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Ever felt the frustration of searching endlessly for the right animation tool? We’ve been there, wrestling with clumsy interfaces, limited assets, and features that just don’t cut the slack. The journey to bringing your ideas to life feels like an uphill battle. But don’t worry, Animaker is the perfect tool for your creative needs. Animaker is an online animation video-making tool that allows users to create professional-quality animated videos with ease. In this Animaker review, we will uncover how videos are important for any business, powerful features of Animaker, and if it’s worth your money or not.


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Animaker Overview

Animaker is a cloud-based platform and tool that allows users to create animated & live-action videos without the need for having design skills at all. Animaker helps creators with rich features, including an intuitive video creation tool, an HTML5 engine, and a robust character builder. It has a staggering library of over 100 million stock assets. You can seamlessly add text, images, stickers, voiceovers, subtitles, and custom audio tracks, and more to your videos. The platform supports real-time collaboration and allows users to export videos to over 100 channels, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Role of Animation Videos in Businesses

Businesses are switching to animated videos to endorse their products and services on different platforms. Animated videos are quite an impressive choice to go for. However, businesses are facing different challenges in creating animated videos. 

Creating animated videos raises different issues in front of businessmen. To create animated videos, proficiency is a must-have. Besides, the tools and software to create animated videos come at an expensive deal.  All these issues can raise concerns in front of aspiring video makers and businessmen. But, not anymore! Animaker is an online video animation tool that can cater to all your animation needs and give you high-quality videos. 

Animaker is suitable for marketing video-makers to social media video makers. And, from whiteboard video-makers to freelancers and solopreneurs, marketing agencies, bloggers, businesses, graphic designers, and a lot more. Our detailed Animaker review will help you understand the components of Animaker. So without further ado let’s proceed to the details. 

What is Animaker?

Animaker is a video-making tool that simplifies the process to create and animate videos. In terms of company growth, it is a leading SaaS product. It has several tools and techniques that help you make videos online. 

You can create marketing videos, Facebook videos, explainer videos, advertisements, YouTube videos, and much more through this tool. The platform of Animaker uses HTML5 and Adobe Flash to create the videos.

Animaker is also suitable for amateur videographers as it provides easy-to-use templates. Further, it uses the “drag and drop” method which is convenient for anyone around. The best part about Animaker is that it’s free and the most used online video maker.

Animaker allows you to doodle videos in five different styles.

  • Glassboard
  • Greenboard
  • Stitchboard
  • Notepad
  • Blackboard 

Who Can Use Animaker?

The main reason to get into Animaker review was to tell you that who can use this tool for better ROI. Animaker is more of a “Do It Yourself” animation software solution. It is a perfect choice for small businessmen who wish to implement animation in their businesses. 

Investing in graphic designers can turn out to be quite expensive. Besides, investing time in learning animation can take up months. Animaker allows the development of professional-grade animations without any expertise even for newbies.

Further, it is web-based software which implies that you don’t need to install the apps to execute your task. You can create any animation quickly with the help of pre-installed templates.

It means that you can easily create animations on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even mobile phones. It is simple to learn and can be handled easily by anyone. Follow this detailed review to know more about the benefits of Animaker, followed by its pricing. 

If you are looking for a quick way to develop a prototype of your video or wish to experience different effects and tools, then Animaker is an ideal choice for you. Check for more details about Animaker here.

What Niches & Industries Can Use Animaker?

Animaker is a platform that suits the needs of any niche. It is ideal to create any type of video and edit as well. The video ranges from simple to personal to corporate advertisements and many more. 

With Animaker you are free to create informal videos like birthday and anniversary videos. Also, you can create professional videos for the company or the product. Further, you can also create presentations and prototypes for large projects.

Observing the Animaker reviews, you will find that Animaker is perfect for any industry. Whether it’s educational, business, corporate, advertising, or anything else, Animaker suits all. 

What Types of Videos Can be Created on Animaker?

Animaker is perfect for all types of videos you want. Whether it’s 2D animations or whiteboard videos both can be created easily. Besides, infographic videos, typographic videos, and handcraft videos can also be easily created and edited. 

