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Are you looking for tools that could get you more web traffic? PandaBot is one of the best ways to get enormous traffic on your website through bots. It’s difficult for a brand new website to gain massive traffic. And, PandaBot can help you achieve this traffic at ease. This PandaBot review will discuss all the aspects of this tool.

PandaBot does a series of activities on the website through bots to generate usage metrics. Search engines read these metrics and help improve SERP ranking.

Why is PandaBot a Good Choice for Organic Traffic?

PandaBot started in 2013. The motive of PandaBot is to increase the web traffic across the website through bot crawls. Further, it also helps increase the social media presence over various platforms. PandaBot is all you need to look for a comprehensive solution to improve your online presence.

PandaBot executes its entire process by creating the tasks within the system. An entirely automatic task manager helps improve web traffic using PandaBot Smart Browser. PandaBot accompanies over 50,000 websites. These websites rank for over 3 million keywords on Google.

PandaBot is a perfect choice for your business as it gives you all these comprehensive benefits.

How Does PandaBot Work to Improve Google Rankings?

PandaBot increases the usage metrics of your site to increase the rankings. Usage metrics include time spent on the site, browse rates, bounce rates, click-throughs, keywords, social sharing, comments, and many more.

PandaBot uses these metrics to study web traffic and implements essential methods to improve traffic. Today, the importance of usage metrics is touching new heights. Google uses these metrics to rank your website.

PandaBot is a free-to-use system. Its system works on time credits. Further, it can help improve the rankings of the website or YouTube videos.

You can either purchase time from the system or earn time to complete the tasks. You can make time by running the PandaBot browser on your device—the below steps in the PandaBot review state the working of PandaBot.

First, you need to install the PandaBot system. The second step is to install and configure the traffic through PandaBot Interface. Further, PandaBot will search your keywords, click on the links, browse through your website, and see through the number of likes, shares, and comments. Finally, it will decide the perfect campaign for your website.

These straightforward steps in the PandaBot review can help you attain better rankings.

Unique Rank Improvement System

PandaBot improves the ranking of any website with a unique rank improvement system. It uses Usage Metrics, which helps Google evaluate the website as valid. Further, it improves the engagement over the site and increases Search Engine Ranking (SER).

Some aspects are essential to consider when increasing SER. The PandaBot review covers these factors and is given as follows.

The content should be unique, grammatically correct, and valuable. Besides, the website must have a professional design with the least possible ads, significantly above the fold.

Google’s Usage Metric analyses various factors of the website. Further, it suggests an ideal strategy to get better Search Engine Rankings (SERs).

Your website must be adequate for every user. It should be effective for every keyword visitor. PandaBot tracks down the entire search process and monitors the acts of the visitor. It studies the whole process and keeps the action of visitors into consideration.

It evaluates all the factors and updates them. And thus, helps your website move to a potential Search Engine Resulting Page (SERP).

PandaBot Features

Features and benefits of a system add more value to the system. The underlying list in the PandaBot review covers the key factors of PandaBot that make it different from others.

  • It gives you access to unlimited websites and unlimited campaigns
  • PandaBot takes complete care of the quality of the site while accessing them
  • It accesses sites that are free from malware and have appropriate content
  •  Further, it allows you to create unlimited browsing patterns making the job much easier
  • The entire system relies on the session time, and PandaBot gives you a session time of up to 30 minutes for each page
  • It prevents the use of the PandaBot System to run by proxies adding extra security to the system
  • It helps users earn more time as they run the PandaBot system on their devices
  • The official website of PandaBot offers a free tutorial section. It covers all your PandaBot access needs in the form of video tutorials. You don’t need to be proficient to work with PandaBot

Further, the PandaBot review guide discusses the pricing and membership plans.

PandaBot Pricing

PandaBot comes in three types of membership plans – Free Basic Membership, Standard Membership, and Premium Membership. To get your PandaBot subscription at a more affordable price, we have some amazing deals for you.

Get up to 50% discount using our pandabot coupon codes to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking.

