read our swellpro splash 3 drone review to know more about one of the best drones.

Video Credit: Youtube Channel: JCMatthew

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