Best Animation Software for Beginners & Pros (Free & Paid)

A report from Markets and Markets says that the 3D animation market is expected to grow up to USD 21,050.0 million by 2022, at a CAGR of 11.9%. No wonder the animation industry is booming and 3D animation companies are looking for the best animation software and talent. Especially the small-scale animation businesses that are trying their best to become the unicorn in the market are in grave need of tools to deliver projects faster.

However, sorting the best animation software is a huge task for content creators and digital agencies. Although they work with specific animation maker tools, new updates from rival software or tools lure them with better features and opportunities to improvise on their characters. Moreover, there’s a budget. The process of selecting animation software is different for a beginner and a pro, based on the amount of money they want to spend.

Considering all of it, we’ve come up with a list of the best animation software that can help content creators and agencies build world-class animation movies, characters, and motions. Our list includes open-source animation tools along with a few budget-friendly software options. The first three animation tools in the list come with exclusive discounts.

Best Animation Software

Want to generate animations from visual files (drawings & 2D graphics) without much experience? All you need is one best animation software.

Well, I found 10 very enticing animation tools. If you are an animation company owner looking to create simple animated videos, go through this list of top animation software. Pick the one that suits your needs well.


Animaker is free animation software. It creates 2D animations along with infographics, handcraft, whiteboard, 2.5D, and typography. You can also convert text into audio, add sound effects, background music, and voiceovers.

I admire the drag-and-drop function, which helps craft animations on the go.

Check out our Animaker review for more information.

What I like best about Animaker

  • It has a vast library of animated templates
  • There are 6 different animation video styles
  • It is one do-it-yourself (DIY) video animation software
  • The tool runs on a Powerful HTML5 Engine, which offers seamless performance on optimized browsers
  • Lets you use 20 facial expressions
  • There are over 100 million stock assets like Getty and Giphy for your use
  • Let you use 100 music tracks and thousands of sound effects
  • The file upload limit is as huge as 20 GB
  • It features one-click resizing
  • The tool is securely encrypted using SSL encryption


  • ‘Basic’ plan is $10 per month (payable annually)
  • ‘Starter’ plan costs $19 per month (payable annually)
  • ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $39 per month (payable annually)
  • There is one Enterprise plan, too, with a custom pricing option

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Viddyoze is a great cloud-based video editing tool. It enables you to make attractive videos in minutes. It’s a great animation tool for beginners. You can make studio-quality intros, design templates, and more, just with few clicks. Feel free to check out our quick guide on how to create videos with Viddyoze.

The tool is designed for both personal & for agencies/ businesses, with different packages. If you want to enhance your brand visibility with videos, this is the tool you need. If you want to know more about the features and benefits of the tool, do check out our detailed viddyoze review.

What I like best about Viddyoze

  • It offers 260+ customizable video templates.
  • The tool is compatible with all video editors and all platforms.
  • It let you create studio-quality designs and live animations
  • It gives your access to mind-bending editing options
  • The tool enables you to add custom-created, royalty-free music to enhance engagement
  • Lets you make quick edits.
  • It allows you to make quick edits.
  • You can try your hands on the tool for 30 days for free with a money-back guarantee.


  • The ‘Individual’ plan is $97 (Lifetime Plan)
  • Its ‘commercial’ plan costs $137 per month (Lifetime Plan)

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One of the most popular and best tools for creating animated explainer videos is Toonly. Most importantly, it’s pretty easy to use it. Yes, Toonly can be used by almost anyone due to the easy interface. Plus, you do not need to learn to code before using this tool.

The best part is, it has a drag and drop editor. For your advantage, there are various pre-set scenes to use.

What I like best about Toonly

  • The tool comes at very affordable pricing plans
  • There are ample customization options and images
  • It is regularly updated for best performance
  • You can use the tool for 30-days for free
  • It enables you to export your video to other devices or software
  • It comes with a lots of images


  • The ‘Standard’ plan is $39
  • Its ‘Enterprise’ plan costs $69 per month

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Blender is a top-rated 3D animation software and one of the best animation apps for Mac. It is open-source and free in nature. It comprises beneficial tools like simulation, modeling, etc., for making well-explained 3D animations.

There are also available Blender features for doing object tracking that is aside from tools for rotating cameras at 360 degrees, panning, and tracking tilting.

The free animation software is for both beginners & experts, making video creation effortless.

What I like best about Blender

  • It allows industry-standard realistic simulation
  • The tool’s user interface is customizable
  • It is apt for animation and has fluid simulation, quality skinning, smoke simulation, rigging, particle simulation, soft body simulation, and match moving features
  • The tool also enables seamless video editing and composition
  • You can develop video games by using Blender’s integrated game engine
  • It features industry-standards libraries


It’s free.


A web-based animation video & presentation software, Powtoon offers animators a classic cloud-based platform. It allows to craft animations for many purposes like presentations, video guides, etc.

The tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to craft and share animations easily. This 3D animation maker online also offers features to create, save, and share animated videos easily with the help of Google Drive.

Moreover, the free animation software offers various presets and tools like images, clips, voice-overs, sound effects, and soundtracks to support animators in different projects.