Animaker allows you to create a great assortment of videos like

  • Christmas greetings videos
  • Facebook video
  • Video advertisements
  • Cartoon video clips
  • YouTube videos
  • Instagram videos
  • Lyrical videos
  • Videos for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Marketing videos 
  • Holiday greeting videos
  • Text animation videos
  • Video resume

Animaker covers all your video creation needs and gives you an overall package. It helps you create enormous videos in just a few simple steps. The Animaker Review further, describes the other features. 

Products Offered by Animaker Package

Animaker package offers a wide range of products for the users. Irrespective of the proficiency, it allows you to make different videos as per your use.

Presentation Videos

If you are an aspiring business startup owner, you will need different videos to explain your work to the client. Animaker allows you to create video presentations at ease. Besides, you don’t need to excel in complex video-making technology to do this. 

Explainer Videos

These videos are short videos used to explain the product or service of a business. Animaker allows you to create such videos with numerous fonts and creative options. 

Vertical Video Maker

A video n portrait mode sometimes carried more value than it can in a landscape mode. Animaker allows you to create and edit videos in portrait mode. It gives you extra add-ons to cover the areas on either side.

Video Editor

Creating videos from existing videos can be a tedious task. Animaker allows you to create and edit such videos. Besides, it allows you to add text, images, and graphics to add more value to the video.

 2D Video Maker

Animaker makes the job of creating 2D videos much simpler. These videos can be used for advertisement, online banners, and delivering information about the products and services securely.

Intro Maker

Creating professional intro videos was not as easy as it is now with Animaker. Animaker has a wide set of professional ideas for your first intro video. You can now create an eye-catching intro video with a professional touch with Animaker.

Photo Video Maker

Photo videos are videos made by combining multiple pictures in a single video. Animaker also allows you to add audio and gifs to such videos and make them more attractive. 

Promo Video Maker

Promotional videos are the best ways to create the branding of your product or service. Animaker allows you to create promo videos for your business. It allows you to highlight the product or service you offer to a great intend. 

Music Video Maker

Melodious music with an eye-catching video can attract numerous viewers. Animaker also offers the option for creating music videos which otherwise is a tedious task to do. Animaker eases the entire process along with saving your precious time.

Slideshow Video Maker

Slideshow video allows you to create a video with an entire slideshow of multiple pictures. It is quite an effective strategy to promote your business and products. Animaker has the tools to create such videos at ease. 

Animaker Enterprise

The product allows you to collaborate your work with your partners. It allows you to access, edit and review the same piece of work among your teammates. The enterprise allows you to access the features of Animaker through multiple devices.

Invitation Video Maker

Invitations have been modified over a course of time. From papers to cards and pictures to videos, now you can create video invites for your dear ones with Animaker.

The above Animaker review covers all the products offered by the software. You can use these tools in both free and paid plans.  

Benefits of Animaker

Animaker is quite popular among small business owners and startups who work on low budgets. Since its launch in 2014, Animaker has been successful to develop a huge user base of over 10 million users. It is all because of its striking benefits. 

  • Cloud-Software: Animaker is cloud software and you can access it through a browser. You don’t need to download any apps or software. All you need to do is create an account, log in and start animating. 
  • Free sign-up & upgrade: Animaker has different plans for the users. The free plan comes with limited features and restricted downloads. For instance, a free plan doesn’t give you access to custom fonts or video resizing options. 

Under different paid plans you get access to more features and downloads. Although you can access it free of cost, as this feature is available for everyone. You can opt for a free plan and upgrade the profile anytime you want.

Animaker Has Easy-to-use Interface

Animaker uses drag and drop techniques. It is quite intuitive to use and is easy to access for newbies. The system displays different panels which makes the entire video animation experience simpler. 

Animaker Has Huge Repository

Animaker offers multiple stock files to create different videos. It also has a personalized logo and text animation options. Further, it allows you to access multiple quality resolution options. 

Seamless Performance

Animaker uses HTML5 engine and Adobe Flash to create animated videos. It delivers a seamless performance on optimized browsers. It allows you to import, edit, and export videos in no time. 

