How to Use New Amazon Sales Estimator in AMZScout Pro Extension?

The absence of accurate data and prediction often leaves Amazon sellers at a disadvantage in making informed decisions. Recognizing this challenge, the new Amazon Sales Estimator within the AMZScout Pro Extension emerges as a crucial tool. In this guide, we explain this feature, with some simple steps on how to use new Amazon sales estimator in AMZScout Pro extension.

AMZScout Sales Estimator empowers you to decipher sales data at both granular and niche levels, enabling strategic decision-making – from identifying profitable products and amplifying sales to learning market trends and gauging competition. Find more details about AMZScout here.

What is AMZScout Pro Extension?

AMZScout Pro Extension is a comprehensive solution designed to empower Amazon sellers with real-time insights and strategic advantages. This powerful extension seamlessly integrates into your seller toolkit, offering a multitude of benefits that directly impact your business dynamics. From precise sales estimation and trend identification to competitor analysis and product scouting, the AMZScout Pro Extension is a versatile ally for both seasoned sellers and those venturing into the world of e-commerce. Check out our guide on how to use AMZScout Chrome extension which has 10 major insights you can draw from this tool.

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How to Use New Amazon Sales Estimator in AMZScout Pro Extension?

By analyzing the sales data you can make informed decisions on inventory, pricing, offers, and marketing strategies. Follow these key steps to achieve the intelligence for a successful product launch strategy.

Install AMZScout Pro Extension

AMZScout gives a free trial without the hassle of entering your credit card details. Go to the Google Chrome extension store, search for AMZScout Pro, and install the extension to your browser.

Now, this extension gets tagged to your Amazon account. You can access this extension to explore data about any product available on the marketplace.

create amzscout account

Search a Product You Want to Research

For Amazon sellers, accurately predicting how well your products will perform is often challenging. The challenge of estimating sales can lead to uncertainties and missed opportunities.

Try searching for a product of your competitor’s. However, it’s possible that your competitor is generating more sales from multiple search terms. Find out how to use AMZScout to find out Amazon search terms that bring you closer to your competition.

Play with the Sales Data

Find out niche sales data such as avg. monthly sales, and revenue and product sales data in the table. Check out our detailed guide on how AMZScout estimates sales for products to get more information on it.

sales estimator in amzscout pro extension

Use AMZScout Profit Calculator

  • Click on the Profit Calculator within the AMZScout interface
  • Input essential cost data, covering expenses like purchase costs, delivery charges, and any additional associated costs for your product
  • Allow the calculator to compute key information customized to your specific product, including Estimated Profit, Net Margins, and FBA fees
  • In case you lack information on the product’s cost, utilize the “Find on Alibaba” feature for direct access to the product page on Alibaba’s website, enabling you to gather accurate cost details for precise profit estimation
amzscout profit calculator to estimate sales in amzscout pro extension

Explore Sales Trends

Here’s a checklist you want to follow to get the best out of sales and pricing history.

  • Access Product History and examine price, rank, and sales evolution over time. Positive trends indicate a favorable market
  • Explore Niche History to understand historical niche performance, including price fluctuations and sales figures
  • Observe if metrics in Product History are currently growing or stable for potential opportunities
  • Analyze Niche History to gain insights into broader market trends and niche stability
  • Utilize the Product History feature to gauge the historical evolution of price, rank, and sales
  • Click on Niche History to assess overall market trends, including price fluctuations and sales numbers
  • Evaluate the Product History metrics for real-time indications of growth or stability
  • Examine Niche History to gather historical niche performance data for strategic decision-making

Get Insights on Sellers

Use the sales estimator in the AMZScout PRO extension to review the Number of Sellers column to identify the number of merchants presenting the product in the listing. The total sales are shared among these sellers, and a substantial presence of competitors may signal heightened market competition.

Benefits of Using New Amazon Sales Estimator

  • Gain precise estimates of monthly sales for products, enabling informed decision-making
  • Identify profitable products by analyzing sales data, helping you focus on items with higher market demand
  • Avoid overstocking or understocking issues by aligning your inventory with the projected sales data
  • Understand how your product compares to competitors in terms of sales performance, allowing for strategic positioning
  • Base your business strategies on concrete data, reducing the risk of making decisions solely on intuition
  • Choose relevant keywords for your product listings by understanding which terms are associated with higher sales
  • Maximize profits by aligning your product offerings with market demand and sales trends
  • Receive up-to-date information, ensuring that your strategies remain relevant in the dynamic Amazon marketplace
  • Identify niche opportunities and assess market potential before entering a new product category
  • Equip yourself with data-backed insights, boosting confidence in your product selection and business strategies


How can I estimate profits using the AMZScout Profit Calculator?

To estimate profits, click on the Profit Calculator within AMZScout, input relevant cost data (such as expenses for purchases and delivery), and the calculator will generate information tailored to your product, including Estimated Profit, Net Margins, and FBA fees.

Is the AMZScout Pro Extension compatible with all web browsers?

Yes, the AMZScout Pro Extension is designed to be compatible with popular web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Can the Profit Calculator handle multiple products simultaneously?

Yes, the Profit Calculator in the AMZScout Pro Extension can handle calculations for multiple products simultaneously, offering convenience for sellers managing diverse product portfolios.

Does AMZScout Pro Extension offer customer support for technical queries?

Yes, AMZScout provides customer support to address technical queries and assist users in maximizing the functionality of the Pro Extension. Users can reach out for assistance through the provided support channels.

What role does the Niche History feature play in market analysis?

Sales estimator in AMZScout PRO Extension offers niche History for sellers to study the historical performance of a niche, including price fluctuations and sales numbers. It provides valuable insights into broader market trends for strategic decision-making. You can read our detailed AMZScout review to get a better understanding of this point.

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