What I like best about Powtoon

  • It let you download completed videos as MP4
  • It has privacy control
  • The tool has 24×7 priority support
  • It offers commercial use rights and third-party resell rights
  • You can upload custom fonts
  • The tool enables advanced animation
  • It gives access to royalty-free libraries
  • The tool is easy to use
  • It produces very professional-looking videos
  • This is one excellent tool for automatic storage, presentations, and easy handling


  • The ‘Pro’ plan is $19 per month (payable annually)
  • Its ‘Pro+’ plan costs $59 per month (payable annually)
  • The ‘Agency’ plan is priced at $99 per month (payable annually)


Another most user-friendly and simple 3D animated video creator tool is Biteable. It can be used for several purposes. With the software, you can get tools for adding texts, photos, & sounds in videos in a drag-and-drop template.

What I like best about Biteable

  • The tool offers a specialty template for creating a high-quality presentation, animating logos, and slideshows with incorporated video elements
  • There are about 85,000 footage clips available in its database
  • It let share projects on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
  • The tool offers customizable branding options
  • The tool also gives access to its extensive media library
  • It has social sharing options
  • It provides text overlays and templates


  • There is a free plan you can start using with limited features
  • The ‘Plus’ plan is $19 per month (payable annually)
  • Its ‘Ultimate’ plan costs $49 per month (payable annually)


An online platform that makes designing easy for anyone is Canva. There are thousands of pre-made templates to choose from and get started. With the tool, you can customize, create, and share your designs in merely a few clicks. It’s never been easier to achieve your design goals. From stickers to brochures, stunning videos to workplace presentations, you can craft all.

In all, its simple drag-and-drop tool enables you to craft appealing short videos in minutes using its vast library of pre-made templates.

What I like best about Canva

  • It gives access to 75+ million photos and videos and 420,000+ templates
  • The tool has an element tab to find shapes, icons, stickers, charts, gradients, grids, and more.
  • It has a font library
  • Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to work
  • The tool enables the easy application of animation effects


  • There is a free plan you can start using with limited features
  • The ‘Pro’ plan is $10.23 per month (payable annually)
  • Its ‘Enterprise’ plan costs $30.34 per month (payable annually)

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is one leading web and mobile-based media creation application for video editing. It allows medium to small companies to craft short videos, social graphics, and web pages. There are in-built, customizable tools to use, like themes, templates, icons, and more. Plus, this best animation tool also lets people publish the content using style signatures.

What I like best about Adobe Spark

  • It offers access to a variety of professionally designed fonts
  • The software allows choosing from a vast number of photos on the web from your collections on Lightroom CC, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, or Google Photos
  • It gives access to best-in-class layouts, colors, and fonts


  • There is a free starter plan you can start using with limited features
  • The ‘Individual’ plan is $11 per month (Free for the first 14 days)
  • Its ‘Team’ plan costs $22.02 per month (payable annually)


The next video maker, Animatron lets you make eye-catchy animated videos online. Also, it allows editing them with an easy drag and drop interface. It offers unlimited creativity for individuals, agencies, and companies. In all, you can customize & configure your videos, assuring the users always get a fantastic experience.

What I like best about Animatron

  • It has a library of 500K royalty-free video clips, photos, and audios
  • There are 200 pre-animated sets to drag-n-drop
  • You can use whiteboard animation style
  • Entertain your audience with new stories to retell
  • The tool allows you to import/export in any format
  • There are free pre-animated content
  • It lets you create HTML5 animations


  • There is a free started plan you can start using with limited features
  • The ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $15 per month (payable annually)
  • There is one ‘Business’ plan, too, which costs $30 per month

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Adobe Animate CC

A professional 3D animation software and one of the best animation apps for Mac, Animate CC, helps both beginners and experts design interactive bitmap and vector animations for apps, games, and the web. You can even add action to infographics and tutorials.

The best part is that, with Adobe Animate CC, you can easily and quickly publish to multiple platforms in just about any format and reach viewers on any screen.

What I like best about Adobe Animate CC

  • You can develop new poses for figures or vector images
  • The tool lets you arrange your layers in a parent-child hierarchy
  • It automatically matches voice inflections to mouth poses
  • There is an option to export 360 VR animations
  • The tool enables you to craft ads directly with Animate
  • Adobe animate CC allows you to export images with the proper resolution bypassing the image optimization and using image settings
  • It has smooth keyframes to make animation
  • The tool supports 3D/2D animation on Windows and Mac


  • You can get all apps at $79.99 /mo.
  • If you want a single app, you can get it at $33.99/mo.


1. Which is the best animation software for beginners?

Adobe Animate CC and Blender are the 2 best animation software available for beginners.

2. What app do YouTubers use to animate?

Blender and Animaker are a few of the most fantastic animation software that YouTubers use to create captivating animated videos.

3. Is Adobe Animate free?

No. There are plans you can choose to get the most out of Adobe animate, but you can try this best animation tool for free.

4. What software is used for 3D animation?

One best 3d animation software, Adobe Animate mostly used to craft exclusive videos with depth and layers.

5. Which is the best animation software for mac?

If you are a Mac user, you can try Blender. It is undoubtedly one of the best animation apps for Mac.

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