Animaker’s Customer Support

Animaker offers great support to its users. It offers live support, quick replies, and 24×7 support for queries and inquiries. It allows you to tackle different and multiple types of projects. You can prepare the videos for commercials or presentations. It’s easy to adapt and you will have multiple creative options to execute your task.

Smart Audio Implementation & Easy Export

Audio adds more exquisiteness to the video. Animaker allows you to add different audios as background music and gives your video a new look. Exporting the entire task can be a tedious job. It is the only way to share your task. And, Animaker makes this job easier. It allows you to export the file easily and also gives you multiple saving options to make your job simpler.

Disadvantages of Animaker

There are a few things that you need to be aware of when dealing with Animaker.

  • No Autosave Feature: The first thing that anyone looks for is the secure saving of the project. Animaker does not have an autosave feature which can be a problem for the newbies. If any connection issue comes up, your project will not be saved until you save it manually. It can be a huge turnoff as all your efforts could go in vain within seconds. 
  • Frequent Freezes: Cloud-based technology comes with a drawback. Animaker may freeze from time to time as it works on the web. These often last for a millisecond and can be annoying. These freezes can slow down the work and affect the smooth working of the project.
  • Cluttered Resources: The benefit of too many resources slows down your work. It’s difficult to find the right tool if there are too many options. It takes more time than usual and can be a tiring job. Besides, you will have to try out each asset to find the right one that suits your needs. It makes the job very tedious. 
  • Limited Access to Free Plan: The free plan comes with limited access to tools and graphics. Besides, it also delivers low-quality videos. These limitations often serve as a huge downfall and can become a huge barrier to your project. 
  • Heavy Graphics: The pre-installed graphics are too heavy for web access. It can slow down the entire process of video editing and creation. Further, if your computer or internet connections are slow, this can turn out to be a huge issue.
  • Old Themes: The current scenario of Animaker is that it doesn’t have any upgraded graphics and themes. It works with all the old themes which can be irritating for the users.

How Much Animaker Cost?

Animaker comes with a handful of benefits. And one such extraordinary benefit is customizable and multiple pricing plans. Animaker comes in handy with multiple features. Access to these features comes in different pricing plans. Now, let’s review the different pricing plans of Animaker. Check out our exclusive animaker promo codes for amazing offers while you buy.

Animaker Free Plan

In a free plan, you don’t have to pay a single penny to get access through Animaker. It offers limited access to the tools. Although, these tools are enough for basic editing and creating. All the videos are available in SD quality in the free plan.

Animaker Basic Plan

The basic plan comes at a minimal cost of $10 per month. These charges are billed annually and cost you $120 per month. The plan allows you to get 5 premium downloads per month. And, give access to build 5 custom characters per month. Besides, you will have access to 10  premium asset credits per month. Further, you get all the videos in HD quality.

Animaker Starter Plan

It comes with more valuable features and a minimal rise in cost. The starter plan will cost you $19 per month and is billed annually.  It offers further additional perks of 10 premium downloads per month. You can build 15 custom characters per month. Further, you will have access to 20 premium assets credits per month. Also, all the videos are accessible in HD quality.

Animaker Pro Plan

The pro plan is an ideal choice for professional video makers and artists. It will cost you $49 per month. You will have to pay the bills as per annual billing which will cost you $588. It comes with further greater advantages which include 50 premium downloads per month. All the videos can be accessed in 2K quality. Besides, you will have the access to build 30 custom characters per month. And, access to 45 premium asset credits per month.

Animaker Enterprise Plan

The pricing for the enterprise plan is custom. Although, you will get access to unlimited downloads. All the videos will be available in 4K quality. You can upload files of up to 20 GB. And, have the access to build unlimited characters. You will have access to all the assets every month.


Is Animaker available free of cost?

Yes, Animaker is free to access for anyone who wishes to edit or create animation videos. Although, the free plan comes with some downfalls such as low video quality and lack of autosave features. And, thus most of the users prefer paid plans. Although for ground-level editing and creation, you can access Animaker for free.

Can I access Animaker on my PC?

Does Animaker have an app?

I am a tutor, can I use Animaker to make my teaching videos?

What type of files does Animaker use?


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