How to Find Niche on Amazon Using AMZScout PRO Extension?

Amazon’s market is competitive with several products for customers. Identifying a profitable niche is a pivotal step for sellers looking to carve a successful path. Playing in niche products on Amazon will help you win repeated customers and solve inventory challenges. In this blog, I’ll explain how to find a niche on Amazon using AMZScout Pro extension.

AMZScout is a Gold Mine of Niche Products

AMZScout’s PRO Extension boosts Amazon sales by simplifying niche identification and product research. Boasting a user-friendly installation, it provides data-driven insights, including niche and visibility scores, historical sales data, and a product score for optimal choices.

The Profit Calculator ensures informed decision-making by evaluating the profitability of chosen products. With endless search possibilities, this tool empowers sellers to explore various niches until they find the perfect match.

AMZScout’s commitment to user-friendly functionality, coupled with a risk-free trial, positions it as an essential companion for Amazon sellers, from beginners to experienced entrepreneurs. Find out why this tool stands out in features, benefits, and pricing in our detailed AMZScout Review.

How to Find Niche on Amazon Using AMZScout PRO Extension?

The key lies in finding niches with high demand and limited competition. AMZScout’s PRO Extension emerges as a powerful ally in this journey, providing a sophisticated Amazon niche finder to streamline the process and help Amazon sellers make informed decisions.

Installing the AMZScout PRO Extension

Install the AMZScout PRO Extension.

After installation, spot the AMZScout icon in your browser’s top corner. With the extension ready, dive into finding quality Amazon niches effortlessly.

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to use AMZScout Chrome extension like a pro.

how to install amzscout chrome extension

Searching for Niches on Amazon

Now your journey begins to find a niche on Amazon using the AMZScout Pro extension.

Go to Amazon and enter a niche or keyword in the search bar. Using the right search term or query is essential to find the right product. Check our detailed guide on how to use AMZScout to research Amazon search terms. Do check it out.


Click “Search” to explore the results and discover niches that align with your interests or market potential.

Opening AMZScout PRO Extension

Once you have search results, click on the AMZScout icon to reveal a wealth of data on products, including sales, price, reviews, trends, and more.

searching amzscout chrome pro extension

Utilize this data to stay ahead of competitors and make informed decisions.

Analyzing the Niche

Click on “Niche Score” to understand why a niche is profitable, considering both positive and negative aspects. A score of 7 or higher is considered a benchmark for niche margin.

niche analysis

Check the Visibility Score next to the Niche Score to gauge competition. A score of 3 or lower indicates less competition.

Checking Niche History

Click “Niche History” to view sales data over the last two years.

Look for niches with consistent sales throughout the year, indicating stability and potential profitability.

niche history

Identifying Suitable Products to Sell

Review the list of items in the PRO Extension.

product score

Identify products with a Product Score of 7 or higher for optimal private label or resale opportunities.

Evaluating the Profitability of Products

Hover over each identified product and click “Profit Calculator.” AMZScout’s Profit Calculator is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers, offering a quick and accurate estimate of potential profits. By inputting product costs, selling prices, and other relevant expenses, users can analyze net margins and monthly profits, ensuring informed decisions on product selection and maximizing profitability in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

profit calculator

Examine Net Margin and Monthly Profit to gauge the potential profitability of each item.

Trying Different Searches and Keywords

Click “Get Keywords” to explore new product keywords.

Click “Niche Keywords” for additional Amazon niche keywords.

different searches and keywords

Be patient and persistent, experimenting with different searches until you find a winning niche with the help of the PRO Extension.

How to Attain Long-Term Sustainability in Amazon Niche?

On Amazon, success means more than quick wins; it’s about sticking around and selling to customers for a long time. To make it last, you need to make smart choices and really get what’s going on in the market. That’s where AMZScout comes in with its powerful tools. Let’s see how it helps sellers find niches that can lead to long-term success.

  • Consistent Historical Sales: Keep examining historical sales data with AMZScout to identify niches that have demonstrated consistent performance over an extended period, laying the groundwork for stability.
  • Future Forecasting with AMZScout: Leverage AMZScout’s tools for future forecasting, enabling sellers to analyze trends and anticipate future demand, positioning their products effectively for lasting success. Find out how to use Amazon sales estimator to analyze the selling pattern using historical data.
  • Trend Analysis Over Years: Utilize the “Niche History” feature to analyze trends spanning several years, gaining insights into how a niche evolves and making informed decisions for long-term viability.
  • Adaptability to Market Changes: Stay ahead of market changes with AMZScout’s real-time data, enabling sellers to adapt their strategies based on shifts in demand or emerging trends.
  • Low Seasonal Dependency: Opt for niches with lower seasonal dependency, providing a steady income throughout the year and minimizing the impact of seasonal fluctuations.
  • Market Saturation Evaluation: Assess the level of market saturation within a niche using AMZScout’s insights into competition and visibility scores, avoiding oversaturated markets for sustainable growth.
  • Customer Loyalty & Reviews: Gauge customer loyalty by analyzing reviews and feedback with AMZScout, ensuring that a niche aligns with customer expectations and fosters long-term relationships.


Is the AMZScout PRO Extension suitable for beginners?

Yes, the PRO Extension is designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced sellers. Check more details about AMZScout here.

Can I use the extension for multiple niches?

Absolutely, the extension allows you to explore and analyze multiple niches to find the most suitable one for your business.

Is there a trial period for the AMZScout PRO Extension?

Yes, AMZScout offers a risk-free trial period for users to explore the features and benefits of the PRO Extension.

How frequently should I reassess my chosen niche with the PRO Extension?

Regularly reassess your niche, especially if market trends or competition dynamics change. The PRO Extension provides real-time data for accurate decision-making.

Can AMZScout help me explore international markets?

Absolutely. AMZScout’s tools are equipped to help sellers explore and analyze international markets. Sellers can identify profitable niches beyond their local market boundaries and adapt strategies accordingly.

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