  • First, the Basic Membership Plan comes free for a lifetime. After the free sign-up, you receive 25 hours of traffic time credit for free. You accumulate 60% of the traffic time credits as the system works. If you have 1-3 sites in competition, then the Basic Membership Plan suits you the best. It is ideal for moderate competition.
  • Second, Standard Membership Plan is available at $19.99 per month. The cost of three months plan is $49.99. An annual plan is $199.99 with a two-month free usage advantage. The system can help you accumulate 120% traffic time credits in this plan. It is an ideal plan for those who seek more traffic in less time.
  • Third, the Premium Membership Plan comes for $49.99 per month. The cost of three months package is $129.99. The annual plan comes at the expense of $499.99 with an advantage of two months of free usage. The Premium Membership can help you accumulate 240% traffic time credits. It allows you to select any country as a traffic source country. It’s ideal for users with multiple managing sites and serious SEO Agencies.

Further, in the PandaBot review, let’s see some questions regarding PandaBot and its use.

The PandaBot System Reviews These Tasks

PandaBot performs various tasks to improve the search engine ranking of your website. PandaBot review underlines these functions as below.

  • It clicks on the competitor’s links and gives a negative bounce rate. It returns to the search engine page and reduces the ranking of competitors
  • Further, it creates a larger social media fanbase for your website. It shares follow re-posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Also, it Tweets, re-tweets, and follow on Twitter
  • PandaBot goes through your YouTube videos and gets likes and subscribes to your channel
  • It helps you get organic search engine traffic
  • It creates unique browsing patterns to hit all your internal pages

Does PandaBot Gets Attacked by Malware?

Concern regarding the malware and virus might raise questions on PandaBot and its authenticity. The PandaBot review discusses all these facts as below.

PandaBot is malware and spyware-free, and it claims only to accept quality sites. PandaBot claims to check every site at the beginning of the campaign with online antivirus software. It prevents the chances of corruption and adds more to the site’s security.

There are no encounters regarding the fishy sites when talking about PandaBot. Still, you can’t have blind faith regarding this. It’s better to proceed with all the necessary measures to prevent untimely theft and spyware.

PandaBot offers you an option to hide your traffic setting option. It hides many sites. And thus, while processing the task, it shows a white screen on the remote browser with a message. The message says that the task is hidden, and start processing the new task.


PandaBot mimics the real users creating an illusion that a real person is accessing the search engine. It makes browsing, searching, and finding seem real and tricks the Google search engine. And hence helps increase the Search Engine Ranking.

There is no need to have a thorough coding knowledge to access PandaBot. Anyone can easily access the system and gain traffic quickly. Besides, the video tutorials add more to the convenience.

PandaBot works best when everything is ready. However, campaigns can be challenging to handle and time-consuming. PandaBot system can work in the background. But, there is no way to mute the YouTube videos. It’s a great choice if you fulfill the prerequisites of its usage. Check more details about Pandabot here.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where does PandaBot generates its traffic? 

PandaBot generates traffic through your websites or YouTube videos. PandaBot network members generate this traffic from PandaBot Smart Browser from all around the world.

Does Google see PandaBot traffic as Bot traffic?

No, the traffic comes from the natural user IPs. PandaBot uses Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and other browsers to generate this traffic. And thus, even after verifying the traffic, you will get that it is not a bot.

What if Google finds out that the Bots generate the traffic?

PandaBot has been in existence for more than eight years. The system goes through testing multiple times for thousands of hours. PandaBot browser works similar to a normal browser, and thus the traffic is real and not by a bot.

Can I run multiple instances of PandaBot Smart Browser?

No, the PandaBot Smart Browser sessions are restricted depending on the IP addresses. And thus, you can’t run two instances of PandaBot Smart Browser on the same IP. Although, you can run multiple instances on multiple computers.

Can I run PandaBot Smart Browser continuously for 12 hours?

Yes, but your session will disconnect every four hours. Although, it will restart automatically after running for four hours.

Why my traffic campaigns don’t work even if I have a traffic time credits balance?

The generated traffic comes through real humans. Besides, the system favors campaigns with more traffic time credits left. Your campaign will run indeed, but it might take some time.

Is it safe to use PandaBot Smart Browser?

Yes, PandaBot Smart Browser is clean and safe from all types of malware. It browses search engines and web pages using Chrome Browser. Thousands of members use it as it is entirely secure to use.

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